EE061 – Trish Springsteen

Tony Winyard – Health, Breathing, Sleeping, Mindset & Movement Coach

Trish is a public speaking coach, mentor and author and helping to empower introverts.

She loves helping people find their message and share it with others and she makes it easier for people to do so whether that be using the spoken word or the written word.

Some of the topics discussed:

  • An advocate for people who have dealt with suicide
  • Advocate for breast cancer
  • Author and contributing author to 15 books
  • Mentoring
  • What people struggle with most when writing a book
  • Why she loves the words: “Repurpose and leverage”
  • “When you believe in yourself, wow the journey really takes off”
  • By not sharing your message you’re being selfish!


2018  Winner BPW Northlakes Bright Training & Employment Partners Inspirational Woman Award
2018 & 2016 Small Business Champion Awards – Finalist Education & Training Category
2016 Women World Award Gold Winner – Woman of the Year- Mentor or Coach
2016 Women World Award Bronze Winner – Female Entrepreneur of the Year
2016 Awarded Top 50 Public Speaking Blog
2015 Edupreneur Award Winner – Professional Speaking Category


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Tony Winyard 0:00
Exceeding expectations Episode 61. Are you struggling to write a book or maybe you’d like to speak more in public? Or maybe you’re just an introvert and you’re not quite sure you’d like to have some more help with mentoring and some other things. This week’s guest is Trish Springsteen. She empowers introverts, she helps people to speak better to write, and many other things work. So that’s this week’s episode episode with Trish Springsteen. And if you do like this with this week’s episode, why not share it with someone you feel may get some value from it. If you know someone who is maybe struggling to write their book who would like to speak more in public, this episode may have some great value for them. And do leave a review for us on iTunes that really helps to spread the word so more people do find out about the podcast. Hope you enjoyed this week’s episode with Trish spring.

So here we are for another edition of exceeding expectations. And my guest today is Trish Springsteen. How are you Trish?

Trish Springsteen 1:15
Absolutely. delightfully Awesome. Thank you.

Tony Winyard 1:17
And you’re in Queensland in Australia?

Trish Springsteen 1:22
That’s correct. Yes, I am.

Tony Winyard 1:25
I imagine it must be quite late for you at the moment then.

Trish Springsteen 1:29
Right now it’s nine just after 9pm in the evening.

Tony Winyard 1:34
And I’m as it being a warm day where you are today.

Trish Springsteen 1:38
Today. Yes, we talked to I believe, just below 30 about 2829 and it’s looking to be over 30 degrees. That’s centigrade.

Tony Winyard 1:47
Our UK listeners are gonna love that because it’s pouring down of rain and not particularly warm here. And so

Trish Springsteen 1:56
I have been to UK a couple of times. I know what the weather is like at this time of year over there!

Tony Winyard 2:02
No one comes to the UK for the weather.

Trish Springsteen 2:06
It’s a beautiful country.

Tony Winyard 2:09
Yeah, we, we have many other things going for us but weather is not one of them. So, Trish, let’s find out a bit more about you. So you do a number of things; tell our listeners about what it is that you do, what you specialise in and how it all came about.

Trish Springsteen 2:26
Yes, my passion is really helping you to have the confidence and self belief to make speaking easy. And the reason I’m passionate about that is speaking underpins everything that you do. If you get good speaking skills, then you get the confidence to be able to step up and do whatever you’d like. And then the skills that you learn on your speaking journey are completely transferable to whatever business or work that you’re in. Taking that a step further, I’m work with my businesses and introverts authors and advocates, helping them to get known be saying the one thing we all need. And whatever whoever we are, whether we’re online business, or offline bricks and mortar, whether we have a book, an app, or a service, we all need clients. So the problem is we make it hard for our clients to find us. So my passion as a creative business consultant is to work with my clients to help them make it easy for their clients to find them. And that’s what I love doing.

Tony Winyard 3:34
And so how did this all come about? What got you into that in the first place?

