EE041 – Dylis Guyan – Win More High Paying Clients

Dylis helps professional service experts, coaches and consultants to win higher-paying corporate clients.

She is the Course Director for The Chartered Institute of Marketing and delivers a sales programme for MBA’s students at Said Business School, part of Oxford University

In this episode, she discusses:

  • How she helps clients and her passion for what she does
  • The benefits she gets from a mastermind group that meets in Paris monthly
  • We discuss mastermind groups in general
  • The battlefield to the boardroom
  • and why she is a life long learner

Dylis specialises in:

  • Increasing Sales Revenue
  • Ramping up lead generation
  • Converting prospects into clients
  • Accessing Decision Makers,
  • Increasing Average Sale Value,
  • Shortening Sales Cycles,
  • Increasing Lifetime Value of existing customers.
  • Increasing referral business


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[00:00:00] Exceeding expectations Episode 41. Welcome to the podcast where we give you ideas and how you can exceed your customers expectations. With the end result hopefully that you’ll be getting more referrals testimonials and more read bookings. This week’s episode is with the lovely Welsh tones of Dylis Guyan. She’s going to tell you how you can attract more business clients how you can find them. We’re going to find out a lot more about that in just a few seconds time. If you do like this podcast please do leave a review for us. That’s really how we’re able to spread and get the words to far more people are so pleased to leave review and i tunes or Stitcher or Spotify. And if you do have any ideas for future guests if you’ve got any comments about anything that any of the guests have said then please do pop in to our Facebook group which is called exceeding expectations and leave a comment in there. This week show less than. Exceeded expectations my guess this week is Dylis Guyan. How are you Dylis.

[00:01:16] I’m really good. Thank you Tony. Although don’t we always say that and I was at my mastermind group in Paris last week for two days. And in that room there was a lady who had the most horrendous cold and cough and up to date I know that nine of us have actually caught it from it. However the show must go on and I’m really excited to be here today.

[00:01:40] Mine too. That sounds very nice a mastermind group in Paris. That’s that’s a bit different.

[00:01:44] It was brilliant. It was utterly brilliant. And luckily I had I didn’t book to fly back until Friday afternoon and we were finished on Thursday evening. So I was able to spend the morning with some friends just doing that trailing round Paris thing you know and having stopping and having coffee and some lunch. It was just so good.

[00:02:07] So does your mastermind group do you always sort of every now and then do you go to an exotic location or is it. Was the format. No

[00:02:15] it’s always in Paris so it’s once a quarter two days in Paris. Yeah. So we don’t go anywhere exotic but it’s a really great supportive group. And in fact in terms of exceeding expectations. It has blown me away with with what that with the support that’s there in this group.

[00:02:42] Well actually that’s just it’s a subject we’ve never touched upon in this series so far so you. What did you I would imagine people listening who maybe have no idea of what a mastermind group even is. So you wanted to briefly explain your what you how you found mastermind groups to be and how they’ve helped you.

[00:03:01] Right now I’ve actually referred to mastermind group because the two day event was in fact learning and masterminding but it is it is actually a two year program that I have joined called leverage and it’s about me taking my business to the next level and within it is this is this masterminding element but what I absolutely love about it is that and this is really my basic thought about this kind of thing and I and I talk about this a lot when I deliver leadership programs because I do sales programs and leadership programs but the power of the team is far greater than the sum of each individual and the just the insights that you get from masterminding and stretching your thinking and other people stretching your thinking will actually leave with your horizons widened.

[00:04:01] It gives you the confidence to stretch out of your comfort zone because that’s really where the growth happens is when you come out of your your comfort zone. And I’m a lifelong learner I’m an implementer as well but I’m a lifelong learner because I always feel to give the best to my clients I have to be top of my game to share things with them and really for the listeners.

[00:04:28] It’s something that I would advocate to everyone is that you get on a learning path with the people you know who can stretch you and take you to to where you want to be.

[00:04:40] And is this the first mastermind group you’ve been in or have you been in previous ones.

[00:04:46] I have been in other groups but I haven’t I haven’t most done masterminding at this level.

[00:04:54] So this is this is probably my first I’d say probably this is my first experience at this level and it’s been very rewarding.

