EE063 – Misti Patrella

Tony Winyard – Health, Breathing, Sleeping, Mindset & Movement Coach

Misti Patrella is a transformational coach who helps coaches and healers create and grow their practices in a way that feels right for them.

Some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • Misti’s background as an advertising exec working excessive hours
  • How Maria Forleo helped her
  • What students weren’t being taught at a school for coaches
  • Marketing and sales
  • Mastermind groups
  • Creativity
  • Why exceeding her clients expectations makes work so much fun for her

Misti’s favourite quote:

You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.’ – Steve Jobs


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Tony Winyard 0:00
Exceeding expectations Episode 63

this week’s episode is with Misti Patrella. She’s a transformational coach with a background in advertising and corporate marketing where she left just because of the excessive hours she was having to do. She became a coach and started working with people who are into spirituality and some actors and filmmakers and, and she just was able to really help them and she felt that she had a gift. There’s other things we talked about in this episode, including masterminds and creativity and, and what it means really to exceed someone’s expectations. So this is the podcast where we try to help you give a better experience to your customers to help get you better refroze more testimonials and rebook ins and recommendations and so on. If you like what you hear in this episode, it would be great if you could share it with someone who you feel may get some some good value from the content that you hear in this episode. And why not leave a review for us on one of the platforms such as iTunes that really helps to get the word out to more people. Have you enjoyed this week’s episode with Misti Patrella?

We’re here for another edition of exceeding expectations. And my guest today is Misti Patrella

Misti Patrella 1:29
I’m doing very well. Thank you. I’m doing great.

Tony Winyard 1:34
I just learned that you’re in Portland which has very similar weather to London. So I feel quite sorry for you.

Misti Patrella 1:42
Well, I’m from Ohio, and it gets like negative 20 in the winter, so this is better. Yeah. Okay. So what you grew up in Ohio? Yeah.

Tony Winyard 1:50
It’s really quite tropical compared to the Ohio. Normally Portland. Portland is quite tropical. Yes, compared to Ohio.

Misti Patrella 1:59
Quite right that is quite right.

Tony Winyard 2:03
What was it that brought you to Portland?

Misti Patrella 2:05
Um, you know, I lived in Chicago for about 10 years when I was in my corporate advertising days, and I hated the weather so much that I was looking for a new place to live. And it was too cold. Oh my gosh, it is just I mean, I love Chicago, but it’s only about warm. I mean, maybe five months, four months out of the year, the rest of it is so bloody cold. Everyone’s tired all the time. And the wind rips off that lake. I mean, your baby Jesus it is.

Tony Winyard 2:34
Oh, and how long were you in Chicago for about 10 years.

Misti Patrella 2:41
I love this city and I had so much fun living there, but it is so cold. And you gave it a good chance then? I did. I did. I tried really hard.

Tony Winyard 2:51
And so would say you came to Portland when 10 years ago.

Misti Patrella 2:54
oh no, I’ve only been in Portland for about let’s see a little over two years.

Tony Winyard 3:00
Okay, yeah. And so if for the people who are listening who you know, don’t know much about you, so what is it you’re doing now? And how did it all come about?

Misti Patrella 3:08
Oh, sure. So I’m a transformational business coach. And what that means is I help really heart centred entrepreneurs link their purpose the thing they know they’re meant to be doing in this world to actual income.

So we focus on you know, all the business foundation things like your ideal client and your offers and your marketing and your messaging and sales all in a really,

you know, because I, you know, so many people who do coaching or healing or any like really, you know, heart based service work out in the world are really good at their thing, but the business stuff can feel really scary, you know, it’s, everyone thinks it has to be done a certain way. You know, because you see movies and TV that talk about business being done a certain way and I called my self a transformational business coach because I transform the way that people look at their businesses into something that’s really aligned and something you actually love. It doesn’t have to be scary, it can be something you really enjoy doing.

Tony Winyard 4:14
And so how did it come about that you became a coach? What was it that led to that in the first place?

