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EE048 – Rob & Kennedy

Rob and Kennedy aren’t your typical entrepreneurs if such a thing exists. Sporting hairstyles that look like comic-book characters and backgrounds in psychology, hypnosis, and show-business – it's hard to believe they're serial entrepreneurs with an uncanny knack [...]

EE047 – Bill Balderaz

Bill created a company named Futurety which is like Alexa for your marketing programme! In this episode, he gives tips on how best to use SEO, Facebook ads and other marketing issues most business people face. He tells [...]

EE046 – Vikram Rajan

Vikram Rajan explains how he helped devise ways to make producing regular content much easier so that it can be done on a more consistent basis. Vikram Rajan explains how he helped devise technologies to make producing regular [...]

EE045 – Monica Irauzqui

Monica Irauzqui is the Vice President and co-founder of Yampu Tours, a company she started 21 years ago with her husband. Her travel experience comes from firsthand knowledge travelling around the globe Some of the topics discussed include: [...]

EE044 – Kim Ades

As the President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching, Kim eats, sleeps and breathes coaching and guarantees 100% client satisfaction. If a client is not totally satisfied, she does everything in her power to rectify that. Kim [...]

EE043 – Jason Wasser

This weeks guest is Jason Wasser who is a licensed therapist and certified entrepreneurial coach who believes in always providing way more value then the cost received. He is the owner of The Family Room Wellness Associates, a mind-body [...]