[00:05:04] It sounds like it’s been brilliant. Absolutely. And I’m just I’ve been in it that long. But there’s all sorts of other opportunities to mastermind so we have what we call the pod and there are only a few people in the port and you go on line to do that. So the one last week was live in Paris but you put this online opportunity is for us too. It’s the same people in the pod and you just brainstorm and mastermind and help each other get over any kind of obstacles and then to just stretch.

[00:05:43] So Guyam back a little bit. So you you do. I know you do so as leadership programs and so on. But what is your title what would you say you actually do.

[00:05:54] Well I suppose my official title if you look on LinkedIn and different things that I do I’m an international award winning sales and marketing leader coach Booker and podcast. So that’s right.

[00:06:09] Cates title so I work with business owners who are selling to bigger businesses or want to help them to attract convert retain and get that right mindset around getting those ideal clients on a consistent basis. And that’s the key really it’s the consistency it’s to avoid the peaks and troughs of cash flow and really getting people to see that because many businesses are paying small.

[00:06:45] I kind of hate a phrase really but they’re selling small projects and really there’s opportunities in corporate and when I talk about corporate I’m not talking about the big international corporates I’m talking about companies maybe 10 20 30 50 100 250 employees.

[00:07:07] There are massive opportunities there for business owners to sell into those types of companies where they would be paid promptly they would be valued because the smaller businesses have got a passion about what they do. And so often this thing that they’re up against they don’t have a chance to get into bigger companies because it’s bigger companies who are going to be a company. And actually that’s not right. That’s you know I can blow that myth because actually I’ve been running my business since 2000 and 2000 actually so 19 years this year and in the beginning I was from a standing start. No contacts no agency no referrals Nothing I just put my business plan together set my goals and and made a list of the ideal claims that I wanted to work with which I decided were going to be the large financial services companies and I started to literally with the telephone and had got a contract with Allied Dunbar which is now Zurich in my very first month and I would never have dreamt in a million years that I could have got into companies like that and I continue to work with Barclays Barclaycard fever HSBC Thornton’s chocolates pharmaceutical companies heritage sites. So it can be done. So I’m really I’m on a mission Tony to help people realize that actually they can they can really enjoy earning a bigger income by selling to these bigger corporate businesses not the ones I mentioned necessarily. It doesn’t have to be as big as that.

[00:08:58] And so when you go into these companies how is it you’re helping. In what way. Use sort of doing some sort of course we’ll do some of the employees or the management or how does it normally.

[00:09:09] It’s both. So I work with the sales teams helping them to increase their revenue. And I work with the sales leaders who really need to be instrumental in developing the people to to maximize their efficiency and maximize their skills and their talents to achieve what they want to achieve in their life and in the business.

[00:09:38] And so you said are you still working mostly with large financial companies or is it is it different now.

[00:09:44] It’s different now because I was flying all the way all around the world. I’ve worked in Europe and Canada and America and South America and about six years ago I realized I was absolutely shattered with the travelling.

[00:09:59] I think I’m 27 but you know your listeners can’t take the leave the picture on their on how however you hold this.

[00:10:09] I’m clearly not 27 and it sounds really glamorous and I loved it. I have to say I loved every moment of it but I was shattered with the travelling and I thought I can’t keep doing this. So in fact I changed my business model and I now bring my skills and knowledge to the SMB market so smaller businesses who are selling to bigger businesses all want to run workshops have got part private coaching clients and I’ve now got an online program which was blood sweat and tears.

[00:10:42] I have to say gosh I would rather get into sell to corporates than than do this online. However I have cracked it and it’s you know I’m on the first rung of that really.

[00:10:55] And what does the online program offer owner who is aimed at.

[00:10:59] Well it’s aimed at the SDM ease. It’s just a basic program I’m working on the next phase of it. I’m actually building it building that program out. And it is that foundational stuff that people absolutely need to know because what I see is too many business owners who are expert in what they do but they’re not expert in bringing in clients on a consistent basis. And so they struggle with the peaks and troughs of cash flow and sadly you know many of them go out of business as my dad did when I was only 16 which was very traumatic indeed. And I think to be honest that’s the foundation of of what I do because I’m so committed to to giving business owners the steps to to be able to implement and to be able to bring that revenue in on a consistent basis so that they fall back in love with the business again like they did when the very first started and and that they feel that you know that feeling of satisfaction and achievement rather than the worry and the stress of of this cash flow problem and how they’re going to pay their bills and the mortgage and the employees payroll and so on. So yes I help them with the online program as it’s the basic steps. But as I say I’m building that out to to make it into a more substantial offering.