Trish Springsteen 3:38
Well, it was really amazed those people who I say in the Jurassic period when aeons ago when I left high school, anybody who knew me then and know me now wouldn’t be slightly rolling around on the floor, because when I left high school, I was very shy. And an introvert. I am not so shy now, but I Still an introvert. And it took me a long time before I realised that there was a lot of opportunities I was missing. Because I didn’t want to speak, I didn’t want to put myself out there. My concept of I went into the travel industry, my first Lyft. And my concept of networking for travel was to, I’d go to a network meeting and I’d find the tallest pot plant, the nearest exit the clock, I would time 10 minutes standing behind the potluck, and then I was out the door wasn’t doing too much my networking, but it was very good for my own calm. I felt quite comfortable that I didn’t want to speak to anybody. So I spent, I’ve worked a lot in male dominated industries, and I did okay, I’ve done all that in my business and my work career, but I just really if I could delegate any speaking, I didn’t really want to do that. Until full overview about 2025 years ago, I found a mentor. And I got involved with a group that was mentoring and speaking. And I found I liked it. I found it like speaking. And I found I liked doing training. And the reason I liked it was because I found that I was able to share message with people and found that people were able to take things away from what I said. So that’s what led me into honing my speaking skills which led me into my business. And basically, along the way, there been a few life incidences which has really helped to solidify my passion of speaking in that area.

Tony Winyard 5:48
And so who generally are you working with what types of people are you working with?

Trish Springsteen 5:52
Well, being an introvert myself, and knowing how a companion to that speaker how to harness my energy To be able to get up there and speak to be able to actually go into network meetings now make conversation with people. So one of my passions is working with introverts and Australia’s leading expert in empowering introverts. So my passion is helping to empower introverts to know that they could do what I can do. I also work with advocates, because I am an advocate, as I mentioned, advocate, because of the way we lost our son, we lost our son to suicide in 2007. And so I’m an advocate for those people who’ve been left behind. I have just finished my fabulous post breast cancer. So I’m an advocate for breast cancer screening and for that area. So I work with advocates, because I know what it’s like to have a passion to have an emotional message and want to be able to get up and share that concisely, coherently and competently. And then I work with authors because currently I had been a, I’m an author. I’ve been a co author contributing author and author to 15 books. And I’ve got two or three more coming out. So I know what it’s like to write books. And I, when I first wrote my first book about 1012 years ago, made all the mistakes under the sun. So I know what it’s like to have that legacy, the one or two books and then have it all sitting around on shelves and not knowing what to do. And then of course, I work with businesses as well.

Tony Winyard 7:29
And will and before we started recording, I mean, you you were telling me about how before you didn’t feel that you could write and so do you want to tell us a little bit more about that?

Trish Springsteen 7:37
Oh, he’s like when I first started my business, my pen business partner. We did blogs, and we wrote articles that I felt that it was her area to do the blogs and I wrote some blogs and that master writing and I did all the people and connecting with people. And to about five years ago, we split the I’m a complete, and I took the business in a different direction. And suddenly I found I had, oh, I’ve got to do the blogs. I’ve got to write articles. And I suddenly realised, oh, I have to do that. So I stepped up and did that. And that was my mindset. I didn’t think I could write. And then for some reason, because I was in a couple of groups, someone who was facilitating a contributing book in America said, Would you do a chapter for us in a book that for entrepreneurs and business, and I sort of my first reaction was no, I don’t write, I can’t do that. And then that is how you should Can you got expertise, you can do it. I thought, well, the books coming out in America, I’ll contribute a chapter. If it’s no good. No one’s gonna know here. This is so Okay, I’ll do it. And that was about four years ago. So in the last four years 12 of my books I have become quite prolific in writing a facilitated a couple of books. I’m facilitating another one that’s coming out soon. And I guess the byproduct of that is my sound. I love to write. The second byproduct of that is I found that you need to open your mindset. I had this mindset I couldn’t write. And when I broke through that, I found Yes, I can. And I can contribute a lot more and reach a lot more people with my writing. So I have a very big passion about working with authors now because of that, I feel that everybody has a book within within them that they’ve got to leave a legacy because, you know, look, we can get business cards out, we can give information out, we can talk to people, that if you’ve got a book that you give, it does something for your credibility, but more important, it’s a legacy, whether the book is for your business message or the book is for you as a personal memoir, is storey or biography or just something that you need to get out. I’ve never known before I just have a book out, really, it just stays that it may get passed around. It might sit on a shelf, but the book is always there. And so I think it’s if you get through that, you can write it. I work with authors and I say, look, you, people say, Oh, I can’t write 500 words a day, for 30 days will give you a reasonable sized book. And that feeling when you break it down into chunks like that. You find that you’ve actually got your book there before you even realise it.

Tony Winyard 10:32
Would when people are really struggling, maybe they’ve they’ve decided they do want to write a book, but what would you say most people really struggle with in those early stages.

