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Habits & Health episode 62 - Arthur Taniyelyan

Habits & Health episode 62 with Arthur Taniyelyan a disciple of the art of breath. He is qualified in many breathing methods including Wim Hof, The Oxygen Advantage, Breathology, Buteyko and others.

He left his job as a sales manager since he discovered how he was able to help many different types of people from young children with asthma through to athletes improve their wellness and performance.

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"Just do it"

Wim Hof workshop with Arthur Taniyelyan
Wim Hof workshop with Arthur Taniyelyan
Wim Hof workshop with Arthur Taniyelyan
Wim Hof workshop with Arthur Taniyelyan

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Jingle 0:00

Habits and health episode 62. Welcome to habits and health, the podcast where we believe creating healthy habits should be easy. Brought to you by an educator and coach for anyone who wants to create a healthier life. Here’s your host, Tony

Tony Winyard 0:18

Winyard. Welcome to another edition of habits and health my guest today, Arthur Taniyelyan. He is Swiss. He is an instructor in various breathing methods such as the Oxygen Advantage, Wim Hof, Breathology, and in this episode we we explore many of those different breathing methodologies and why he went so deep into so many different breathing methods and what he gained from that. So we explore some of that in today’s episode, and if you know anyone who would get some value from listening to this, please do share the episode with them. Habits and health. My guest today, Arthur Taniyelyan. Wow. That’s not an easy name for a native English speaker!

Arthur Taniyelyan 0:25

Yeah, well, it’s okay. Yeah, you did it twice. It’s okay. Yeah, sometimes that just block with tongue, and that’s it. So congrats.

Tony Winyard 1:26

And Arthur, you’re in Switzerland?

Arthur Taniyelyan 1:27

Exactly. Yes. Yeah.

Tony Winyard 1:31

Are you Swiss?

Arthur Taniyelyan 1:33

I am half Swiss, half French half Armenian. So everything half! Yes.

Tony Winyard 1:41

There’s many, many halfs. Yeah. And we met four years ago, in Iceland on a Wim Hof expedition. And we’ve stayed in touch since then. And I know that at that time, you had some expertise around vim Hof and we’ll talk more about Wim Hof in a minute. But since then you’ve gone and researched and become an instructor and a coach in many other breathing methodologies. So would you like to talk about what made you so interested in breath and breathing in the first place?

Arthur Taniyelyan 2:19

You know, in Iceland, for me, this was so hard, really, because I remember the first day I was in Iceland, I’ve cried, and I’ve cried. And second day, too, I’ve cried. In my mind, it was mixed. Because, you know I’ve lost my father. And I saw that after a couple of years, it would be okay. But after this bruising session is this group and everything together, every motions went just out, right? And it was like a reset button, just like this. And so what was going on? What happened? What? Everything was cancelled in my mind. And it was one months after Iceland. I still was like, what happened? What happened? It will what happened? And after this, you know, my wife what happened? My wife is an engineer, and she’s coming from Lithuania. So we are living in Switzerland. But coming from Lithuania to have a job in Switzerland. It’s not easy. And after this, Iceland, I was just swimming outside in the lake. And I was happy and someone came to me and asked me hey, what are you doing? Wow, great. You are swimming in the cold? Yeah, me? Yes. I’m so proud. And then she’s asking me and what is doing your wife? And I said, my wife is searching for job. What kind of job engineer? Hey, my man is in the director. He’s searching for someone that has an engineer. And I say, wow. And they met together on Friday. On Monday. She just signed a contract. And I was so happy with that, that I said, Hey, I want to thank Wim Hof himself. And I’ve been to Spain, I’ve travelled to Spain, on a Wim Hof summer session. And Wim came to me and he said, Hey, you, yes, you have something. What? You have something you must do instructor and I say what me? INSTRUCTOR I don’t want to be an instructor. What? No, no, no, you have to do it. And that’s how I began instructor trip. Instructor session and I said okay, and everything has changed. From the moment I said to him, Okay, I will do it. From a salesman to instructor and everything what happened? So, if I, if I can talk a lot about this because after I was a salesman, Service Director, but in my mind that it was always about Wim Hof Method is so good to help people with Wim Hof Method made of metal. And then I start to do some session with people. And it was just wow, seeing the people all are happy. And some suffering from deep depression out there world, okay. With skin problem, peoples that has psoriasis, or eczema, and I see that it’s going better and better and better. And I said, Hey, I’m helping people. I’m help. I love what I’m doing. I’m helping people. This is so good. And the problem is, one day, I invited my boss, my director, and I said to him, Hey, let’s have a try. Let’s come with me. I’m doing a weekend session. Come with me. And it’s coming to me. And he said, after you are sir, after, I love what you are doing. But you don’t have the same eyes when you are working in my company. You have fire in your eyes during the weekend, I did the same and then COVID came and he said, Okay, I giving you the chance. Now, you have time to do what you want to learn, but go in this way go in coaching because you are made for this. And then yeah, Wim Hofs method came and someone talked about he said, Hey, you know there is one thing with oxygen advantage with Buteyko, Breathology, immersion cup and yes, everything started. So, yeah, I’m talking and talking. So perhaps you have one question about this. I just loved how with counsel. That’s why Yeah,

