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12-minute Convos with Engel Jones

Here is the transcript to a recent podcast episode on which Tony Winyard was interviewed by Engel Jones for the 12-minute Convos Podcast. This was the second interview that has had on Engel’s podcast:

12-Minute-Convo with Engel Jones and Tony Winyard part 2

Tony Winyard: “There’s two ways of looking at things. There are the things you can control and the things that you can’t control. The things you control are your thoughts, your actions, your behaviours and that is what you really need to concentrate on, but the things that you can’t control there’s no point in worrying about.”


Engel Jones: This podcast encourages and empowers you to create your own unique real story. Develop your own unique real statement and discover your real self. The power is yours.

Good morning, good morning Tony Winyard,  previously episode 757 of the 12 minute convos 

podcast. It’s been just three years, 24 days and one hour since our last conversation. 


Tony Winyard: “It’s great to do what you enjoy because then it doesn’t feel like work, it’s just pleasure and you don’t get any stress then”.


Engel Jones: That was then, this is now. How are you doing today Tony? 


Tony Winyard: Yeah I’m very well and it’s great to speak to you again Engel


Engel Jones: I feel the same way as well you know. It’s such an honor to reconnect it feels as though it was just yesterday though 


Tony Winyard: Yeah I can’t believe it’s three years! That has flown, absolutely flown.


Engel Jones: It has definitely. Now tell me; when we last spoke you were DJing specifically for weddings, is that still going on? 


Tony Winyard: So now I’m doing that much less. When we last spoke I was starting to move over to the speaking world and now I’ve done that and now I’m speaking far more than I am DJing. 


Engel Jones: Oh that’s great. Yeah I remember we spoke about mind memory and how you were developing that skill, how that was helping you, because you wanted to remember the entire presentation right, you didn’t want to get up there with paper. How’s that going? 


Tony Winyard: Yeah it’s going really well. I still do a bit of memory stuff and there’s something called “memory athletes” I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of that phrase? I love the memory stuff. It has helped me enormously with my speaking and the workshops I deliver and so on. 


Engel Jones: So tell us more about that?


Tony Winyard: What I typically do in my talks, in the keynote talks I deliver; I help people increase their prices. When I was a DJ my prices were about 15 times what most DJ’s were charging and so the way this all came about; DJ’s used to keep asking me how is it you able to get people to pay those prices? And so initially I was speaking to audiences of DJ’s helping them to increase their prices. Then it kind of widened out to the wider wedding industry. Then one day a professional speaker saw me and said listen, what you’re speaking about is relevant to everyone not just DJs and wedding industry people. So he mentored me and helped me develop a much more cohesive talk, which I now deliver to audiences all over the place. 


Engel Jones: That’s wonderful. I love connecting the dots Tony and you know I’ve found that the song that an individual chose when they were 12 years old for their favourite song on the podcast; when you dig into the lyrics of it, it usually connects somehow to their story. Now the song that you choose was “I couldn’t get it right”. It’s not by a popular band, which is the “Clmax Blues Band” right? 


Engel Jones: You remember the song right?


Tony Winyard: Of course, absolutely.


Engel Jones: Because it was yours right? But in the song, the lyrics speak about “I started searching for a better way” and it says “and I kept on looking for a sign in the middle of the night, la la la” right but isn’t it fascinating that this skill that you’ve had, by searching for a better way within the DJing industry, is now helping so many other people who are searching for a better way?


Tony Winyard: Yeah, and it’s something I really love doing. When I get people to realize and they have that lightbulb moment, and I can almost see it going off in their heads, when suddenly things shift and they realise they’ve got far more control over their own destiny than they previously realised. It’s so nice to be able to help people essentially have a better quality of life, because by charging more then it means they can work less, they spend more time with their kids, and their partner, and holidays. It’s fantastic to be able to help people do that. 


Engel Jones: What I’ve also found as well is it helps deliver a better product. When someone is paying you a higher price for something; providing you are that person of integrity, feel as though you should deliver the best job possible, especially if you were doing it at a lower price, right? Like you want to deliver more. Have you seen that occur?


Tony Winyard: Yeah, and that’s one of the things I talk about; it’s not just simply a matter of putting your price up. You have to be giving far more value. One of the elements…  I have a methodology called V A L U E, value, and the E stands for Exceeding Expectations. What I talk about is you really need to far exceed what the client expects. Give them such an amazing experience; That’s how you get more referrals, re-bookings and better testimonials and so on. 


Engel Jones: Because when you were doing DJing, it’s not like you can place an ad for Marge’s that would have the same effect as word of mouth right, I’m guessing?


