EE042 – Eve Dawes – Real Food Real Talk Real Life

Eve Dawes toured internationally as a professional dancer before becoming Mrs. Nevada United States 2017, a fitness professional, and founder of Fitness by Eve and Dawes Custom Cosmetics.
Her business has excelled since customising her services and products to her customers requirements.

She grew up in Chelmsford, Essex in the UK and embarked on a career as a professional dancer which took her to the USA where she decided to relocate.

Some of the items discussed include:

  • Healthy eating
  • How the book The E-Myth Revisited helped her set up her business
  • Competing in the Mrs United States contest
  • Creating customer products for cosmetics clients
  • Her favourite quotation
  • Why she finds podcast so valuable
  • Starting up her own podcast

Eve was heavily influenced by the class business book The E-Myth


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[00:00:00] Exceeding expectations Episode 42. Welcome to exceeding expectations. The podcast where we tried to help you with your customer experience you offer to your customers in with the result that you’re going to get better testimonials referrals and more bookings. You can find us on iTunes so if you want to leave a review And please do share the episode with people who you think might get some use out of it. Today’s guest is Eve Dawes. She’s originally from Essex but she’s moved out to the States quite a while ago and has had quite an eventful life. She became Mrs. Nevada and now she has her own line of cosmetic. She helps people in health and wellness and other areas such as that. We’re going to hear more about that in just a few minutes. Eve please do go on to our Facebook group exceeded expectations on Facebook have some start some discussions maybe ask any questions about anything you’ve heard on the show anything you’ve like disliked and so on. Hope you enjoyed this week’s show with Dave Dawes. Exceeded my expectations my guest today is Eve Dawes.

[00:01:19] How are you. Hi thanks for having me on your show. I’m excited to talk to you.

[00:01:22] And I was expecting someone MOVE IN AMERICAN ACCENT seeing that you’re in Nevada.

[00:01:27] Turns out you’re from Chelmsford in Essex and everyone expects that they see me. Know that Mrs Nevada. How can you be Mrs. Moyse How do your English. Yeah. I’ve been here six years now.

[00:01:38] Wow. Let’s go straight into that Mrs Nevada. How did that come about.

[00:01:43] I was volunteering at the blind centre and there was a guy there that was talking to me and he was at home in the dark for a year. He didn’t know where to go to get help so people didn’t know about the blind centre. So I wanted to raise awareness for it and you’re probably thinking well so blind how they’re going to see and know about it. But of course I have friends and there’s so many apps now mean it reads Facebook to them it reads Instagram to them. So it was raising awareness and having that platform and also being new to Nevada. I wanted to be able to meet people meet like minded people get out in the community so everything just kind of fell into place and motivated me to want to do it.

[00:02:19] And so what was involved in in Mrs Nevada. Mr voter competition.

[00:02:26] Oh my gosh. I think the biggest thing was soul searching. The interview portion where you really have to be on the ball and be able to answer every question know who you are what you want and what your favourite thing is what you would do with the title. It was really scary actually during that deep assault search because I suddenly realised I really didn’t know who I was because I was transitioning careers as well and then the fitness part of it as well. I mean that was great for me. I was OK. Of course one section nailed because of my fitness background and then the other one is evening gown so you get to put on a gown and feel glamorous and more concerned with your husband. So it’s just such a complete programme. That’s very empowering and liberating as the women are ready. It got so much out of it and met so many great people and got so involved in the community.

[00:03:11] Were so good.

[00:03:13] I gonna say I think that set me up for creating a business because I had the support of the community because I’ve been so involved in it and given so many volunteer hours and been so philanthropic so you’ve already got that great network of people.

[00:03:27] And where did that lead did that so go on you. Did you compete in Miss USA or anything a weapon.

[00:03:34] I did. I competed in Mrs. United States and that was really just incredible life changing moment for me. It was actually Howard in Orlando and the first time I came to the United States I was seven. It was to Orlando and I remember saying to my parents oh my gosh I want to live in America. I love it. I think most kids do they come to Disney World and I fall in love but I’ve been one of those people that’s always I want to do this and I go for it. So coming full circle and having the opportunity it’s not something you can buy it’s something you earn. To be at Mrs. United States to be chosen to represent my state as someone who’s not a born American. That was incredible to me and I actually placed top 15.

