The reason that sleep is the number 1 priority in my life

The reason that sleep is the number 1 priority in my life

No matter what you want to do; be a great parent, succeed in your work/business, or a sporting achievement- they all require you get optimal sleep.

And for sleep to be the ABSOLUTE priority.

For sport you need to be physically at your peak,
business mentally at your peak,
parenting a combination of emotional and cognitive peak.

Almost anything you can think of, to excel at that requires good energy to be optimal.

And for your energy to be optimal, requires good quality and quantity of sleep.

To slow ageing, to reduce weight gain, to strengthen your autoimmunity.

To improve your mood, lessen depression, boost EVERY single cell in your body

Sleep is THE number one thing, the most powerful weapon you’ve got.

It won’t do it on its own, but is the most powerful contributor to ally with

and is why sleep is my number one priority in my life and is one thing I will not compromise on.

Every night I ensure that I am in bed by 11.30 and wake up at 8.15 the next morning.

Before going to bed I have a wind-down routine, where the power supply for my computer automatically turns off at 10pm, and the poser supply for the wifi router turns off at 10.20.

I then sit and read, play my Kalimba, meditate, do breathing exercises and so on, all with the lights turned off and use a small lamp with a red bulb.

I awake every morning feeling refreshed and ready to go.

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