Tony Winyard 7:09

There’ll be many people listening to this, who may be have never heard of Wim Hof. So they don’t know what we’re talking about. So could you explain who is Wim Hof and what is the Wim Hof Method?

Arthur Taniyelyan 7:25

Of course, of course, we must matter the way more of his record man, someone that has swum under the ice for more than 50 metre, for example. But if you want to start about Wim Hof, who was passionate, about yoga, and so on, and then he met his wife, with his wife, he had four children, he was really happy, happy, everything was fine. But one day, his wife was suffering from depression. And she kissed her children, it was 1am. And then she fell down from the apartment. She killed herself and Wim was alone with four children without any money. And the only thing that helped him is called disposer is start to go more and more into the lake frozen lake, they are a combination of breathing techniques and mindset. And this is the three pillars of the Wim Hof Method. At the beginning, he was only doing you know, records to have money. Yes. So man is doing how minute, half an hour 30 minutes in ice. He has money then TV are coming to him. Oh, yes. Look at this man. He’s doing records and records and the the people said you cannot live more than 40 minutes in ice. This was what was written and then we must came and 50 minutes, one hour, one hour 30, 1 hour 50, And nobody could understand this, how this man is doing this. And they said yes, this is because he’ Iceman. Yeah. But what is interesting. Wim Hof said, I can do more. And people say what you can do more, I can do more. I know I can do more I can. And these just come To run boot in the Netherlands, they said test me I’m here, just test me and they said, Okay, we will put endotoxin in the body ecoli and toxin. And if I put this bacteria in to someone, he will be ill and Wim Hof after 14 minutes, nothing. And they said, How are you doing this? And he said, what I’ve done, I can do with more people. And they said, Okay, let’s do a test. So they take 20 People with Wim Hof and 20 people that has done nothing, test good. The 20 people, people that were with Wim Hof have nothing, everything was good, just a little bit headache. And the other; bad group feeling bad and this wasn’t good. And this was the beginning where science has changed. Yes, we can control our autonomous nervous system at will. And this was the start of the Wim Hof Method. And this is just something incredible how you can manage with your mind. Body and you can stand in ice water. So yeah, with it can be a river, it can be with ice and you stand like this. And you can feel the energy, the power, everything. Yeah. It’s just a great, great method.

Tony Winyard 11:51

So you’ve been an instructor now for when did you become an instructor?

Arthur Taniyelyan 11:57

Right now? It’s three years,

Tony Winyard 11:59

three years. Yeah. In that time that you’ve been instructing people how to do the Wim Hof Method. Do when people first speak to you about this? What are the reasons that you think people want to do this do the Wim Hof Method.