[00:04:16] Wow. Before we when we were talking before we started recording you mentioned about you were a former professional dancer and Nurse What took you to the states in the first place.

[00:04:26] Yes. I was teaching at a state school in New York and then I got on cruise ships for five years and with Dance Captain. Got to travel the world to a job I loved interact with lots of people. You do a lot of Cook courses on there actually in customer service. What to say to them what not to say how to interact with the guests and you’re always on as a performer. And I actually met my husband on a beach in Barbados which is how I eventually ended up over here.

[00:04:53] And so did how did you go from being a dancer and ended up into a fitness and beauty and fashion and so on.

[00:05:01] I was transitioning out of dancing because obviously unfortunately there’s a Ades cab. And from not wanting to travel so much after getting married it wasn’t really so fair that I was looking for an alternative and something to keep me in shape because when you get married when you stop dancing you tend to wait to Groupon. So I got into the whole I was also looking into the modelling while being in L.A. but being on the shorter side and more mature side and looking for seeing what other people were doing.

[00:05:32] And I was seeing all the magazines. It was like I SBP pro WB affect what the heck is that. So I started my research and realizing that when they saw this federations you could compete.

[00:05:42] Because I was obsessed with their bodies. I want to look like that. That’s my motivation to get back in shape. I find that so inspiring to others as well. I’d actually been a personal trainer in London. I had a year off of dancing where I thought I was ready to transition and I did on my personal training sports massage therapy training in London enemas watching over there. So when I came to United States I kind of had that already going and that was my background always like being free or pushing organic eating organic living natural produce non-toxic products. So I Cates I can compete and I combine all my fitness background and this is gonna be awesome and it’s so hard. You have to have so much discipline when you’re training for these. And luckily the discipline from dancing kind of transferred into that and I think having discipline transfers into everything in life especially as a business owner because you have that discipline you don’t need someone giving you a kick out you got to do this today. This is your schedule. You just do it.

[00:06:39] And that’s how I got into the fitness world and got my pro card and that really helped launch me and kind of get my name out there and give you all that that trust people Jyssica puts you it sets you apart as being an expert in your field so I’m really grateful to the WSF for that opportunity.

[00:06:58] And so once you set up this whole kind of fitness or empire it seems to have gone into since then but what will happen next. How did you end up in the fashion and the beauty.

[00:07:08] So from there it was such a long journey. I think that’s entrepreneurs we like to Dublin everything right. Like the chocolate box of life you said you like put back what you don’t like and you’re building all these skill sets one on top of the other.

[00:07:22] And I when I moved to Nevada the fitness industry you’re making an hour by hour you’re looking at other ways to create sources of income. And I looked at all these affiliate programs and one of them was a randomly a dress company in New York called Fatty on it and I work with them for two years before winning. They were running a contest and I actually became Miss Fabiano. I like the face of that brand went out to New York. I hope help host their pre Oscar as and their Oscar viewing party and really got involved and fun in love with the fashion world. And again part of pageants a lot of that is fashion as well. You have to find the interview outfit your swimsuit your gown you have to know what colour suit you. Your body type. What makes you feel confident.

[00:08:06] And that also was giving me the beauty because during the fitness and the competitions and the photo shoots I was working with so many different makeup artists. And I’m like a sponge and so much time with a different makeup. Oh what are you using. Oh I like that was that products not only taking photos or products and taking notes of how they’re doing it and filming it and just gathering all this knowledge and it’s a whole. So fitness is just one part of making you feel great. It’s like filling all the problems and making it very holistic.

[00:08:34] So if I’m putting in like the beauty side of it and what I’m wearing and what I’m putting into my body with nourishment and working it out suddenly it’s more of a. Entire package and an entire lifestyle so everything just tied together so nicely with that and from you’re your fitness.

