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EE064 – Jeff Pulvino

Jeff Pulvino is a successful serial entrepreneur, business consultant, digital marketing strategist, and startup mentor. For over 20 years He has helped entrepreneurs grow their business by increasing their profitability and scalability while lowering their customer acquisition cost. [...]

EE063 – Misti Patrella

Misti Patrella is a transformational coach who helps coaches and healers create and grow their practices in a way that feels right for them. Some of the topics discussed in this episode: Misti's background as an advertising exec [...]

12-minute Convos with Engel Jones

Here is the transcript to a recent podcast episode on which Tony Winyard was interviewed by Engel Jones for the 12-minute Convos Podcast. This was the second interview that has had on Engel's podcast: 12-Minute-Convo with Engel Jones and Tony [...]

EE062 – Rob Braiman

Rob Braiman has a reputation as a "Serial Entrepreneur" and for the past 15 years has been working directly with business owners to improve strategic planning, operations, growth, and profitability. He founded Cogent Analytics after spending over 10 [...]

EE061 – Trish Springsteen

Trish is a public speaking coach, mentor and author and helping to empower introverts. She loves helping people find their message and share it with others and she makes it easier for people to do so whether that [...]

EE060 – Dr. Jacqui Taylor

Dr Jacqui Taylor is a Cyberpreneur, a Top 10 Global IoT innovator, a Smart Cities Tsar, a UK Science Diplomat, Professor, Aerospace Engineer... She has an Honorary Doctorate of Science and a top 10 global Internet of Things [...]