EE039 – Jennifer S. Royal


Pure Mind Magic Jennifer lives in Munich, Germany and has been a professional magician for many years and worked all around the [...]

EE039 – Jennifer S. Royal 2019-08-06T13:25:39+01:00

EE038 – Adrian Shepherd


Adrian has led an eventful life. Born in Yorkshire in the north of England but moved with his family to the Philippines [...]

EE038 – Adrian Shepherd 2019-08-06T13:26:22+01:00

EE037 – Suzie Parkus


Suzie Parkus is an expert in creating compelling communication and teaching others to do the same, as well as being savvy when [...]

EE037 – Suzie Parkus 2019-08-06T13:27:02+01:00

EE036 – Naresh Vissa


Naresh Vissa is a digital marketing expert based in Tampa Florida, author of numerous books including Trumpbook in which he analyses the [...]

EE036 – Naresh Vissa 2019-08-06T13:27:41+01:00

EE035 – Jyssica Schwartz


Jyssica has written a couple of books, her most recently published book is You Are Not Alone, and her first book was [...]

EE035 – Jyssica Schwartz 2019-08-06T13:28:24+01:00

EE034 – Scott Stanfield


Scott has worked in the hospitality industry for 25 years and has won multiple awards for remarkable service, increases in top line [...]

EE034 – Scott Stanfield 2019-08-06T13:51:40+01:00

EE033 – Ian Moyse


How can The Cloud lead to you having less frustrating experiences when contacting customer support teams at the electric company, the service [...]

EE033 – Ian Moyse 2019-08-06T13:56:35+01:00

EE032 – Danielle Roberts


When people turn 65 in the USA they are eligible for a system called MediCare which many people find difficult to navigate. [...]

EE032 – Danielle Roberts 2019-08-06T13:59:13+01:00

EE031 – Bryan Williams


Bryan tells some great stories in this episode and gives some real pearls of wisdom on how you can improve the experience [...]

EE031 – Bryan Williams 2019-08-06T13:58:30+01:00

EE030 – Brandon Seigel


Brandon Seigel is the President of Wellness Works Management Partners who support entrepreneurs in the healthcare and education space and have transformed [...]

EE030 – Brandon Seigel 2019-08-06T13:59:56+01:00