Arthur Taniyelyan 12:16

I think at the beginning, I have a lot of people that are coming and then they don’t they don’t know anything about Wim Hof. That is interesting. Because they just saw a guy in the ice promoting himself and said, I want to dry this. Some people are coming that thinks that it is only swimming. You know, either we will swim in the cold. And after the session, they’ll just wow. What was that? Wow. Yes, exactly. Because you have the power of the breathing. That is releasing everything emotion and everything is released. And after you have this session in the cold, and you have dopamine, serotonin, all the good cocktail hormones that are occurring, and people are just feeling Wow, so great. And yeah, so at the beginning, it’s I have a lot of people that are curious that now this is more and more Yeah, it’s beginning to be bigger and bigger. And we see some movies and we’ll have next year I think to move here but Wim Hof, you have the book about we have and people are going more and more exposing themselves in the cold. Perhaps you could to COVID to because with COVID people cannot come to go to swimming pool or assignments. So we have the lake. Let’s go and yeah, but But for right now. I think it’s moving more and more and people want to search for something. It’s yeah, fighting about depression. I have a lot of you know, I can give you this example my last session, we must make a method I had only people that had either concert, deep depression. Even someone that had a heart problem. And he came it was for me then for him but he lied and he came to my workshop. And after this workshop, other people was so thankful for what they’ve learned and they said hey, we want to go with you in travel we want to go more this is so good, this is way much better.

Tony Winyard 14:51

Since becoming a Wim Hof instructor three years ago, and then you started to explore oxygen advantage. Breathology and Buteyko and so on. So what was the reason why you looked into these other methods? Why do you think you did that?

Arthur Taniyelyan 15:08

You know? I think that oxygen advantage I don’t remember how it comes, but I just know I’ve been to oxygen advantage. Perhaps I saw your name with oxygen? I don’t know, I remember that I saw in the internet oxygen advantage and I said, Hey, let’s do it. Why not? And that’s after I saw Buteyko too and so I Buteyko asthmatics children, it say why not? I can learn it that I’ve asked one friend that was a Wim Hof instructor too. And I said, Hey, Buteyko, can you explain me? That I’m not a doctor? Can I do it and they said, after if you want to do it, you can do it. Just learn and do the exam. Okay. And I’ve done Wim Hof method but Wim Hof Method you can do it only with people that are more than 18 years old. You can not do with children, you can’t expose a child in the cold, my son was it was only two years old. And I was always my phone. The lake was frozen and I’m hearing and he was in the lake it goes further. Okay, two years ago, okay, already good. ice baths. It’s okay. And after he wanted is so me in the ice and he said I want to do more. Okay, three years also, it’s okay but no breathing techniques. It’s forbidden but with Buteyko you can do with the children this and I’ve had some children that was allergic asthmatic allergic and secondhand sleep. They were really anxious. And they came to me and with Buteyko. It was after three session it was over. The mother is a doctor. And she said What have you done? What have you done? You see seven years old child only with breathing techniques over she’s feeling good. And after I saw about the Breathology and Stig Severinsen has beaten Wim Hof. And there’s the ice Wim has done something like 50 metres and there’s the ice and Stig has done 70 And then he has done like 202 metres without breathing under, not under the ice, but just going and he’s helping people with PTSD and I said, hey, why not? Why not? Let’s see what is learning. And this is amazing too, because with Wim Hof Method, we as we are working with sympathetic system sympathetic is when you see lion, adrenaline is going high, your heart is going in deeper faster. And with breathology This is the contrary, we are working with the parasympathetic system. And it’s helping for me it’s helping people that don’t want to go in the ice. You have a lot of people, for example, my mother, okay, I can tell her good please go in the ice. She will never do it because she doesn’t want she doesn’t want to the do it. But with Breathology I’ve done with her. And she felt so relaxed. So this is another technique that I’m using. And for me, this is interesting, because I’m mixing you know, all the techniques that I know about Wim Hof method. I know how I can do with people, but we’re still losing oxygen advantage. Okay. With you. And Breathology for people that are anxious. You can do with sports, too, like oxygen advantage is similar for me. But when you have really stressed people and don’t want to go to the ice, I use Breathology and they fell just in the evening for example. So relaxed. And one thing is about Wim Hof Method, we sometimes hearing people telling me, Hey, I’m doing some breathing techniques, and after a couple of months, I don’t have this retention time because they are looking to the time I’ve done two minutes without breathing. Wow. Okay. The resume Wim Hof Method it don’t look at your time. Don’t look at the time you are in the water retention time. No