Trish Springsteen 10:43
They struggle with a The first thing is who might have bought a book. I don’t have a storey. When they get over that and then they struggle with the fact that they’ve actually got to put pen to paper or writer on the computer. They’ve got to get the word out there. And for some of them, they look at it as a big thing. Oh, he’s a book and I’ve got to get so many pages and that done. And that’s why I say if you just start small and just start 500 words a day, which is about half an hour now, and don’t try and collect just opened up and write down what comes to your mind, and just let it go and flow and then you can edit it. That’s what editors have for them really great. They can put all the grammar in, you can go back and put it but if you try and write it and you want to put four stops, you want to put words and sentences, you’re going to impede the flow of creativity. For me, I found that if I write as I speak, and now I see it as it’s just speaking onto paper onto words.

Tony Winyard 11:50
And so do you. Do you think people will worry about the structure and I’m not sure how to structure the whole thing and

Trish Springsteen 11:57
a lot of them get hold up on the structure and have a planet and there’s a lot of book coaches out there. And some of them will take you through how to plan it and write down what you want to do in your chapters. And that, basically, I just want to say to myself, Oh, Give It Thought brainstorm what you want to say, if it’s your expertise, you’re gonna, you know, you can break it out into some points, those points may or may not become your chapters, and then just start writing. Just start and let it come. Now for those who are still not too sure about writing. It’s really awesome nowadays, because you can actually speak it and transcribe and some people, it’s easy for them to speak. One of the people that I did a facilitated a book called touch by suicide. And we invited 20 authors to come in and share their storey, how they in whichever way they’ve been touched by it. And one of the ladies of God really want to share my storey that I don’t want to ride it, I can’t. So I hadn’t come in and we I sat down with her just asked her some questions. And we sit the word to be able to transcribe and recorded and transcribed as she answered the questions. And then I just fixed it all up and put her chapter in and there was her chapter, which if he had lived that barrier of I can’t write it would have stopped her sharing a fantastic storey in the book. So there are ways you can talk, you can dictate, you can just start writing. That’s the best thing is just stop and then fix it up later.

Tony Winyard 13:32
So I imagined like that. I mean, that lady you just mentioned any example. I mean, she must have been amazed that she did contributed but when she thought she couldn’t do anything like that.

Trish Springsteen 13:40
Absolutely. I think this is where some of our mindsets stop us from taking opportunities where they come from. I’m not a big person, about being prepared to grab an opportunity when it comes your way. And that’s what I’m passionate about speaking to. I’m passionate about working with people to help them find why is to make it easy for people to find them. Now for this lady, if we hadn’t sat down and looked at it, I said, Look, guys come and I’ll interview and we’ll do it this way, which she hadn’t thought about. She would not have been able to lead this legacy. It was about a chapter in her life that was really important for her. So it’s looking for outside the box, and then looking for different ways of being able to do something. And one of my to my favourite word’s is repurpose and leverage. Because when I talked to people about getting outside the box, making opportunities, and then they send up, I didn’t want to have content overload. You want me to do all this content and be that and I said, It repurpose and leverage. If you’ve got a book, then you’ve got all the content you need to leverage that into social media posts, blogs, articles, videos, everything. So it’s looking outside of what content you have, and how you can leverage it. If you’ve been writing a blog for a while they should book you can take your check blog chapters and mega book. If you’ve been doing videos or podcasts, the transcriptions from your podcast could become your book. So it’s not all about just, I’ve got to write down a storey is looking about what you’ve got in you your content, what you’ve got there, and how you can leverage that into a book for yourself, or vice versa.

Tony Winyard 15:27
And so does the people you help with speaking did the fears and the limiting beliefs they have on a similar to the authors or is it very different?

Trish Springsteen 15:38
There is a similar idea because a lot of the lot of people if you ask them to speak or they want to get up and speak, the first thing I’ll say is, look, I don’t want to got a fear of speaking. And there’s a common quote about the fear of speaking is on the higher than the fear of death. And the base and that is it’s mostly because it’s a fear of unknown Not knowing how to do what’s going to happen, where to start how to structure it. But a lot of it is the same mindset that authors have, which is, who am I to speak? No one’s going to listen to me. by peers, they’re going to find out that maybe I’m an imposter. And maybe I don’t know everything. They’re going to judge me so I better not get up and do it. There’s all of those little mindsets that go in. And so when you understand where that fears coming from, you can work on changing your mindset because the only person has absolute control over you, is you, you’re the only one that can change your attitude, your responses, and your mindset and it’s a matter of finding it. And then what I call having 60 seconds of insane courage to get up and believing in yourself when you believe in yourself. You believe in your message. That is extremely empowering. And I guess it’s one of the reasons why one of my other little sayings is I believe in you until you believe in yourself. Because when you believe in yourself, wow, the journey just takes off.