[00:08:53] What is it that you do that. I mean there’s obviously loads of people offering various fitness products and courses and so on. Well what would you say you do. Is this different approach.

[00:09:04] Well my catchphrase is that real talk real life real food no B.S..

[00:09:09] So besides offering face time coaching I’ll do one on one with you wherever you are in the world or do online programming every single week. I do check ins. I ask them to send photo progress. I ask them to send me sleep reports emotion. I want to see how they’re feeling how they’re sleeping and how they’re looking. And then I tailor their program offers that it’s not a generic of the out the box program.

[00:09:32] So so many of those ninety nine dollars a month training and it’s the same for everyone.

[00:09:36] So I’m really taking into consideration how they’re feeling because you have to feel great. That’s the whole point of fitness is to make you feel better an optimal longevity. So that’s one of the things. And then the other one is just being real being realistic. I don’t endorse diets. I do not believe in them because what happens when you stop it has to be a lifestyle. So I’m very wealthy and I don’t always like what I’m telling you because it’s not easy. It’s about a journey and making small lifestyle lifestyle changes that will just add up over time and it’s maintainable. I have a separate Instagram called champagne diary. I drink. That’s my lifestyle. I like a drink. I’m not gonna give it up. So it’s being able to help you can have a drink. You can have a cheap meal. You just can’t have a cheap meal every meal. You know if you’re eating that 80 20 90 10 you’re going to look great and you going to feel great because you’re not depriving yourself. So that’s my approach to it.

[00:10:29] And what would you say what do you feel that when people first come to you before you start speaking what do you think. Typically I’d have expectations and just simply to lose weight.

[00:10:39] I thought that’s a lot. A lot of them are actually at the point where they’re having health issues and it’s like the last straw and that’s actually a really good starting point because it’s like anything else. If you hit rock bottom awesome is going on. That’s a huge motivation. And having a Y bigger than your Y Not is gonna be the reason that you get started and you’re motivated to keep you going.

[00:11:01] And so how are people finding out about you.

[00:11:05] I’m pretty good at SCA. So besides having done the competitions Mrs. Nevada which got my word out there and being very visible in our community I’m always out there word of mouth is awesome but I just I do a lot of articles I use Harrow Help a Reporter Out. It’s not so big in the UK it’s big hair. We send pictures and it back links to your site and that people find me a lot that way as well as well as posting videos. You know I did a lot of WB ISAF shows post them on YouTube and people oh maybe she can help pose and then they reach out to me that made me Google s yeah. I don’t pay for AdWords. It’s all natural search results.

[00:11:40] So you mentioned before about a couple of stories that you had and one of the ones you were telling me about was that the core Lowry Hotel with the lip liner. Tell us more about that.

[00:11:50] So my other company is Dawes custom cosmetics. It’s not just another lipstick company because we don’t need any more of those. It’s only cosmetic companies. It’s a luxury custom experience and it’s actually custom cosmetics. I make my hand with them. So we’re saying that what I mean is we customize the experience from the beginning how many people is that are you going to come to our lipstick club. Are we coming to you. Are we going to a location. We’ll go wherever you want to go. You can have a face time in your lunch break. I actually do it with those people in New York and in their lunch break. Lawyers will face time and we’ll create something in the lunch break and it’s cool or the office like coming in and looking what we’re doing. It’s so different is cruelty free. It’s natural because that’s everything I like because I’ve been building on from that very authentic holistic living from the organic produce firm.

[00:12:37] When did I do my personal training. Two thousand and five. I want to say it in my personal training certification. So it’s been a long journey and a lot of information coming in but anyway so I’m going a long way away from this story I’m getting there. So anyway I had a lady call me out to a party at her hotel further custom lipstick I went there three of them absolutely loved it. And then the last lady she was she wasn’t loving it and the light was fading so I don’t want and they were in a rush to dinner. So I’m not going to leave you with a product you don’t like. You’re not a hundred percent happy with this as a customer service. Let me go away. I’ll work on it in the lab. I’ll bring it back to you once would be Wasser been creating I always like to I’m creating around what they’re telling me their problems are. So listen respond make it customer your lipsticks drying you have dry lips in the desert we’ve all got tri lips. It’s just one of those things so it’s really important to have hydrating product. Maybe they can’t find the perfect shade. What is the shape you’re looking for what’s what are you not liking about the shade you’re finding or what are you laughing about your favourite colour and we’ll go towards that. Do you want to lip plumper her in there. What was going on really get to know them so we can customize around that what sorts of flavours to my ex we can add the scent of flavour and they get to name it.