And it’s going slower, slower, slower and lower time lower time retention. And with Breathology you are learning back how to go higher with retention, because this is the contrary of the Wim Hof Method. So every single method has its positive way how to use it, I can’t tell you this one is better than this one, no, this method is good for this kind of people. This method is good for this kind of people. And this method is good for us. It’s kind of the so this is how I’m learning and using the methods, we hope

Jingle 20:41

you’re enjoying this episode of the habits and health podcast, where we believe that creating healthy habits should be easy. If you know a friend or a loved one who might be interested in learning simple habits to improve their health, then please share this podcast with them. We also invite you to subscribe and to leave us a review on your favourite podcast app. Now, back to the show.

Tony Winyard 21:04

So might it be that one person comes to you and they have a condition and you do maybe a little bit of oxygen advantage and a little bit of Wim Hof on the same person at different times to help that person?

Arthur Taniyelyan 21:18

Exactly. Exactly. And this is for example, in the weekend that I’m learning to people I’m working with one therapy that is Kneipp method. I don’t know if you know? Kneipp was priest 100 years ago and he had tuberculosis. he had this but did not have any pills medicine in this time. And what has he done the guy went into the cold and he survived. And he learned these people now in Germany, if you say Kneipp method. They know it in and in France or in Switzerland or in UK. You see when you say Kneipp, what Kneipp?. And it’s really a good method to so when I see people it’s a mix really between Kneipp Oxygen Advantage I just give Okay, what do you need? Okay, you this and we do a little mix of the method and I’m giving it it can be sometimes problematic because when you use Wim Hof method are you actually have to do only Wim Hof Method. This is sometimes problematic with Wim Hof Method that I tell to people like Wim Hof Method is okay, you have this. And I’m just getting a little bit of this for some people. Yeah. Well,

Tony Winyard 23:01

Something I haven’t mentioned this on my on my show before, but I think this will interest you. About seven weeks ago, I moved into a new house with a with a friend. And my friend has a cat and I’m allergic to cats. I’ve been doing oxygen advantage now for, four or five years. And I used to have asthma. But since I’ve been doing oxygen advantage, I’ve had no problems with asthma. So when I moved into this house, and there was a cat… and I’m also allergic to dust mites. So the first few days; there’s boxes everywhere. And my asthma was very bad. I’m using my inhaler, maybe four or five times every day. And after a few days, I’m still using my inhaler. So I thought at first, maybe it’s because of the boxes and the dust. But after one week, two weeks, I’m still using my medication all the time, and it’s obvious the cat is causing me the problem. So then I thought, okay, how can I use the knowledge I have around breathing and the knowledge I have around nutrition? How can I use this to desensitise myself to my allergy to cats? So I I started a new routine. I started it on February 9: I did in the morning, I would do Wim Hof breathing and a cold shower. Then I would do Oxygen advantage breath holds. So Wim Hof was making me into sympathetic. And then I was doing breath holds to make me more into a parasympathetic and then I was doing a low histamine diet. So I was eating much more fresh food, not processed or fermented or canned food. And then in the evening I was doing more breath holds but more sort of into the simple parasympathetic more oxygen advantage breath holds. I thought when I started this protocol, it would probably take four or five weeks to get some results. I started it on Wednesday, February the ninth. That day, I used my inhaler three times. The following day, Thursday, I used it once. On Friday, February the 11th, I did not need to use medication at all. And since then it’s now a month, I’ve used no medication! In three days, just by doing the combination of Wim Hof, Oxygen Advantage, changing my nutrition slightly! I was amazed, even though I have this knowledge about this, I was amazed at the results.

