EE004 – Greg Sadler

Greg Sadler is President and co-Founder of ReasonIO over in Milwaukee in the USA. He does a lot of content production, public speaking, philosophical counselling and the editor of “Stoicism Today” to mention just a few of things he does.
Current Work
  • President, ReasonIO – public speaking, philosophical counseling/coaching, tutorials, online classes, consulting
  • Editor, Stoicism Today and team member of the Modern Stoicism organization
  • Adjunct Lecturer in Philosophy, Marist College
  • Content producer in my main YouTube channel – over 1,100 videos on thinkers, texts, and topics in philosophy – supported by crowdfunding through Patreon
Past Work and Accomplishments of Interest:
  • Taught Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Critical Thinking courses for 20 years, at Marquette University, Marist College, Fayetteville State University, Southeastern Illinois University. Includes some teaching in maximum and medium security prisons
  • Public speaker – has given over 100 invited lectures and workshops at venues including universities and colleges, conventions, business organizations, companies, libraries, churches…
  • Philosophical counseling, tutorial, and consulting work – clients include corporate executives and leaders, CEOs of smaller and start-up companies, psychotherapists, psychologists, medical professionals, professors, lifelong learners, and students
  • Author of one book, dozens of academic articles, book chapters, and encyclopedia entries, many popular online writings
  • Videos in main YouTube channel have been viewed over 4 million times, for over 42 million minutes (or 80 years) of time
Educational Background:
  • A. in Philosophy and Mathematics from Lakeland University (1994)
  • A. and Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University Carbondale (1997, 2002)
  • Faculty Fellowship, Erasmus Institute, Notre Dame University (2005)
  • Charles Chesnutt Library Fellowship (2009-2010)
  • Philosophical Counseling Training and Certification, American Philosophical Practitioners Association (2013)
  • Visiting Scholar, European Graduate School, Saas-Fee Campus, Switzerland (2014)
  • Summer Research Residency, Institute for Saint Anselm Studies (2015)
Other Items of Note
  • Grew up in Wales, Delafield, and Waukesha, WI in the 1970s and 1980s
  • Married to Andi Sciacca, who he met in high school. Has two children
  • Used to play bass guitar but passed it down to his daughter. Plays banjo.
  • Reads classic Greek, Latin, German, and French and translates French and Latin works
  • Was a combat engineer in the US Army
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