[00:13:50] I mean this is custom above and beyond that and chefs she was mentioning her lipstick was feathering but she wasn’t using a lip liner. So that’s my tip ladies as well. If you’re not wearing a lip liner. OK guys put on that lip liner or lock the lipstick in place. So when I went back when I delivered the lipstick. The final project product I also put out a complimentary lip liner and a lip gloss.

[00:14:13] So the lip liner was to show I was listening responding to what she was saying and I had shown her there was solutions and the lip gloss was my apology for not being able to complete it and the time I was there.

[00:14:25] So there was something extra just the added bonus something is really important when you say about exceeding expectations. That’s not something they are expecting they wouldn’t have even thought of. So it’s just thinking outside the box.

[00:14:36] And what was her reaction.

[00:14:37] She was so impressed. She sent me this long e-mail afterwards saying you’re a creative genius. I love it. You nailed it on the head. Thank you so much for the other things and going above and beyond. We’ll definitely refer you to other people and that’s where it comes from either refer or that word of mouth because it just takes one word of mouth one bad review that breaks you especially as a small new business and so on that if you do get I mean have you had any bad reviews now have you.

[00:15:04] Have you handled that if that has happened OK.

[00:15:06] Not come word fertilizer we’re stuck on here. I haven’t had any bad reviews. Only good but I think that’s because I don’t leave them until they’re happy. I talk with them. We like the hope they watch the whole process start to finish and as I’m custom blend in the comment you like want it lighter darker more sparkly less sparkly you what.

[00:15:25] I have six different bases I can choose from so I know that Moyse level they’re starting with if it’s gonna be Matt or cream I’m listening and I’m creating around that do they want scent. They want they get to pick. I think it’s like 150 scent and flavour combinations and they can do it whatever level they like from really really mild to really strong.

[00:15:42] So then it’s not gonna be too overpowering. It’s not gonna be too too weak. It’s based on what they like and what they’re seeing as we go along. And if they don’t like it when I’ve made it I start again and I’m not afraid to make it again. This is custom this is for you. This is what you pay for. This is why you haven’t just gone to the drugstore or your local department store and picked up a lipstick this is what this is what customer service is. So I really. Schwartz that they’re happy before I leave and they’re honestly happy because I’m polite. Yeah yeah it’s fine. I can tell. So it’s really really working with them to make it perfect before we even leave. And before we even start we have clear expectations. What are you looking for. What you need. We offer so many different options so it’s not just lipsticks. We offer things they might not fit thought of. So if they want to have a party it’s like how would you like red wine or red wine will pour you a glass when you’re there do you. Or do you all on like you pregnant. We’ll just have water and we’ll get rid of sense like Are there any sense that makes you feel nauseous right now. Make sure they’re not around you. I certainly was not allergies. I can make sure there’s no not send any of the products we bring to you or in the lab when you’re there. We offer gluten free for people with celiac. We really try and have everything there we have. Oh if you’re having a party we have an office in City alcoholic cupcakes or Virgin cupcakes. We are professional hair and makeup services. So rather than people have to bounce from website to website and try and coordinate everyone especially if you’re tourists right. You don’t know the city you don’t know where to go. I know I’ve been here I was in Mrs. Nevada I know the best makeup artists and hair people in town and Sin City cupcakes is actually run by my mother my sister queens. I eat them so I know that good. I don’t have anything I haven’t personally tried but these are things you wouldn’t normally think of getting when you’re going to buy a lipstick. So it’s making it that entire service for them that really leaves them with something exceptional not just you know all of those. Okay all right. I was satisfactory it’s like well I’m gonna remember that. It’s about creating memories for them.