Arthur Taniyelyan 25:42

Cool, really, this is amazing. What you are sharing to people this is so important. And thank you to tell this because my child, my daughter is now she’s eight years old. But since she’s two years old, she had eczema on her skin but deep eczema out everywhere on their skin. And I’ve test I’ve tested with her some breathing techniques to and you’re talking about nutrition. I said to her, okay, sugar, Stop, just stop and we change. Now we are starting some juice, celery juice, and some other techniques just to slow down our head and with like meditation, I asked her okay, just imagine that your skin is going better and and after a couple of weeks, it was better and better and better and better. So when you are explaining yourself with the with your cat or this allergy and everything, I just saw myself explaining to my daughter, okay, you have to do like this and please try please try. And I hope that the people that will hear this right now, they will say Okay, let’s try I’m not a doctor. I’m not talking about medication and everything. Because I can ask first to doctor can I do it? Okay, after doctor says okay, okay, please come either to me or to you or to people that can perhaps Perhaps held this is so important and thank you to share this. Yeah.

Tony Winyard 27:41

You mentioned before that you were doing that sales job and you talked about your boss and your boss sounds amazing that he pushed you to go more into the coaching more into the breathing methods and because this is clearly where your passion is. And so before we started recording, you mentioned to me that in a few weeks time you’re leaving your sales job and you’re now going to be coaching people full time. And you also talked about how you’re looking at doing maybe more corporate work with people who are working in sales because these types of people, as you know more than I do, they have so much stress in their lives. How do you think, for the average salesperson, who has so much stress, how is it you can help them?

Arthur Taniyelyan 28:29

you know, you can be a trader you can be in sales you can be director when you have too much pressure it’s always I see that people he’s always breathing not with the nose he’s always breathing with the mouth it’s like when you see a child and he’s afraid what is throwing the child and when he is happy What is doing the child was enough. And for me there is a link between emotions and beathing and with what do I know about sales I’m it’s new I don’t know if I will have success or no I really don’t know i It’s something really do new and I’m going to call companies and I say hey, you are the boss, you’re a sales guy. Do you know that you can improve your stress resilience, you can improve your the way you are thinking positive only with breathing and then it will help you have to do more business because you will be calm. Because the same way if you are a trader and you are in we always with your screen and you have this pressure, if you do the bad decisions, all your money is out, or the company or the bank. And if you just calm your mind with the breathing, and then you make the link with emotions, everything can be better. So I’ve done the programme right now and I will sell to, to the companies and to say, Okay, this is not a theoretical programme, this is only practical 90% of my programme is practical. And if they like it, then I will tell to this company, okay, I’m organising, organising some travelling in Sweden, for example, come with your people. And this is a real team building. This is not about playing some games. And that no, this is a real team building. And you will see your colleagues, like you never saw your colleague before. Because you will be open minded and here open to because it’s about hurt, opening your heart and opening your mind. And with a good breathing session. Let’s change the vision of the companies with Yeah, let’s work let’s around. Yeah, you have to work more in the more and always more in pressure and pressure and pressure. No, it’s not. Since the COVID. Now, we can see that people say don’t want this anymore. Even if we have pressure pressure with what we are hearing with the news, present pressure always at the house, everything that no people say okay, no, I just want to be calm. And I’m giving some some tips for these people to say, OK, pressure down, and let’s become emotion. Sales, not sales, I don’t care. This is just to be yourself. And after when you are yourself, you can do much more for you. First, the most important person is you. But first, and then you can you can take care of your boss, or Viola wife or your man or your boyfriend or I don’t care, but you’re good.

