3 Tips To Curb Excessive Snacking

3 Tips To Curb Excessive Snacking

#1 – Time Your Meals Out
When working with a nutrition coach we’ll spend time mapping out a plan for not only exactly WHAT to eat, but WHEN to eat as well. When we are trying to maintain or lose weight, stabilizing blood sugar by eating every 3-4 hours is key.

#2 – Treat Your Snack Like a Meal
By not being mindful of what you’re eating can ultimately lead to OVEReating. If you actually take the time to put your snack on a plate, sit down, shut down technology, and enjoy it like a meal, you’re more likely to feel satisfied.

#3 – Include All 3 Macros
The point of a snack is to curb hunger, keep our blood sugar from crashing, and to make sure you don’t reach your meals starving. One of the best ways to insure your snack does what it’s supposed to is to make sure it includes healthy fats, carbs, and proteins!

Here are some of my favourite balanced snack options!

4 Easy Snack Ideas
4 ingredient protein pancake w/ 1 tsp peanut butter 
1 Hard boiled egg + 1/2 apple
Oikos Triple Zero Greek yogurt with a tbsp of walnuts
Organic beef jerky + an orange

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