1 tiny change that will improve your breathing and sleep

1 tiny change that will improve your breathing and sleep

One tiny change that will improve your breathing and your sleep. If you ever wake up and your mouth feels really dry, that’s a very good indication that when you’re sleeping you’re breathing through your mouth, and breathing through your mouth is not ideal for many different reasons.

It’s not good for your health and the simple solution is to get some micropore tape. You can get this in chemists or on amazon for a couple of pounds and you can just simply tear off a little bit and…

you put it on your mouth like that. Some people worry; oh “I’m not going to be able to breathe properly”! or feel it’s going to be suffocating in some way. It’s very weak. If you were to sneeze it just will come off automatically. It’s not really restrictive in any way. But what it does do; it certainly will reduce your snoring if you snore. It helps with sleep apnea, it helps you get more of a deep sleep, and you wake up feeling more refreshed.

Because if you mouth breathe, you’re probably not going to wake up feeling refreshed, often you’ll feel groggy, your mouth will be dry, and so this will certainly help with all of those things.

One of the things about doing something like this, is if you do it on a repetitive basis, you do it every night, your body starts to get used to use to breathing through your nose more often. If you are a mouth breather for 24 hours a day. By doing this more often your body starts to make the adjustments to start breathing through your nose more often, and then it can happen more easily during the day.

What some people do is they put some of this tape on during the day also. For example maybe when watching tv To get used to the feeling of breathing through their nose when they’re more conscious, when they’re actually awake. Because obviously when you’re asleep you have no idea. You can use this as well when you are awake, just to get used to the feeling of of nose breathing, and it doesn’t take long before it becomes natural, and you start doing it 24 7, and that brings all sorts of health improvements. So if you do want to improve your sleep, and your breathing, get some micropore tape.

You can get it in a chemist or amazon. One or two pounds. I hope that helps?

Thursday: Breathing
How quickly do you get out of breath when doing exercising or even when doing simple functional movement? It is one of THE biggest indicators of poor health. The more you get out of breath, the harder your heart is having to work and the faster your energy will deplete. If this is happening daily it will have an enormous negative impact on your health.
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