[00:12:30] How how do you have you found different working with large financial corporations to Theresa May’s how different is that being.

[00:12:39] I would say the biggest difference is that the large corporations have got large sales teams that got sales departments and marketing departments training departments where the smaller SLA generally does well that they don’t have these huge sales teams.

[00:13:00] But the difference I see is that even in the large organizations despite the fact that they’ve got all of this support sadly their sales training isn’t as good as it could be. And when I say that what I mean is that they will they will train a new salesperson and give them a load of product training and they give them a small amount of sales training and virtually no prospecting training.

[00:13:31] So these poor sales people are going out there if they’re lucky they get a a day out with the manager and they’re left to their own devices. And many of them go out and they’re still talking product far too soon. And of course buyers are not interested in product or service or your company or you what they’re interested in is what that product or service will do for them. And. They want to work with someone who can bring insights and value to their business to help them achieve their goals and objectives.

[00:14:08] So that’s one of the big differences I see with the with the big companies the for the smaller companies. Often they don’t get. Any training at all. So general they are expert in what they do but they also need to be good at sales and marketing because its customers are the lifeblood of your business.

[00:14:38] It seems like what you said before about the especially the bigger companies just they hire new staff and send them out on their way and it seems such a fundamental error. It just seems crazy I mean it they’re going to suffer so much in silence by doing something like that.

[00:14:53] Oh the impact is massive Tony. There was some recent statistics that came out from Miller Hyman that showed that eighteen point six percent of sales people will leave their organization every year. So after five years that’s nearly a hundred percent. That’s not. The same. People unnecessary but that churn is so costly to the business because they’ve got not only have they got the hiring costs Dawes then got the the cost of the customer possibly going elsewhere because they’re not being looked after by that sales person who was looking after them. And then you’ve got the internal costs of other people maybe having to pick up that business and then they’re not as effective doing their own. So the ripple effect of of these salespeople leaving is huge. And then on top of that when they bring a new person in the statistics that I was reading shows it takes up to 10 and a half months to get a new salesperson fully effective. And then if you tie that in with Flake says people leaving after eight to 18 and a half months. Then the financial impact is huge huge.

[00:16:17] So what they save on pain people like you to do to to end it will save them a fortune for what it costs.

[00:16:25] Absolutely. And she has a really great point because I remember and this is a number of years ago but it’s an example I use a lot. The company I went into and they I was actually doing some I was looking to do some leadership training and I asked them how they were doing the training at that point and they were doing it internally and it was very little. I have to say and I said so. Tell me what you know ideally what would you like your business to look like and what do you biggest challenges.

[00:16:58] And they told me that they were having this huge turnover of staff and I said So what’s the impact of that. And. We talked about the cost of advertising bringing and see these H.R. had to sift through select bring people in for interview select a person and then put them into a back through training and put them back into this environment of low morale. And when I asked them how much it cost to recruit one new person and how many people were leaving each month and we multiply that up and then multiply by 12 to give an annual figure. It was astronomical like astronomical. So to bring me in was a no brainer really. Yeah absolutely. And the results that we achieved to a well they increased the corporate sales 12 fold Dylis I know that you have a podcast.

[00:17:58] I mean I was a guest on your phone Carson. How is your how is your podcast helped your business and how do you use it for your business.

[00:18:08] I don’t know how much is helping my business. As such I know my diary is absolutely chock a block full and I think what it’s doing is giving me visibility it’s giving it credibility as an expert in my field because I’ve been doing this although I’ve only been running my business for nearly 20 years I’ve been in sales for 30 years because I was a financial advisor then a field sales manager that I was regional director. Where we won loads of awards and.

[00:18:42] But it gives you a greater reach and.

[00:18:47] I know you asked me about exceeding expectations and it’s one of the things I can do to help get my message out in a bigger way to people to help them to start to put these best practices in place to help them to grow their business and increase their sales.

[00:19:07] And for those people who are listening to no idea what your Parkus is you want to tell us a little bit about your podcasts and when it’s released and so on.

