EE011 – Jackie Handy – Journey of Fulfilment

Jackie recently appeared on Ted-X stage and we hear more about that.

Some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • Her background is as a recruiter, from which she learnt many lessons
  • How to offer value in a service not known for that
  • How she delivered a better service to both the candidates and the employer
  • Training people and companies
  • Playing the long game often led to increased dividends in the long run
  • How can you win a prospects business without telling them all that you do so you are able to over deliver?

Here is a link to her recent Ted-X Talk

Ted-X Talk

Jackie Handy has supported hundreds of individuals in numerous organisations around the world in accelerating performance. Formerly a top performing Recruitment Consultant and Manager for 2 decades, she now works with others to give back the recipe for sales and leadership success. Through her corporate speaking, training and consultancy work, as well as her own personal development journey, Jackie has developed a deeper understanding of human behaviour and why we do what we do. She has invested extensively in her own development, which has included psychometric profiling tools (MBTI), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and even LEGO ® SERIOUS PLAY®.

She believes in doing what you do wholeheartedly or not at all and also that laughter and fun are fundamental to the journey of fulfilment.

Do check out the podcast named Hot Butter Business at
Hot Butter Business podcast

PS. Apologies for some of the background noise heard in this weeks episode which were due to some technical issues.


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