Misti Patrella 4:22
pain? I was in advertising and big agency advertising for about 15 years. And then I was in corporate marketing for another five or six. And, you know, at one point, my boss, not when I was in the corporate world, but when I was in the agency world, you know, I went to my boss and I said, you know, I’m working on all these projects, and I’ve got more people pulled in and I’m just letting you know that we’re having a hard time getting this all done. And there’s this agency mentality I started probably think it’s like that at Google to were like, You stay for my boss said to me, you know, Misty, there are 24 hours in a day. And I was like, Wait, how many of those are yours? And so I thought, there’s no way you don’t see a lot of older people in advertising because it’s such a brutal. I mean, people really do stay there like 16 1718 hours a day. And I just couldn’t. like God, I couldn’t see my life doing that I could not do it. I was unwilling to do it. And so I was looking for another thing that could use all of my skills. And I found coaching. I actually was at a cafe outside in LA trying to decide if I should move there or not. And I really, I looked up, you know, I’m very spiritual and not religious, but I’m very spiritual. And I looked up really into the sky and I was like universe. I don’t know what to do. Next, I need help. And within moments, I found Marie Forleo’s website, which I don’t know if you know who she is, but she’s a fairly well known coach out in the world around business. And I have never taken one of her programmes because I actually have a business degree. But I saw what she was doing. And I was like, that’s my job. And so, I went to coaching school for two years. And here we are. Now, I’ve been doing this for a little over seven years.

Tony Winyard 6:32
And so do you specialise in any particular industries?

Misti Patrella 6:36
Yeah, I mean, I do I really do tend to work with really heart centred, I say heart centred because they really do these people use their hearts to run their lives and and their businesses and so do I. So they just lines up really well. So I tend to work with other coaches, healers, energy workers, mediums, people who are really sensitive introverts, you know, fairly empathic people intuitive, all these people who are here to help in this world right now, but the business stuff just feels really scary. And I because I’m also quite spiritual. That is it’s easy for me to bring those two worlds together. It’s easy for me to help people understand that in a very sort of spiritual and heart centred and aligned way. So I take all this scary business stuff and I make it actually feel really nice and loving and of service which it absolutely can be if it’s done right.

Tony Winyard 7:37
And so is it from when you started coaching where you coach him with those types of people always kind of emerged over time?

Misti Patrella 7:44
Well, that’s a really good question because when I thought when I was in coaching school, and I went to a really intense like I said, it was a two year coaching school. So it was a real it was full time two years. And when I was in coaching school, I was like, Yes, because I’ve gone through a divorce in my own life and I thought I’m going to do women’s empowerment. This is what I’m going to. I’m so excited. And when I was in coaching school, and we were getting ready to graduate, I realised that all the people around me that were about to go out and become coaches in the world had no idea what they were getting into in terms of their business. They had no idea and our coaching school, although a wonderful school was not in the business to help people run businesses. They just taught the coaching part. So I saw all and I and I started helping people right away while I was in school. And I do actually do all the things I thought I would do, it just shows up in a different form that shows up through empowering people into their businesses so that they can empower other people.

Tony Winyard 8:56
So you started working with coaches initially?

Misti Patrella 9:00
Yeah, actually, that’s an end also artists, because I have been a professional actor in my life. And so I worked with when I very first started, I worked with filmmakers, I worked with a DJ. I worked with a lot of creative people who were starting businesses. But I find that the spiritual aspect of it the parts where I talked about, you know, doing business from your heart, and, you know, talking to the universe and manifestation and all of these things are things that are more in alignment with coaches and healers and mediums and that the way I speak about my work and bringing all of yourself to your work, not just this physical reality, but all of your spiritual self, to your work as well that all lines up with those. Those coaches and healers and energy workers that tends to be people who come to me now just because I

So into that kind of thing also.