[00:17:35] And it sounds like you’re giving them a real experience rather than just simply some products.

[00:17:39] Yeah exactly. We really want to be experience based and not just product because anyone can buy products anyone can give products but especially now I think it’s becoming one of the things is to gift experience says because so many of us buy what we want when we want it so it can be really hard. Buying a gift especially one that shows thought and I think people are becoming more conscientious especially you know the new Gen X or fell it really into giving thoughtful products that have meaning and cruelty free and natural and have that feel good factor so they can even gift it to them and they can create something they can rent but all they can do it together because doing something together that’s a really bonding moment. And so you’re to be able to create memories together that you always have and especially when you get to name it because you can name it after the event or your birthday or your name to really remember that period of time and that special day especially for weddings.

[00:18:29] So you’ve been doing this for a few years. How do you see the. You know I mean the different industries is your beauty fitness fashion. How do you see these changing in the next five 10 years.

[00:18:40] Definitely see custom becoming a huge trend when people realize they don’t have to buy out the box and off the shelf that they can have something custom that isn’t going to break the bank that’s made for them and then rather than having all these products we’re trying to do so much with so many different products. I’ve just got that you know maybe that one red one pink one note rolls and trying to blend 10 nudes at home to get the perfect nude. It’s like giving them exactly what they want. And I definitely see everything going that way as well as you’ll see that everything is going cruelty free and that’s why I won’t manufacture in China. It’s making it very natural for a non-toxic which to sing even in cleaning products and everything in the clothes we’re wearing being more recycled and people being more eco conscious. So that’s a big trend. I’ve tried to be a of course. I think it’s very important to be ahead of the trends and be an educator as opposed to trying to follow and fit into an already saturated market.

[00:19:34] And what about with fitness where do you see that Guyam.

[00:19:37] I see it going the same way. But people realizing that diets don’t work and that it is a lifestyle that they have to commit to whether they said me. I felt that classes are doing really really well the class studios people are realizing they don’t have to just go to the gym to get a good workout. They can do all these classes and if they can’t afford classes hit the stairs hit a park and walk do something. Park your car further from your from your work and your office. There are so many ways to incorporate in our lives. I think people are getting smarter about how they move their body and what they put into their bodies.

[00:20:12] I don’t that you talk about what they put it into their bodies so I imagine a lot of people come to you and they simply want to improve their fitness in some way. When you start talking to them about nutrition how do people often react. Everyone is everyone’s so fine with that or they some people will say I could do with fitness.

[00:20:29] No I mean there’s so many people that have so many barriers to it and just aren’t willing to make their change. It’s literally your body is 90 percent made in the kitchen. There’s no getting around it. You can trade with me every day of the week. But if you’re not changing your diet you’re really not going to see changes. You’re not going to feel changes. You’re still going to have low energy levels. Your body is not going to be Naresh. So you have to be willing to make those changes and you have to commit to them. So my first exercise before I leave from work with anyone is to write down a list of whys and why nots and what I mean is why they’re going to work out what their goal is will set SMART goals and then why not. What are your barriers. What is stopping you. Is it the cookies. Is it your husband putting the chips in the house. Is that what do we need to remove. What is going to your wives have to be stronger. Why not. Otherwise you’re not going to stick to it. And there is no getting around it. It’s just you have to have a strong enough why and it’s making them realize you don’t have to go. What I’m saying Dyer I’m not saying diet like 30 days 12 weeks. It’s new nutrition as a whole. And it’s not 100 percent clean because you’re not going to stick to it it’s just finding a balance finding what works for them finding what they’re going to give up what they’re not going to give up and then making it and around that then you can set realistic goals. If I know they’re going to only do like 80 percent change in nutrition then I’m going to tell them I get your goals aren’t realistic. Let’s set realistic goals based around what you’re able to do. So I think setting those realistic starting points to begin with are key.

[00:21:58] And so I would imagine then once you’ve once you’ve convinced people of the reasons why they should change their nutrition and if they listen to you and make all those changes they’re going to see so many changes in their life not just simply their fitness.

