Do your habits help or hinder you?

Do your habits help or hinder you

Hi, my blogs on Fridays are about mindset

I’ve pulled together a bunch of complimentary skills,
that help people to be healthier,
to have a better quality of life,
and that build their immune resilience,

and so be better protected against viruses and pathogens

these skills all work in harmony with each other

the central theme that runs through everything I do is habits
habits are the key to everything you do in life
to improve your productivity, to improve your health, even to improve your relationships all comes down to the habits you have in place –

you could think of this as a dichotomy, although that’s a little simplistic

but think of the habits that lead to the results you want, and take you in the direction you want to go
which most would say are your good habits – and I say it like that, because I try not to look at things as
good and bad

but staying with that thinking
the other side of that dichotomy are the habits you’re not so keen on that give you results you’d rather not have –

spending lots of time on social media, or in front of the TV and not spending time on that thing you really wanted to get done
be it a project, continuing learning that language, practicing playing the guitar etc

or maybe habits that are leading to worsening health such as sedentary behaviour and sitting down for hours at a time, eating highly processed food with high sugar content, or scrolling on your phone in bed every night right before you sleep,

resulting in instead of waking up full of energy, waking up feeling groggy and feeling you can only function properly with the help of a stimulant such as caffeine

i help people create the habits they want to do that will move them in the direction they want to go
and if need be, hold their hand through that process

such as
implementing habits that lead to a good sleep hygiene routine, that leads to better quality and quantity of sleep,

that results in a deeper sleep, more rem sleep, which aids recovery,

gives the body maximum energy,
and is one of the best ways of strengthening the immune system, AND other systems in the body

habits such as breath holds, that put stress on the cardiovascular system,

but a good form of stress, and is good for the heart and the blood-
it makes movement far easier, both functional movement and exercise

habits that introduce regular exercise and movement,
and can make a substantive improvement in your memory and learning abilities.

Exercise helps create new neurons in areas that relate to memory

also creating new signalling pathways –
Different types of exercise – running or walking for example,
versus strength training – have subtly different molecular effects –
but both aerobic and resistance exercise,
exert similarly powerful results on learning and memory

which is further reinforced, by getting good quality and quantity of sleep
which when you get yourself into that positive spiral, that virtuous circle
leads to contentment and enjoying life more

and then when you add in good nutrition,
that rounds it all off and allows the body to create maximum energy.

Without good nutrition, the quality of the sleep won’t be as good,
which results in less energy and a less resilient immune system

and the way to achieve all of this,
is through a strong mindset that doesn’t let excuses get in the way of looking after the body,
with those breath holds, movement, less processed food and great quality sleep.

It’s all about a series of healthy habits that run on auto pilot,
resulting in not only a healthier body all round, and much more resilient immune system,
but that in turn, results in less anxiety & stress about viruses and pathogens

please get in touch if you’d like information on the online group workshops I run,
to improve your habits in sleep, breathing, nutrition, movement & mindset,

or if you’d like to have 1-2-1 coaching with me on these areas.

The 5 week programme that has Habits as the central component and helps the participants create habits around 5 areas of health:

Sleep, Breathing, Nutrition, Movement & Mindset. A weekly zoom call over 5 weeks.

More information

or to work one-to-one with Tony

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