[00:19:16] Yeah it’s it’s called inspired selling the same name as my free Facebook group.

[00:19:24] If anybody wants to join that inspired selling and I have interviewed some absolutely amazing people you included I have to say Tony it was a blown brilliant brilliant brilliant podcast with you as a guest and I’ve interviewed people like Chet Blunt who was massive in America written many many books and is a real thought leader in the B2B the business to business selling space.

[00:19:55] Tony Hughes Marc Schaefer the lady tomorrow skank from Mila Hyman I get all of my insights from her. So some really top class people but also some people who have gone there was one guy I interviewed Jay Allen whose name was called and he went from Suzie from battlefield to boardroom. So he was actually in the forces and I went into left through injury. Great story and then set up this business and he is like turning over multiple seven figures now. A really interesting people with some really practical strategies of how to generate good corporate business and where do you see the podcasts going over the next year or a couple of years. Well that’s

[00:20:54] a really great question Tony because as part of me growing my business and expanding if I go back a step I actually was doing my podcast every week but because I have the podcast transcribed and then the audio goes onto I iTunes. The video goes on to YouTube and the transcription the audio goes out to my subscriber list. It was just getting too much I just didn’t have the time. So I have had somebody who does all that takes to form a technology and I am not best friends which is distant acquaintances. And so I’ve hired and that the a who can help me to to do. To sort all of that out and the work that I have to release me to do more of the things that that I love doing and the things that I’m good at rather than the stuff that I absolutely hate. And I’m not good at it. I like doing the podcast. I like interviewing people. I like being on court casts and so on. So yeah it’s.

[00:22:08] So I’m looking to release it once a week and it’s actually a lesson a lesson in there about exceeding expectations because if people if more people would Yeah for most people who are entrepreneurs we we started a business because we had a passion about something in particular but then we end up having to do everything with business you know you do a new accounts and sales and marketing and all the other things. So if you hire a V.A. It frees you up to do what you really enjoy doing and then you’re able to really exceed your customer’s expectations in that thing that your greater and all that boring stuff you hate. The V.A. can just take over the P.A. or wherever it might be. Yeah.

[00:22:43] Yeah absolutely.

[00:22:45] And you know that’s something again that I would really recommend that people look at and and start save water they just keep a record of what you do all day and it’s not a hard job it really isn’t. But just keep a record of what you do and take what you can eliminate what you can delegate and what you love. Some of this stuff actually you can eliminate but it can find somebody who is good at that detail kind of thing or somebody who is good at technology and then someone who does my social media I’ve now got a bookkeeper. Years ago I used to do my own books with my own V in handwritten lecture things that I used to draw lines on this big black book and work out. And I think because of my past banking experience because before I was a financial advisor I was in the bank I had to absolutely could not leave it until I balanced it to the penny and it used to take me flipping ages. So that would be you know. And you’re right. It means I can exceed expectations and I have to say that exceeding expectations for me is like.

[00:23:59] It’s just something that I do that I want to do because I know that if you exceed expectations today it kind of becomes the seed for new opportunities in the future.

[00:24:13] So is you stand out from the crowd.

[00:24:16] So I say it sounds like it’s a mindset you’ve had for quite a while.

[00:24:19] Oh it is. It absolutely is. And you know in my own teachings and trainings and workshops and things I talk about the service because people talk about service as a service and exceeding expectations doesn’t stop when you’ve made the sale. It has to just continue into the night and really it’s just not something that stops. And I always ask the question how good you think services in this country here in the UK. Do you think it’s very bad average or excellent and they say average and below average. And I ask why that is and Sarah they never seem to be interested in me. So we talk about their experiences you know they’re never interested in me and actually I think the foundation of exceeding expectations is to be genuinely committed to your prospective clients and your clients. And that you understand them you understand the world in which they operate. You understand the competitors that you really can can go in and work towards being that trusted expert.

[00:25:40] And I’ve got an example of that if you would like me to share it with you. I would love you to share. Absolutely.

