One Guaranteed Way to Improve Your Health

One Guaranteed Way to Improve Your Health

The #1 guaranteed way to improve your overall health (drumroll, please) – is to find someone to be held accountable to!

If I had a pound for every person who has said to me:

“I know what I’m supposed to be doing, I just don’t do it,”

I’d be VERY rich. Unfortunately, just because we know what we SHOULD be doing, doesn’t mean we magically start doing it.

Sometimes all we need is someone to be accountable to in order to create new habits and start building that integrity with ourselves in order to achieve our health goals.

Your nutrition coach will act as your personal cheerleader, nudging you forward every step of the way, they’ll be checking in with you regularly, and helping you overcome any obstacles in your way. This really can be the difference maker between reaching and sustaining your health goals – and falling short.

You need to decide that you’re worth it and make the investment to get you from where you are now, to where you’ve always wanted to be.

Click this link to sign up for a free intro call today. Together we’ll make your goals a reality.

2 economists noticed they were both putting on weight and they made a pact, each agreed to lose 30 pounds over a period of 9 months.
If either failed he had to pay the other $10,000,000,
The bet was a big success, they both met their target.
They then turned to the more difficult target of keeping the weight off.
The rules they adopted were on 1 day’s notice, either one could call for a weigh-in, if either was found to be over the target weight, he would have to pay the other the agreed sum.
Over 4 years there were several weigh-ins and only once was either one over target,
and the resulting fine was paid in full immediately.
If you like the sound of this you can try out for some ideas along this line

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