Tony Winyard 17:13
So when when someone does get through those limiting beliefs and the imposter syndrome, and they do suddenly to start believing in themselves, I mean, what are your favourites given any examples of how that has completely changed someone or?

Trish Springsteen 17:28
Well, it changed my life because I would never be a speaker certainly changed mine because as an introvert and that belief in myself, which was pretty hard one led me to have that confidence to say, Well, I do have a message I do want to step up. But there’s a lot of people that I work with, who, when I start with them, they’re just absolutely not wanting to speak that. The Fray they’re not sure what to say. And then by the time we finished working together, I just love it when I see them. going out there and stepping up in a meeting and speaking and sharing their message. It’s just awesome to see them do that and I work with them. One person had that one of my clients that I worked with, had a book that she’d written. But she was extremely stiff. She didn’t quite know how to share that message. And it was brilliant to see her go from being unsure of what she was saying to six months later as a time and then 12 months later, she completely will access she does videos, she steps up on Facebook Live, she is out there speaking and she has the confidence that she now is changing her direction of her that she’s written another book. And now she’s speaking about that and she’s now doing a business helping others to help write books. And I guess that’s my passion and what I love. What I love, what i doing is seeing the change in people from not knowing what to do. Being lied to taking that belief, to stepping up and then owning and being genuine, and deciding they’re not being selfish. Because I say to a lot of people, if you let your fear stop you, then you actually being selfish, because that means that you may not be sharing a message that one person if only one person hearing you takes on board a few words or paragraph or something that you’ve said, that could change their lives. If you let your fear. You let your mindset stop you from doing that, then that could be stopping them from growing. So don’t be selfish that 60 seconds of insane courage and just step up. Are you ever going to be over your nerves now you’re probably never going to be and that’s good because nervous energy is what you need to connect, but you will get comfortable and as you grow into your belief in yourself, you will get confident when you do that

Tony Winyard 19:59
and reframing it Like that it’s there. You know, it’s been selfish by not sharing a message, I guess was for many people that must. They’ve never thought about it in that way before and it must change the whole. You know,

Trish Springsteen 20:10
it does because it’s never about you. It really isn’t. Whether it’s speaking, whether it’s writing your book, whether it’s doing a training workshop, whether it’s taking the courage to open a business, it’s really not about you. It’s about the people that you connect with the people’s lives that change the people who need to see your product. We do have your book, see, use your service, walk through your doors and your business. It’s about

Tony Winyard 20:41
this, I mean, I’ve saw I’m sure I read an article somewhere and I’m he was he was basically saying something along the lines of that many well known speakers and a extremely influential, influential speakers and also many of some of the best comedians are introverts. And yet the general perception by many people seem to Be the introverts aren’t able to do things like that.

Trish Springsteen 21:03
I actually think introverts make great, awesome speakers. And one of the things I saw, let’s say, there’s introverts and extroverts. Now, I’m not a person I hate labelling people. So there’s no absolutes in all of that. Some people can be both introvert and extrovert, but the really the difference between them isn’t it’s where you go to recharge. So you’re not necessarily shy if an introvert and you’re not an that, but it’s an introvert if you need to go and be by yourself to get your energy recharged, if that’s what you feel happiest. That makes you an introvert. extroverts, you put them in an empty room, they will go bonkers. They need to have people around them to recharge them. So when you know that then you know where you are with your energy. Now, the amazing thing is, as you said, introverts make great speakers, because they’re very focused. They’re very structured. They want to make sure that the message gets across because they want to get up there, deliver the message, and then step down. And that when they do get up there and delivered, they, and they have that courage that because the biggest thing of an introvert is getting the head that 60 seconds of insane courage to believe in themselves and to come out from behind that were behind that computer. But when they do, they very genuine and they share their message because of that energy, the problem of extroverts, they’ve got no problems getting up and speaking, but they waffle. They’ve got so much inflammation, that they lose that structure they overpower and they often over deliver and people are left not quite sure what the message is. So with extroverts when I work with them, I’ve got to bring them down and structure it and stop them from over sharing and dipping back a bit. So interprets Step into that a lot easy. And they do surprise me when I talked to those that you actually make fantastic speakers. They’re all about other people.