Tony Winyard 32:23

So on these retreats that you’re talking about, I imagine that let’s say if you were doing a retreat in Sweden, it would seem logical that the main reason you’re going to Sweden is because of the cold exposure. But if some people in the company do not want to do cold exposure, maybe they would not want to go to Sweden? Yeah,

Arthur Taniyelyan 32:45

you’re right. And this is for me, this is actually not a problem. Because I never push people to say, Okay, you have the cold, don’t go, I have one example. I’ve done that in Sweden, I was in January in Sweden, with some people saying came through the COVID everything that took the plane and they could be in Sweden. And hi, I’ve had one big director of a bank, I didn’t know it. I just know after watching. And at the beginning, he said to me, I don’t want to go in the ice. I don’t want to do this. I said, Okay, no problem. But you try at the beginning what I’m learning to you, and everything, what I’m learning, you just take what you want to take, you just do what you want to do. I’m giving this, this, this this and everything what I’m giving to you, you just take it what you want. And they said okay. And the guy. I have one special exercise exercise at the end. Where am I asking two people it’s minus 20. Outside. And we have a place in the lake, it’s frozen. And they’re just going down, like cold exposure. And if they can, just putting the head in the ice. And then this guy is coming and I’m turning okay, you just go slowly in the ice, and you can go out when you want. And I see him breathing and he was under the ice. And every people around me were Wow. He’s doing that. And he was so proud of himself. And yeah, for me, this was the best example and now he’s sending me people to my workshops. So no pressure. This is bad this thing. Yeah. But since the beginning I’m helping. I don’t know perhaps I’ve had since I’m studying perhaps 1000 People that say I don’t know perhaps less but in This 1000 people as if you don’t want to do it, you don’t want but in this 1000 Perhaps just one person did not do the cold exposure because she was too anxious. But next time she came again and she did it

Tony Winyard 35:21

Have there been any people come to you now with COVID for example?

Arthur Taniyelyan 35:27

COVID is a good example because I always say to people, if you have if you feel that your or your positive, call me only just at the beginning, and some people, my neighbour here called me and he said it was with Delta and he said, Hey, I have a big problem. I am positive with COVID and the doctor called me and said I it’s really high everything was virus and I have to stay I have a headache everything as I said, Hey, keep calm. Just keep calm. The evening, please don’t eat. Please, you stop eating. You will drink water and you start to do the Wim Hof breathing. You will start to do the Wim Hof breathing with power breathing. This is the advance mode mixed with fundamentals. And one day after he calls me back, yeah, I feel better. Yes, something is better. Two days later, everything was okay. That’s it. Oh, one good example. After I’ve done it again with my sister, and my sister was highly our risk she has on the materials is she has a lot of big problems with blood, everything. And I was just said, okay, just do the Wim Hof breathing. This this, this this. And after she just go to her doctor. She went to a doctor and the doctor say What have you done? She said, Wim Hof breathing What? What? Because you have a so good, O2 saturation. And with COVID. You can’t have this. And the example is last week, I’ve had COVID My wife had COVID. And I said, Okay, positive. Okay, let’s do the breathing. And I’ve done the breathing. And it was okay. And what is really important is for people that have it’s if it’s at the beginning, you can do the Wim Hof Method. If not, if it’s already over, yes, I’m helping people with Buteyko, we take on just our oxygen advantage. This is the same, just slow breathing. Just remember how slowly to deep take inhale and exhale slowly and small retention time. Don’t force and again and again, just that the system nervous system is going to equilibrate again. And it takes more time. But yes, it’s helping to perhaps you’ll have examples too. But for me, this is the way I’m I’ve been helping people when they’re coming to me about COVID.

Tony Winyard 38:34

Are you only helping people face to face or online as well?