[00:25:46] OK. And this is this is recent but it’s happened many many times over the years that me running my own business. And it was with a heritage site and actually was a referral from someone. It’s not generally my. I wouldn’t put it on my ideal client list but of course when when you’ve got an ideal client you attract those people but it doesn’t stop other people coming and saying I know you work with these but would you do this for me more for us. And then you’ve got the choice as to whether you want to to do it or whether the fits right. Anyway I went along and met them and they asked me if I would do this initial project which I did do. And I always look at. A new promising and over delivering. So for example if I said. I will get this. The my. Project to you. My proposal to you by Friday. So let’s say that was a week I would get it to them by the Tuesday.

[00:26:59] Right. So everything I try to just over deliver on the other thing that I that I do with every one of my clients is that when we’ve got to when I’ve done the discovery and I’ve found I’ve already done my research so I know about them deeply. Then I go when I have the meeting. We have the face to face meeting and I discover where the challenges are what they’re trying to achieve and all of those things. And we get to the point of them deciding to work with me. I said before I put a final proposal together what I would like to do is go talk to the people that I would be working with because when I talk to you the directors the CEOs whoever it is I get.

[00:27:45] A higher a higher view of how you see things. When I go and talk to the people who I would be working with it then allows me to have a holistic view of the whole situation which allows me to put a project together that is an absolute water tight fit. And additionally I can bring you some insights that you may not have been aware of without disclosing any kind of. Without disclosing confidences I can give you some insights that will be valuable to you in terms of looking at other initiatives or other things that you can you can kind of button off or deal with that is that you are an owner aware of maybe undercurrents and so on. And without exception people will say to me this is amazing. Amazing.

[00:28:47] So I did this with the Heritage Site and and went back and had the meeting and gave them the insights and and then went and I said Here is what I proposed in this project. Let’s work through it together and look at making sure that it you feel is the right fit so that we’re doing like a joint.

[00:29:07] Solution. And when you get to the end of it it’s just seamless. So you’ve you’ve brought this additional value you’ve exceeded their expectations you’re working through it together. And it’s like we’re were right. Okay let’s do this.

[00:29:25] I’ll say they’d say to me or I may say when would you like to start. I’ve looked at my diary and I’ve got these gaps in my diary that I could I could start this project for you because it’s important that you work towards your schedule as well. Otherwise if you’re asking them just directly when do you want to start and letting them lead it. Sometimes you can be put into a bit of pressure because you’ve got other things in your diary. So going back to this heritage site I did the first piece of work did exactly what I’ve just explained there.

[00:29:58] The when I do any project work with any company I put my heart and soul into it and one of the things I talk about is when they’re talking to their clients. And in this case it was visitors because it was a heritage site. You must treat your visitor like they are your one and only today one and only in that moment so you make them feel really special. And it’s like this is what I said to them it’s like me working with you today. You are my one and only and you will get 100 percent from me.

[00:30:36] And so the result of all of that was that after that first project apparently and I’m sorry if this sounds a little bit boastful that they were everybody was talking about it. And have you been on this program with Dennis.

[00:30:52] It’s just amazing and she’s running some and you need to get on it and so on so forth and then I got a call an email actually from another department in this heritage site asking me if I would work with their team. And so I went in and I went through the whole process again and then I got an email from the director asking me if I would win a leadership program. So I went in and did the whole process again and then just two weeks ago I got a phone call from this director asking me if I would go in to their board meeting and help them work through how to break down the silos in the business. Now that is just with exceeding expectations. It’s this is the funniest thing. So this director introduced me to because I went into a meeting about this board meeting and she introduced me to the top man. I suppose is the CEO I didn’t even know what his position was but I just know it was the top line. She said Let me introduce you to Dylis. She said this is the deal s make me laugh but this is about. This is how you exceed expectations and you become that trusted adviser in the business and people know that you’re reliable that you’ll do the things that you see that you’re going to do the your that you’re credible. You know that you understand the business. And I didn’t really understand the business before I went for the very first meeting with bank and by the time I got there before I went I had research and research and research and I had as much insight about their business than they probably had themselves. So it’s about the reliability the credibility being customer focussed doing the things that you’re going to that you see you’re going to do consistently consistently. It’s not just like a hit and miss thing.

[00:32:58] You went before we started recording you were telling me about a number project was you going to be doing next week with your education company. Thank you once again.