Tony Winyard 23:10
So where do you see your business and and how you help people? Where do you see that going in the next few years?

Trish Springsteen 23:17
Well, I hope to be still around on going to be still around helping people to actually make it easy for their clients to find them. My passion is working with people to see them grow and blossom, to see them walk into what I call their uniqueness. A lot of things that stop people and this is one of my big passions and why I do what I do is because people think, well, there’s a lot of business coaches out there. There’s a lot of life coaches, there’s lots of people selling nutrition, there’s lots of people who have got books, why should I be doing that? You know, how people get to know me, and my my thing is fostering those people to accept their uniqueness every single person in this world is different, every single person is unique. And if I can be working still have people bringing out that uniqueness that they have that courage to share their message, then I’m going to be enjoying my life and what I’m doing for a few more years yet. And I’ve been to also speaking on other stages speaking and more podcasts like this, so people that I can reach people and have them make it easier to find me as well.

Tony Winyard 24:30
And do you think that you know, I mean, technology is obviously changing all the time and now with the new you know, with artificial intelligence and all the sort of new things that are coming in now, do you think it would change things much in what you do and and, and people who maybe are unable to fulfil their unable to speak or write a book or whatever?

Trish Springsteen 24:48
It’s an interesting question. It’s one that I’ve been speaking to a lot with a few cultures around about where artificial intelligence is going to take us and then along here, there’s a lot of people out there who Hear that? And I think, wow, there’s a variety of difference. Differences in artificial intelligence. It goes from things like being able to help you to write your book, being able to speak and have it transcribed for you. That’s a sort of one little aspect of artificial intelligence because it’s working for you to win. There’s people worried about robotics, robots taking jobs away. And I think it’s a matter of looking at it from a different perspective. I don’t think it’s going to stop you from speaking in fact, you know, how will we help you speak on more stages because holograms are something I think fantastic, I could be able to have a hologram and be appear on a conference way across the world and share my message even more. So that is going to be helpful for the coaching, the artificial intelligence, there’s been a lot of studies done, that they actually that can help connect People with questions with being able to help people to answer questions because they’re not being a human being people are more, more able to answer questions that they may not answer and connect with the human coach. However, that can only take him so far. I don’t believe that artificial intelligence will be able to take on the empathy. And the human aspect that we as coaches and speakers still have is that empathy that that human aspect and that is something that we need to be enhancing, because that’s the school I don’t think that artificial intelligence will take away from us. So it’s a matter of looking for the more human connection businesses that were going into and enhancing your humanity and your empathy. So I think we can work I don’t have that fear of artificial intelligence. I think it can help you but I don’t think it’s going to give a stop you from being able To have those human human humanity that we’ve got that will make that connection.

Tony Winyard 27:06
So if there’s someone that’s listening to this now and then maybe they’re working nine to five, and they’ve always maybe dreamt of one day, if you know things were perfect, they’d like to write a book or to speak on stage or whatever. What would you advise them as a first step? What What could they do?

Trish Springsteen 27:26
biggest things I can do is I believe in yourself. Don’t procrastinate. You do not have to be perfect. The second thing that I think you need to do is, is get a mentor. Have a mentor that will help you surround yourself with people that will support you that will give you honest constructive feedback, not destructive criticism, but honest, constructive feedback that will support you and a good mentor will do that and just have the courage to step up and do it. Believe in yourself and have that courage, open your heart out and do it. And if you get the mentoring and the skills, get some good speaking skills, get a good mentor. Surround yourself with people who will give you that feedback, and push yourself outside your comfort zone. It’s really great in that comfort zone, that we said that if we don’t push, we can become complacent. So mentor and people who surround you who are going to challenge you will always move you forward. And the other thing is, if it doesn’t work out the first time if your first book doesn’t work so well, or your first attempt at writing and you think I can’t do it, or you get up and speak and if it doesn’t work, you can only talk for a couple of seconds. You know up there is no such thing as failure. You look behind to learn and then you move forward and take those lessons to grow. And that’s what keep going don’t procrastinate. Never stop get a mentor. Have a People that will give you honest constructive feedback and challenge you to move forward. And most importantly, remember you are unique. You have a storey to share and be yourself a general genuine and open up your heart.

Tony Winyard 29:18
What are your general thoughts on exceeded expectations? Trish?