[00:22:12] Absolutely. They definitely do. Because it’s not just having a look like looking better.

[00:22:17] That’s just a by-product. It’s feeling better at having more energy to play with your kids and your husband or wife having energy to get up and go to work having energy to want to go to the gym in the morning Rajan. Oh my God I’ve got to crawl out that I really don’t feel like it seeing clearer skin feeling more balance hormones maybe you got a better sex drive. There’s so many knock on factors too.

[00:22:36] You know they’re going to probably take less medication and so on as well.

[00:22:40] Exactly. And especially here where a medication is so expensive. So being able to reduce dementia taking is definitely an amazing side effect but only obviously that’s not something I can recommend. That’s definitely in the doctors and not on my side of things.

[00:22:56] And you know obviously we’re on on a podcast here and you’ve got your own podcast you started recently.

[00:23:01] I have a half I glamour and gains that came about because I’ve had my blog for a long time fitness by Eve. It was before that was Angel v devil. And I’ve had readers follow me from beginning on one of them emailed me saying she was now visually impaired and could no longer read the blog could I put it in audio format. And my initial thought is that well that’s really easy to do I can run through it run it through an app and you know just trance transcribe the text to audio but it just it’s not going to sound like me. It’s not going to have the same interaction and intonations I would have. Why don’t I create a podcast. Everyone else is staring at us and that’s a great a great fun. All right let’s put it on there I come from I can cross promote beauty and fitness and fashion and entrepreneurism and link it to Dawes custom cosmetics and gift the same content that make it so people can listen to it as well as read. Because to be fair I don’t think many people are reading anymore anyway or they don’t you know we skim read but we don’t sit down and read articles. So having it like I know I listen to podcasts in the car all Wasser I’m getting ready. So I made them all less than 15 minutes. So women can listen to it while they are doing the makeup or cleaning the teeth or making their breakfast or in the car on their commute. So it fits into their life rather than taking time away from their life because that’s to say none of us are gaining more hours in the day and we just keep adding to what we’re doing. So wanted to make it very easy to listen to and very actionable like yours. That’s what I love about your show. It’s all action tips and stories. It’s not just generic advice it’s an actual action tips. So this was I’m going to give you three to five take. In every single episode that you can implement now said that was my goal behind creating that.

[00:24:44] And do you interview people I mean what would you do in the show.

[00:24:48] I do. Initially I’m only seven episodes in. It was me. And now I’ve been reaching out to different companies and business says hair professionals makeup professionals. I’ve worked with so I know their work and business owners to get their own perks. I think it’s interesting to have all these different ideas and tips from different people because they’re teaching me things I didn’t know either. So it’s a really good knowledge base.

[00:25:11] And how does the UK accent go down.

[00:25:14] I think Americans seem to love her. They’re like oh whatever you say we we just we believe we lap it up because it sounds so you sound so trustworthy and posh.

[00:25:24] So I’m like well if that works I’m going to hang on to my English accent.

[00:25:28] He thinks it’s funny from my side here in the Knesset.

[00:25:32] I know I’m not denigrating nest eggs and talked about as posh as nose.

[00:25:38] No it’s not it’s not the typical Essex accent though to be fair Lowry trans-Atlantic now as well a mix of Australian American English.

[00:25:49] No one knows what it is and it is another story you told me before about when you read the MF. That really spoke to you when you read that book.

[00:25:59] Oh my gosh I read that Wasser was on vacation and it was just before I was starting my company I kind of got everything in place but I was going back and that’s when I was kicking off it fired me up like nothing else. Don’t get me wrong it was scary but I think as business owners we like to be scared right because it means we’re growing and we’ve got a new challenge coming on and we love a challenge because it’s just I don’t think about it if you’re not growing you’re dying. I want my ballet teachers taught me that very early on some growth has always been really important to me that it’s not a destination it’s a journey.

[00:26:29] I’m sorry if that sounds so cliché but I’m just such a big believer in that.