[00:33:08] Funnily enough this was a referral. And this lady got in touch with me and asked me if I would go and help them to work with the sales team but she said I do have to tell you you’re not the only person that we’re talking to. So we set up this initial meeting which I have had with her. And we had this really excellent meeting. And I knew that I was up against some others. So of course as I just my modus operandi is always to talk to the people that I would be working with. So I suggested that I come in and meet the team. But in the meantime I thought what else can I do that will really. And I didn’t think about exceeding expectations I just thought what else can I do to bring value to this lady. So I wrote to and I said I just had a thought before come in. I’d like to actually do some research for you on on your computer top four competitors. So if you let me know who they are I’ll do some research I’ll bring it in and share it with you when I come in. So I don’t know yet whether I’ve won the contract because I’m going in to have the meeting with them next week marked with the this competitor analysis and I can’t say 100 percent but I’d probably say 95 to 99 percent that the other two people won’t have done this. I hope they’re not listening to this podcast.

[00:34:43] They won’t let me wander out before next rage.

[00:34:47] That’s good. So. So yes it’s just thinking about right. But but it needs to be cut and part of the way you think. And I really can’t stress this enough. It’s how you operate it just continuously thinking how can I bring value to my client. And you know this is a big mindset thing. And I talk about this all the time to my sales people that I work with. It’s about changing your thought process because your mind will move to the most dominant sort whether it’s positive or negative and your actions will follow. And that’s just how it is. So if you’re thinking when you’re about to go in to see a client or how can I get in to see yesterday how can I get you to sign on the dotted line. How can I convince them that we are the best. If that is his thought process your actions would be the actions of someone who’s who’s more pushy who’s interested in hitting their targets and who’s got that kind of sleazy kind of way sales way and really good professional selling is not about that and it’s about thinking the exact opposite. It’s about thinking how can I help my client achieve their objectives. How can I be the trusted adviser to this client and bring additional insights and bring value to their business. How can I help them avoid the pitfalls that I know some of my other clients have gone through. But from my experience I know I can prevent my clients being subjected to these issues and pitfalls that may come their way. When you’ve got that thought process the actions that are all client focussed it’s genuine. You really mean it. You’re not pretending you’ve changed just thought process and it’s that that makes that big difference.

[00:37:00] Well it’s something that your passion shines through Dallas. A question I usually ask at the end and you’ve kind of almost you touched upon it earlier when one of your answers about you are just general thoughts on why people maybe should consider over deliver and as a as a mindset or as a strategy. What are your thoughts.

[00:37:22] Well I would say that if I if I put this. If I kind of encapsulated and here it is in the nutshell I guess.

[00:37:31] Exceeding expectations is something that needs to be a daily habit in everything that you do everything it needs to be in your thought process. It needs to be in your actions. So your thought process needs to be around that. How can I exceed expectations so that it allows those actions to happen.

[00:37:58] Absolutely Dylis if people want to find out more about you where where is the best places for them to look.

[00:38:05] Well they can have a look at my on my Web site. First of all which is w w w dot Dylis guy on dot com and I spell that as this is all Joe it’s D Y L I S S Guyam g g y and that’s Dylis Guyam dot com.

[00:38:30] They could join my facebook group my free Facebook group to help them to increase those corporate sales and that’s inspired selling on Facebook. Happy delighted to have them come and join us. Look for my podcast which is inspired selling.

[00:38:49] I’m also on YouTube Dylis Guyam and also this. I’ve got a free download not about exceeding expectations but it’s to go to my web. They will find it on the home page and it’s a free download 21 to apply a ways to find your ideal client that talked about where to find the clients and how to profile your clients to see to to help you to identify your ideal client is first of all and then those 21 ways to find and testing go really appreciate your time.

[00:39:29] Phyllis it’s been great the information you shared a Vissa and best of luck for your business in the future.

[00:39:34] Thank you very much. Tom it’s been an absolute pleasure. Thank you so much for inviting me. It really has been great. Thank you.

[00:39:44] Next week Episode 42 of exceeding expectations is we’ve a lady called Eve Dawes originally from Essex where she’s been living in Nevada in the States for quite a long time now and she’s a fitness professional and a former professional dancer. She now has her own range of cosmetics and gymnasiums as well and she helps people in a number of different ways around the whole subject of health and wellness. So that’s next week with a Dawes there’s some quite interesting things to say but before Joy this week’s show and we have a great week. See you next Tuesday.

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