Arthur Taniyelyan 38:38

online as well? This is yes, this is interesting, because it was the beginning always only face to face, but with COVID. Yeah. Now and I want to give some session, I think with actually all what we are hearing about Ukraine and so on. I think we have a lot of stress people again, I thought it was over with COVID. Now it will be over No. And I think I will give again, some session of free session. I don’t know how but online to say hey, Facebook group, from this time to this time, let’s do a session. Let’s go calm. Let’s again because I feel like people are again under pressure.

Tony Winyard 39:22

Right. So what is we’re changing the subject from from breathing. Is there. Is there a book that has really moved you in any way Arthur?

Arthur Taniyelyan 39:34

You know, 20 years ago, I was reading one book it was the Dalai Lama. The heart of happiness. And for me it was at the beginning it was, okay. Yeah, your mindset. but I didn’t, no feelings, but I’ll come…, the guy was right. Just the end he was explaining, okay, just leaving the breathing. But he said, be calm, breathe normally. And he was right to. The heart of happiness. So this book, and one another book is Napoleon Hill. Yeah, he worked a lot 100 years ago, but just focus on the way you want what you want. And yeah, these two books moved me.

Tony Winyard 40:38

So if people want to find out more about you to do to work with you, how would they contact you?

Arthur Taniyelyan 40:46

I have one website, where everything is written and it’s slowly going in every language, French, German, English, and the website is called Or you can find my name on Facebook or, on Instagram.

Tony Winyard 41:20

Fantastic. And do you have a quotation that you like?

Arthur Taniyelyan 41:27

You know, when we are speaking right now, this Wim Hof quotation. Just do it. Just do it. This is important. What we are doing what you are thinking, just do it.

Tony Winyard 41:45

And he says it in a slightly different way sometimes? Yeah. Yeah.

Arthur Taniyelyan 41:52

You know, we were at the …, but now it’s going slowly and slowly. I don’t hear anymore. Just the noise going is now 60. He will be 63 I think this year. Yeah. Yeah, that’s yeah, just do it.

Tony Winyard 42:19

Arthur, it’s been a real pleasure. So thank you for your time and sharing your experience your wisdom. So thank you.

Arthur Taniyelyan 42:26

Thank you very much. Thank you.

Tony Winyard 42:30

Next week is episode 63 with Dawn Cuckow, who recently launched a new radical book aimed at readers who want to discover their unique path to lasting weight loss. The books is called The Body Effect. And it’s already selling very well on Amazon. So next week, we get into what are the root causes of why the body is blocking people’s weight loss and how her approach helps her clients discover what’s triggering their cravings in their belly fat, and targeting those imbalances. So we talk about that in next week’s episode with Dawn Cuckow. If you know anyone who would get some value from some of the information that Arthur shares with us, please do share the episode with them. And I hope you have a great week.

Jingle 43:16

Thanks for tuning in to the habits and health podcast where we believe creating healthy habits should be easy. If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe and leave us a review on your favourite podcast app. Sign up for email updates and learn about coaching and workshop opportunities at See you next time on the habits and health podcast.

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360 Degrees to Healthspan: A Proactive Perspective-episode 250

Tony Winyard

In this grand finale episode, host Tony Winyard is interviewed by talented Helena Holrick as they nostalgically reflect on the podcast’s 6-year journey and give an exclusive sneak peek into Tony’s health-focused rebrand and upcoming podcast. This heartwarming celebration overflows with captivating conversations guaranteed to leave you feeling informed, inspired, and eager for what’s next.

Mapping Your Wellness Journey: Navigating Health from the Inside Out with Izabella Natrins episode 249

Izabella Natrins

Get motivated by a trailblazing leader as the CEO of the UK and International Health Coaching Association, Izabella Natrins shares the visionary white paper “Towards a Healthier, Happier Britain” – revealing how integrating health coaching into public health can empower lifestyle changes that prevent chronic disease on a society-wide scale. You’ll be inspired as she draws on her personal journey from high-powered business consultant to her current mission of passionately working to enable health creation through coaching.

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