Are you competing with others on price?

Are you linking your pricing to the market? To the industry? To the current trends?
If you are it’s much harder to set your own price because you’re going to be following the price that many other people are following.

It’s really good to be able to set yourself apart from people you look upon as competitors and to really differentiate yourself and maybe go for a real niche market
My background is as a DJ, I never really looked upon other DJ’s as competitors. In fact I was in a number of mastermind groups with other DJs, and we’d all share ideas and ways that we could do different things, but we weren’t all going for the same market and so none of us looked upon each other as competitors.
So it can be good to work with people in your industry to really help set you apart from what other people are doing and so you’re able to charge a much higher price and look for a particular niche, in your industry, in your market.

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