Tony Winyard 10:02
And so the people so when you were doing working with…, well I guess you still are working with coaches sometimes and, you also mentioned about, just sort of intuitives and spiritual people and so on. Do they have quite different issues or is it often very similar things.

Misti Patrella 10:18
It’s very similar things. When people struggle in business, especially the people that I tend to work with is it tends to be around a couple of things that feel really scary, which is, you know, when you have this big, beautiful gift, how do you choose one person to target it to? And that can feel very difficult. And so we sort of peel back what an ideal client really means and what it doesn’t mean, all those fun things. And then I think, you know, messaging and marketing and sales are really scary for people because they think they have to convince people to do things. And so I transform all of that, too, because if you’re doing it right, it has nothing to do with convincing. Absolutely, yeah, it’s Just about sharing what you believe about your work. And so when we when we start to peel that back, people feel really empowered and excited to share what they’re working on.

Tony Winyard 11:10
And is there an element of I would imagine some people that you’ve just mentioned, they probably have a sort of fear around charging what they should be charging because they maybe feel they’re ripping people off?

Misti Patrella 11:23
Yeah, absolutely. That is so true. Pricing can be really, really sticky. My biggest thing about pricing is would you be willing to pay this for your thing and be excited about paying it? That’s the ultimate question. And if the answer is no, then you’re not in the right price. Or you need to do some mindset work.

Tony Winyard 11:50
And so how did they usually react when you say that?

Misti Patrella 11:54
They’re actually like, Oh, okay. A little bit better, you know, there’s this thing. There’s this thing out in the world, which, you know, helps entrepreneurs believe that they need to be charging $25,000 for a six month programme as soon as they start their business, and while for many that is in alignment, for many people that isn’t alignment, that is something they would easily do and easily pay for. For many people it isn’t. And for someone who’s never paid something like that, to charge something like that is a very difficult thing. So it just ends up people that ends up stopping people from making money instead of empowering people to learn how to make money. And you can get to that rate, I think, no problem. But forcing people into an inflated rate they’re not even comfortable talking about is going to stop people from making money. Yeah, they’ll put all of their own personal sabotage is

The system without them even knowing it. So I find for people who are scared about pricing, it’s easier to work your way up quickly. I’m not saying charge low forever, I’m just saying start somewhere. Learn how to do it and then move your way up.

Tony Winyard 13:17
So what you find is the most enjoyable aspect of what you do.

Misti Patrella 13:21
Oh my goodness, the most enjoyable aspect of what I do is when someone goes Oh, I got it. Okay. Okay, I can do that. Best Sound ever in the universe is when someone thinks they can’t. And then you’re there the moment they go, Oh my God. Yes, I can. You see the light bulb go. It is like, it is the best thing about this job in the whole universe of the world of universes. Hands down. I guess it’s some some people that might happen very quickly numbers, it might take quite a while. Um, it just depends, you know, I find somehow when people get to me and we work with we’re working one on one, typically they’re ready to Oh, they’re so frustrated with their, with their, where their business has been for so long that they’re, they’re ready to see a different they’re praying for a different way to be able to do it.

And when you show them that that’s quite possible.There’s usually really excited to go do it. So every once in a while, there’ll be someone who’s like, you know, not ready to move on. Well, as often as a lot of people who don’t really understand Well, at first, they don’t fully comprehend how a coach can really help them, which was also very true. It can seem a little mysterious. On the outside, right inside up come to you, sometimes we will not have kind of reservations and maybe a little guarded. I will say this, I have worked with a lot of people who’ve been through other people’s things that didn’t work. So somehow, you know, because I think, you know, people take programmes a lot to build their businesses. And really, that can be difficult to like, take something that’s on a video and interpret it into your own business without like, one on one guidance. Yeah, it can be really, it’s hard. So I, I tend to work with people one on one primarily, there are some group aspects to what I do, but most of the time I work with people one on one.

Tony Winyard 15:46
And is that one on one face to face or online or both?

