80% of health is down to your habits

80% of health is down to your habits

80% of health is not what happens at the doctors office it’s your daily habits at home and in your life because they are what puts you on the track to good/bad health

The state of your health today is mainly down to the habits you have created for yourself

How do you feel about your health?

Is it pretty good? Could it be improved a little, or are there many things that need to change possibly?

Genetics does play a part in the state of your health however, your lifestyle is by far the most important factor,
because if for example, you have a gene that puts you more at risk to certain types of cancer,
but whether you get cancer is down to whether the gene is expressed,
and that is down to your lifestyle, and your lifestyle is down to your habits.

Yes, we are stuck with the genes we got from mum and dad,
but you have amazing control over how those genes are expressed.

The biggest factors controlling your genes
is your quality and quantity of sleep,
what you eat, what you don’t eat, how much you move and the stress you are exposed to.

Look at your genes as the software
that runs everything in your body.

Just like your computer software.
Your genes do what you instruct them to do,

It’s the same with each stroke of your keyboard.
The foods you eat are like the keystrokes.

They send messages to your genes, telling them what to do.
They create health or they create disease.

Lack of sleep, excess stress and a poor diet are linked to many preventable lifestyle diseases,
like type two diabetes, many cancers, heart disease, dementia, and lots more.

Prioritising sleep, daily movement and a whole foods diet that’s rich in phytochemical dense plants,
that has clean protein, plenty of fiber, and healthy fats
can prevent, treat, and even reverse most chronic diseases.

So if your habits are to eat processed food regularly,
and sit for many hours every day
to smoke and and/or drink a lot of alcohol,
You’re far more likely to wind up with a serious health condition,
maybe a VERY serious health condition.

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Your habits are what you do on a daily basis. If life isn’t going in the direction you want it may be a signal that you need to change some of your habits and routines in order to move in the direction you want it to go
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