Top tips for meal prepping

Top tips for meal prepping

April Free Nutrition Webinar Time Saving Meal Prep Tips

The concept of meal prepping can be downright overwhelming for a lot of people.

One of the most common things I hear is “I don’t have time to meal prep!”
But meal prepping doesn’t have to take you all day long. You need to come up with a realistic plan and execute it.

Here are 3 tips for saving time on your meal prep:

Create a master grocery list and have it flow in the order of your grocery store,
make tons of copies and plan to just cross off what you DON’T need, each week.

Invest in kitchen gadgets. Crockpots, Instant Pots, a food processor – all of these gadgets can save you a ton of time on your meal prep day.

Use 3 compartment containers. This takes the guesswork out of the equation. Fill the largest section with your non-starchy veggie, the medium section with your lean protein, and the smallest with your starch.

Take action TODAY. Write down what you plan to prep, when you plan to get groceries, and block a few hours off on your calendar to prep the food. Most people find Sundays a good day to do this.

Need guidance? I’m here to help and am delivering a webinar next Tuesday on this very topic where I’ll go into further details on this.

We hear the word algorithms all the time now, for elections, for Facebook, for Google etc
Have you ever considered that a cooking recipe is akin to an algorithm? An algorithm for preparing vegetable soup may tell us:
1. Heat half a cup of oil in a pot.
2. Finely chop four onions.
3. Fry the onion until golden.
4. Cut three potatoes into chunks and add to the pot.
5. Slice a cabbage into strips and add to the pot. And so forth.
You can follow the same algorithms dozens of times, each time using slightly different vegetables, and therefore getting a slightly different soup.
But the algorithm remains the same.”

Join the free webinar on April 6 about meal prepping

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