EE033 – Ian Moyse – Technology that gives you the Edge

How can The Cloud lead to you having less frustrating experiences when contacting customer support teams at the electric company, the service department of your car manufacturer and financial institutions? Ian has a solution.

Ian is an experienced Keynote speaker on Cloud & Social Selling and also in providing Sales & Marketing consultancy resulting in key marginal gains in performance.

He’s been a Guest Blogger and Social Influencer for Oracle, SAP, SAGE, Equinix, Cloudtech. Maximiser. Miller Heiman.

He and his company Natterbox have developed an amazing integration with the Salesforce system to deliver a far better customer experience for the customers of their customers, that will lead to far less frustration than customers usually suffer when dealing with customer service calls and being transferred from operative to operative and each time starting again with describing the issues they’re facing. The system that Ian describes is far different to that.

He talks about not just going the extra mile, but by aiming for an extra five miles, and that it doesn’t take five times the effort. He believes that by 2020 it will no longer be about price it will all be about customer experience.

One of Ian’s favourite quotes:
“Behind all smart devices and other technology is the need to get closer to the customer” Marc Benioff, co-founder – Salesforce


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Episode 33 – Ian Moyse – 07-05-2019.mp3

[00:00:00] Exceeding expectations.

[00:00:01] Episode 33 welcome to the podcast that tries to get ideas on how you can give your customers better experiences. This week speak with Ian Moyse who created some amazing systems that may improve the customer experience via telephone. Most companies have some sort of telephone service. How many times have you been in situation where you tried to contact company you famously passed from one person to another and they never give each other any information about what it is that you’re white. What ends up being quite frustrating. Well it’s going to tell you about system that can completely do away with all of those frustrations. Even contacts in previous governments exceeded expectations. We really tried to help you. We have ideas of how you can give customers better experiences. We have Facebook group. We like to just search for exceeding expectations on Facebook. Going there source of conversations ask questions and it’ll be great. Also if you could please overview for us so nicely. But the more reviews we get the people get to hear about the podcast and then hopefully that can result in more people realize the importance of delivering great customer service to the people they work with.

[00:01:36] Exceeded my expectations my guest this week is Ian MoyseGood good. TONY How you doing. I’m pretty good. knew that in sunny Croydon.

[00:01:45] am am and the top two floors of big fifty pence tower block that if anyone watches Black Mirror It was the Bandersnatch episode was filmed in our buildings so we watched Bandersnatch that’s the building I’m in.

[00:01:58] OK. As if he had any peculiar things happen since that was recorded. No no but we did we did we did.

[00:02:04] The camera crew for two weeks for whatever whatever reason lot of camera crews lot of lifts out of action and all that sort of all usual stuff where they get priority but.

[00:02:15] So tell me more about what it is that you do know that you’ve got company called natter box and you’re sales leader and so on but tell our listeners more about what it is that you do.

[00:02:23] Yeah fund it fundamentally I’m over two things One is I’ve worked in the cloud industry the tech sector all those wondrous things you hear about cloud all the different pieces for about the last 13 years and I’ve been sales leader for over 25 years. So see myself as couple of things help and speak and podcast and blog on different things either customer experience and sales and that whole piece of interact with people that is important in business or cloud technology that last the two camps that put my feet in.

[00:02:54] How did you how is it that you’ve got first got into that.

[00:02:56] What was it that led you into that wall cloud was by. I’ve been in technology for long long long time because long story short when was 14 neighbour moved in with us at 81 and remembers that and was hooked. So got into computing as programmer initially which gave me some thoughts about how developed in sales which we might talk about. That’s got into technology and cloud was by accident. No years ago something came up. There’s an opportunity in company just seemed interesting and then as got involved with cloud realized this is incredibly interesting and changing the world we live in

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