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Hello, my friend!

I’m Tony Winyard, a habits and health coach for people who want to create a healthier future for themselves. With extensive training in nutrition, fitness, breathing, sleep, meditation, behaviour change, and neuroscience, I’ll provide tools and guidance to help you overcome obstacles and achieve personal breakthroughs in any area of health or life.

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Tony Winyard - Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach - FMCA

Trained by the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA,
part of the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM):

Positive Psychology
VIA Character Strengths – Recognising/using to improve communication Mindfulness-based strengths training
The Functional Medicine Matrix and Timeline
The Diet, Nutrition and Lifestyle Journal
The Functional Medicine Elimination Diet
Integrating Biotransformation into Functional Medicine Coaching Running Group Programmes
Motivational Interviewing

Trained as a Tiny Habits certified coach

Helping people with behaviour change

Designing Recipes for Tiny Habits (Ability & Prompts)

Creating Habits: Focusing on emotions

Get clear on the fundamentals of what wires in a habit 

Iteration, Growth and Transformation

How to revise a recipe that’s not working

Tony Winyard certified Tiny Habits coach
Tony Winyard – Health, Breathing, Sleeping, Mindset & Movement Coach

Trained as an Oxygen Advantage instructor


Helping clients with Functional Breathing and improving Performance Breathing

How to help clients increase exercise intensity while expending less effort and breathing less heavily

Simulate high altitude training to improve aerobic and anaerobic capacity

Improve energy levels, concentration, and mental focus

Become fitter and stronger

Trained as a Precision Nutrition- PN1 Nutrition Coach


The most relevant nutrition science—from macros, calories, and micronutrients, to digestion, metabolism, energy balance, and more.

How nutrition affects people’s fitness, stress levels, sleep, mental and emotional health—and vice versa.

The art of behaviour-change coaching—so I can help clients achieve sustainable results. 

How to help clients bridge the gap between knowing and doing, so they can make progress.

Tony Winyard – Health, Breathing, Sleeping, Mindset & Movement Coach

My Story

I grew up in an unhealthy and risky environment. I lost two of my brothers at a young age as well as my parents, grandparents, uncle, and close friends. All of them died of cancer.

I wanted to discover why this trend of cancer surrounded me and took to deep study of health and the human body. I had thought their conditions were hereditary but have now discovered there was a powerful influence of lifestyle and habits.

I believe that your habits create your health. If you think you can’t change your habits, it’s because you’ve been given the wrong advice. With a proven process and support, anybody has the power to change their habits and create a healthier life.

Services & Offerings

I’ll help you improve your habits and health in 5 key areas.

Habits & Health


Experience the power of community and develop habits that support your energy and health in this transformational 5-week group experience.

Habits & Health


Create personal breakthroughs with individual coaching sessions that give you specific guidance and deep support to create lasting change.

Unlock your personal key to healthier habits