Tony Winyard: A wedding is such a special thing because if you think about it;  people spend so much money on that one day and that’s all because of emotion, it’s not logic. If people were using logic they wouldn’t be spending that much money on one day; more than anything, apart from a house, probably in their lives! 


Engel Jones: Yeah, I totally agree. So this has happened you’re helping individuals do something that’s integral to the lifespan of their business. Where’s the best place for someone that’s listening to connect with you?


Tony Winyard: My website is TonyWinyard.com and that has information about the talks and the workshops and so on I deliver. Also, the podcast which is “Exceeding Expectations”. 


Engel Jones: Yes the name of the podcast! I didn’t know you had a podcast! You have a podcast? Wow, how did that slip through? 


Tony Winyard: Yeah I’ve been doing the podcast for over a year. Similar to you, I interview people who have the mindset that they want to give an amazing experience to their clients, and I interview people from all different industries and walks of life, and the one thing they have in common is that they love what they do and they love giving people an amazing experience, in giving them much more than they thought they were going to get. It’s now at about episode 57.

Engel Jones: What’s the name of the podcast? 


Tony Winyard: It’s called Exceeding Expectations 


EE right? Exceeding Expectations. I’ll definitely check that out – and exceeding expectations speaks to something as well where you understand that is a limited time period on this earth. It’s a conversation I’ve begun to open up with repeat guests which is, how are you interacting with the possibility that you could die today or tomorrow? Is that a conversation you have daily, weekly, monthly or is it something that you run from? That idea? 


Tony Winyard: No actually there’s a concept called “Amore fati” I don’t know if you’re familiar with it? Which a literal translation means “love your fate”… actually, I mean “Momento Mori” is the one I’m thinking. I’m sorry I was going down the wrong alley. Momento mori means- “Remember you will die”, I think when you realise that we’re all going to die, everyone we know is going to die, it makes you appreciate life far more. I’ve had a couple of people close to me die in the last couple of years, but I think because I’m now much more accepting of death, I appreciate life so much more, if that makes sense? 


Engel Jones: Yes, that makes sense to me as well. So when you look back the last couple of years, the decisions you’ve made, you’ve obviously not given up a career path that you’ve chosen. Do you have any regrets? 


Tony Winyard: No, I don’t see the point in regrets. I’ve never been the type of person who worries about things, because I really don’t see how it’s going to help anything, so I don’t have regrets about anything. 


Engel Jones: When you look forward to the present what are you most excited about? 


Tony Winyard: Ah so much. I’ve got a ten-year-old daughter who is amazing. I’m really looking forward to her future, but also in my life there are so many things happening. I’m in the process of writing a book, I’m doing some fantastic talks and workshops and meeting so many people, in so many countries now.


Engel Jones: It’s a great future. You’ve definitely Won the Yard right? 


Tony Winyard: When I was at school I always used to say, if I have a race I’m gonna win by a yard! 


Engel Jones: How have you seen what you’ve been pursuing actively affect your daughter? 


Tony Winyard: I think one of the things that my daughter has really taken from me is my sort of laid-back attitude and not worrying about things. I’m very much into the whole kind of thing; there’s two ways of looking at things. There’s the things you can control and the things that you can’t control. The things you control are your thoughts, your actions, your behaviours, and that is what you really need to concentrate on. But the things that you can’t control is what everyone else does, there’s no point in worrying about those. And my daughter seems to be taking on a very similar attitude which is great. 


Engel Jones: There’s a physical side that usually goes with what’s required of individuals to show up the way you show up with this great feeling as to who you are. How are you doing that, how are you maintaining the physical aspects of Tony? 


Tony Winyard: From a physical aspect of exercise and health; mental health, physical health, I’m very much into doing all sorts of things, and you know music is major for me, I go to a lot of gigs and I go to comedy gigs and I I’m always doing various sort of yoga, gymnastics and meditation so looking after both my mental and physical health. 


Engel Jones: Tony again my friend this is such a grand opportunity for me to get to have this conversation and share it with the amazing audience. Thank you for not giving up because it’s both motivational and inspirational you know to hear after a couple of years after that you are continuing along your path, and for those listening it’s cool right, it’s like you can step out and do things and achieve, so go for it. Right, in closing my friend, is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? 


Tony Winyard: I want to thank you for everything that you’re doing and helping to motivate people. How many episodes are you up to now? 


Engel Jones: I think we’re definitely over 2500 


Tony Winyard: Wow! That is so impressive! Yeah, I mean, how many people you must have touched in that time. So yeah I think it really is really thanking you for what you do, it’s amazing. 


Engel Jones: I appreciate that. You definitely won my yard Tony Winyard again. A pleasure. 


Engel Jones: Thank you, my friend, for being on what is inspired on 12-minute Convos with Engel Jones. 


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