Trish Springsteen 29:22
I like to always exceed expectations. And that’s why I say move outside your comfort zone. I set the bar high and there’s that old quote that if you think it’s shoot for the stars and you hit the middle shoot for the moon for for the stars, I always mess up quotes. But what what it is to me is if you work, aim high, then you may not quite reach that, but boy you do certainly go do great things. So set your expectations high. My caveat to that make sure that you do put into place personal growth. education training step give yourself the best possible foundation to leap from. And that’s why I love mentoring. That’s why I love always growing and challenging yourself. If you aim too low, you’re never going to push yourself as house you need. As I said, I’m in hot. Yeah, you might not always get there. But boy, it’s going to be fun on the journey. And the lessons you learn will just help you aim higher. So exceed your expectations go for it people.

Tony Winyard 30:33
So if people want to find out more about you and what you do, and maybe how you can help them wherever they go to Jewish,

Trish Springsteen 30:39
and my website is Trish Springsteen, that’s and you can find everything you need my blogs there, my mentoring, there’s a free 10 tips for public speaking you can download, you can contact me through there as well. Of course, me on Facebook and on LinkedIn just put Springsteen. I’m the purple lady.

Tony Winyard 31:06
The purple lady,

Trish Springsteen 31:08
I absolutely adore purple. I celebrate my uniqueness that I stand out.

Tony Winyard 31:14
Right. Okay. I’m one of the things that’s come into my mind I get Yeah. Well, you have your username Springsteen and how common Bruce is in Australia. Yeah, I imagine I imagine you must get ripped about that occasionally.

Trish Springsteen 31:26
Absolutely. He’s a very distant relative of my husband’s

family so

he doesn’t know us. But you know what the really, really awesome is watch nine though. his partner’s name is Patricia, sir.

Tony Winyard 31:45
Okay, yeah. So just before before we finish Trish, you mentioned a quotation that you quite like,

Trish Springsteen 31:53
yes. This actually spoke a lot to me and the times that I was getting my confidence and growing into my awesomeness: “Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage. Just literally 20 seconds of embarrassing bravery. And I promise you something great will come of it”. That’s Benjamin Mee from the movie, “We bought a zoo”. And that really resonated so much with me. And that’s why I’ve taken my 60 seconds of insane courage, because I think we need another 40 seconds 20 seconds to get up on the stage. And then 40 seconds to breathe, open your mouth and connect. But that’s the quote really resonates with me because I absolutely believe that if you do that, I’ve seen awesome things I’ve seen people take the 60 seconds to say that first speech and then sit down and think my god I did it. I’ve seen people do their first book and the wonder and joy when they first get that book in their hands is awesome and it all came from 60 seconds of insane courage which came from that quote.

Tony Winyard 33:06
Excellent. Well Trish has been a pleasure speaking of you and best of luck for everything that you do.

Trish Springsteen 33:11
Absolutely. I’d love to connect again. Thank you so much for having the opportunity to share my passion with everybody.

Tony Winyard 33:19
Thank you Trish.

Next week Episode 62 is with Rob Braiman. Rope helps business owners improve their quality of life, grow their business, improve family relationships and dynamics. That’s a next week’s episode with Rob Braiman. Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s episode episode with Trish Springsteen if you know someone who may get some value from it, maybe you know someone who is an introvert and wants to speak more to you know, to some public speaking or, or someone who’s struggling with their book and need some some help with some advice some of the information that Trish shared maybe of use to them. Do leave a review for us on iTunes or any of the other podcast platforms and hope you have a fantastic week and see you next week.

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360 Degrees to Healthspan: A Proactive Perspective-episode 250

Tony Winyard

In this grand finale episode, host Tony Winyard is interviewed by talented Helena Holrick as they nostalgically reflect on the podcast’s 6-year journey and give an exclusive sneak peek into Tony’s health-focused rebrand and upcoming podcast. This heartwarming celebration overflows with captivating conversations guaranteed to leave you feeling informed, inspired, and eager for what’s next.

Mapping Your Wellness Journey: Navigating Health from the Inside Out with Izabella Natrins episode 249

Izabella Natrins

Get motivated by a trailblazing leader as the CEO of the UK and International Health Coaching Association, Izabella Natrins shares the visionary white paper “Towards a Healthier, Happier Britain” – revealing how integrating health coaching into public health can empower lifestyle changes that prevent chronic disease on a society-wide scale. You’ll be inspired as she draws on her personal journey from high-powered business consultant to her current mission of passionately working to enable health creation through coaching.

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