[00:26:34] It’s so good to get this information. Before I started because I can imagine how awful whelming it be to read this book like he’s got a love his case studies in there after you’ve already started your company and your year’s end and you’re trying to figure out some what it really might take away from that was to really structure your business to have a really comprehensive thorough step by step manual for training your team so that were you’re always able to offer the same results the same customer service the same products whoever’s creating them while still giving your team creative freedom because no must be stuck in a box with no creative freedom they need room to grow they need room to show their personality especially in a creative industry like the cosmetic world and beauty world and having an open door policy where they can keep coming to me with their feedback so we can all continue to grow and improve as individuals and as a company. So this year from day one every thing I was doing I was writing down as a step whether it was the ordering process for our product how it was like measuring when we needed to order where we were ordering from every little step to calibrating and formulating and all the chemistry to every single product so that when so on orders. So when you have your customer lipstick created I write down the formula. It goes on your profile online and you can just click can we order. You never have to go through that customization process again but if that’s not written down they’re not going to get the same colour again since it looks like they’re just gonna mix and there’s hope for the best. Are you know a lot of manufacturers they’ll change lots where they’re manufacturing and then you’re getting a different colour even though it says it’s the same name. So this way just keeps it really consistent. So that’s probably my top tip if you’re starting a business or if you already have one go through it’s time consuming every single process step by step write it down it’s in a manual so then every time you train someone you’re going to give them a case so that not everyone could be doing everything like you are as a business owner and you start delegating but each person gets so things so it’s really really clear there’s no miscommunication and that’s that’s what I love about the email.

[00:28:33] I got a lot of good tips I got out of it and was that were you always in a habit of reading books or how did that come about.

[00:28:40] No I mean I did English literature when I did ballet and Art College I think that put me off books for a long time actually because you know I analyzed them and I got in to books probably. I’m not saying books like fiction I’m talking educational books growing entrepreneurism stock markets probably five years ago and then podcast I didn’t get honest I was like I don’t get it why are you listening to people talk I was like talk radio you know grandparents do that. And when I started listening last year it just clicked my oh my God there’s so much value bombs in this and golden nuggets I can take away and this is this a free masterclasses with the best business people in the world I can I can shape my book I don’t need to go to business school to do this I mean I did business and courses at Santa Monica College when I was in L.A. but I’m getting so much out of this and you can take what you hear and make it work. Your business. Make it relevant. So it’s like telling someone like Cates no one could do the same diet. If you have the same basis in nutrition it’s the same for everyone. You just tweak it to make it work for you.

[00:29:48] And which podcasts have you found particularly useful for your business.

[00:29:52] Besides you suck at that. No I love it because it teaches the customer service and without customers you don’t have a business. I’ve heard so many people say Oh my God I’ve lost my job if it wasn’t for the customers you wouldn’t have a business customers and relationships are the core of any business that good relationships with your centres with your customers with your team. So a whole relationship and networking is what people say they don’t like networking events but you have to like networking that’s part of your job as a business owner to go out there and meet people. And then I love entrepreneurs on fire. That gets me so fired up and that’s how I built this. Because again you get to really I think it’s really inspiring especially for people. You know everyone’s got different backgrounds so no you don’t have to come from money to start. You don’t have to come from a certain area. Anyone can do this as anyone with a passion with discipline and who’s not afraid to take risks can do this. So that was my family’s three favourite podcasts. I listened to all the time.

[00:30:53] And as far as you mentioned before that your clients are not just in the US there they see in many other countries. Is there. Is it mostly Euro or is it quite sort of international spread is mainly U.S. East Coast West Coast.

[00:31:07] I don’t see much of middle America but East Coast West Coast seems to be where most of my clients are. And is there any UK clients there are they it’s harder to do because of the time difference we make it work.

[00:31:20] And as so many good trainers there as well. So if there’s an issue with time difference I have a lot of trainers over there I can personally endorse and recommend because I’ve worked with them and know them.

[00:31:32] So where would you like your business to be in say five 10 years.

