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EE004 – Greg Sadler

Greg Sadler is President and co-Founder of ReasonIO over in Milwaukee in the USA. He does a lot of content production, public speaking, philosophical counselling and the editor of "Stoicism Today" to mention just a few of things he does. [...]

EE003 – Kevin Wylie

Episode 3 takes us to Ayrshire in West Scotland Kevin Wylie is a photographer based in Ayrshire in West Scotland in the UK. Most of his work is at weddings and from very early on in this episode it becomes [...]

EE002 – Josh Withers

Episode 2 of Exceeding Expectations features the very talented Josh Withers. Josh Withers is one of the most creative and innovative wedding celebrants in the world of weddings. Based in Australia but often booked to perform at wedding ceremonies in [...]

Are you competing with others on price?

Are you linking your pricing to the market? To the industry? To the current trends? If you are it’s much harder to set your own price because you’re going to be following the price that [...]

How to 10x your fee

Do you know people who do the same thing as you or a very similar job, who are earning far more than you? What is it about what they do and the way they [...]