[00:31:36] I would say at the moment I’m working on scaling up because I think as a business you have to be able to scale and I can’t make everything by hand and my team can’t all the time. So I would love to be have a custom lipstick bar in Harrods Selfridges Fortnum and Mason because that’s my heritage. I’m from England that I now like the pinnacle of the stores in England. They’re people from all over the world go to and to be able to offer that customer service to the luxury clientele there and just everyone because it’s affordable to everyone’s for gifts especially. Oh my God. You’ve commissioned me like the Christmas horse that is custom blending for people. I think it’ll be such a great thing and it’s not in England so to be first to market there would be. That’s my goal is to be in those stores.

[00:32:20] Fantastic. We just tell me what your general views about exceeding expectations.

[00:32:25] Is this the wow factor. It’s not a satisfactory factor because that’s not memorable and for me I’m creating experiences. So it has to be memorable. I have to listen I have to respond. I want it to be fun for them I want it to be fabulous. I want to make it seamless so they can relax. But Shauna wedding day. Stressed out enough as it is that you want to have come in. How do you make up done. No gonna look amazing to be able to offer amazing gifts and then was a fitness science just to make people feel amazing from the inside out for and that’s to be their new lifestyle to change their life which you have the power to do as a trainer. You can change someone’s life and get rid of so many medical issues.

[00:33:03] Well if people want to find out more about you age whether they go to everywhere it’s easy.

[00:33:10] I keep the same thing for most things so for Instagram or Facebook it’s going to be at ease. Dawes and then my web sites are Dawes customer cosmetics Dawe s not like Windows and Doors. Spell Wilhelm it differently or fitness by Eve dot com depending if you’re looking for cosmetics and gifts or if you’re looking for fitness and there’s tons of free information on the fitness blog because I believe in making it accessible to all whether you can afford a trainer or not. This way you’re getting free information it doesn’t cost anything and your podcast was glamour by gains was a glamour and gains and gains.

[00:33:45] Okay so just use a fit before we finish you were talking before about you it is a quote you particularly love.

[00:33:50] Yeah. It was today’s greatest labour is tomorrow’s greatest time saving device. Why I love that is because it doesn’t let you procrastinate. It’s like I have my to do list. I get it done as soon as it’s on the list I’m doing it I check it off and move on because you never know what’s going to be around the corner tomorrow. My RSS feed to validate my podcast was down. If I hadn’t done all my tasks for the day there’s no way I would have that spare time to be able to work on fixing that or if that’s an event that comes up last minute and I can just drop everything and go I went to St. Jude’s WINE WOMEN IN shoes event on Sunday because I’d already done everything I had that time. So once I read about just cracking on the thing about this car is it was a my mother knows well my sister’s mother in law’s bathroom growing up as a kid. Listen listen. Is this an age gap. My sister and I. And that was literally instilled in me for a child. That’s what how I saw it. That’s why I took and that’s that I was living my life and then someone asked me if my favourite quote the other day and I came up with this and I was looking for the person who was said by I could not find this quote anywhere online.

[00:34:59] The only person who’s coming up by is by Eve Dawes was coming up. Oh okay. I finally got down to the root of it. Now the original quotes by Winston Churchill I remember exactly what it is but it was the exact opposite basically to just how to live your life and drop put it off tomorrow. It was weird how my mind even as a child had taken on that first quote I made it my own and just gone in that direction. I’m kind of glad I did read it back to front because I don’t want to be lazy and also smart.

[00:35:30] Well it’s been a pleasure speaking of you and best of luck for your business in the future.

[00:35:35] Thank you so much was wonderful talking to you. I really appreciate you having me on your show.

[00:35:45] Next week Episode 42 is with Jason Wasser. He’s a licenced therapist and certified entrepreneurial coach. He believes that once you always provide way more value than the customers received. He is the owner of the family room wellness Associates which is a mind body practice to integrates therapy coaching nutrition and arms and chiropractic as well. He tells them some quite interesting stories and so we’re going to hear a lot more about Jason in next week’s episode. Please do leave a review please do share the podcast with anyone who you think might get value out of it and hope you have a great week.

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