Misti Patrella 15:50
Actually, all of my clients right now are international. I was just thinking, I don’t even know if I’m going to be able to bring all these people together in one room. At the same time, even on zoom because they’re all over the planet I tend to work with people all over rather than because I just moved to Portland a couple years ago so I’ve been moving around a lot the last couple of years. So I’ve really focused online because that’s a constant space lately.

Tony Winyard 16:22
So So how do how do people find you then?

Misti Patrella 16:25
My website and i’m i’m really active on Facebook so so MISTI. But in my you know, I have a Facebook group. I’m really active online, and the Facebook’s, I should say, and LinkedIn, I really like relationshipy way of doing business. And Facebook is a very relationship space. So it kind of fits.

Tony Winyard 16:55
And so if someone was decided that they were they realised they didn’t need a coach and they started looking Around would What do you think would make them come to you as opposed to someone else?

Misti Patrella 17:07
Um, that’s a good question. Uh, probably because of the way I talk about things. I tend to, I tend to talk about things in a really lovely, fun, different way, and people usually are looking for something different. The people that find me are like, I’m so sick of doing this the way that everybody else tells me to do this. It’s not working. I want to do something different, but I have no idea what to do. Those are the people. Yeah, I do a lot of like, you know, I talk about bringing spirituality and business together a lot. your whole self, your soul, your heart, your you know. And so, because I talk about those things a lot. those tend to be the people that are I me

Tony Winyard 18:03
and so are you able to help them get no very different results than what they thought they may be been able to get?

Misti Patrella 18:08
Absolutely. That’s the most fun part. Because once you start peeling back what the layers of what people think has to happen in business and the way it has to happen, there’s so much room for creativity and fun and it what is is so rewarding, like I said before, is watching people go, oh my gosh, it can be different. That is amazing. I can have a business I can do this. I didn’t think I could. But I actually can

Tony Winyard 18:45
And so the people tend to is it. And I guess this is like how long is a piece of string but does it tend to be maybe like a six month period you’ll be coaching someone or is it maybe a few years?

Misti Patrella 18:57
No actually because I trained I trained people to not be too depended on me. So I have a four month package. And then you go do it. Now I do have like, you know, we touch base like once a month, that that kind of thing, but not where we’re talking, you know, because when I’m working with people and we’re really turning something around, that’s not been going well for a while it I meet with people every week for four months.

Tony Winyard 19:27
And before we started recording, you were talking about an experience you had with a mastermind group.

Misti Patrella 19:32
Yes, actually, then this is like really, when I was, you know, we are talking about bringing in new clients, right. And I think that’s a real space where typically in businesses, there’s a lot of lost opportunity. Because people especially when they’re in a transformational work like a coach or healer, or, you know, whatever your work is, that’s transforming therapists people are very excited to start working with us. But like, capturing that energy, and continuing It is so specific. And I didn’t learn how to do that until I went to this mastermind. And the experience that was created. From the moment we stepped foot over the threshold of this. It was actually in the woman’s apartment, which was stunning, by the way, it was in LA.

From the moment we stepped over the threshold, every moment was so well thought through and conscious, and I was so blown away. And part of what she was teaching us at this mastermind was how to do this. So we were experiencing what she was training us to do.

Tony Winyard 20:50
And what to run your own mastermind group?

Misti Patrella 20:52
No No, no, not No, it wasn’t about that. It was about creating customer experiences. Yeah. And what? What happened for me there is that, you know, one is that every step was consciously thought through. That doesn’t happen in most businesses and the way this was so rich and vibrant even from the music that was playing to the, the way we were introduced to each other to the I mean, every food that it was so it was such a rich experience. I remembered it, just the experience of it. Then on top of that, we had great learnings at this mastermind. So, for me, it was so clear after that, what I needed to change in my own business because I you know, I’ve been doing this for about seven years now and I had this experience three years ago and you know, I got tested Millennials before in my work, I always did. Because, you know, I’m very conscientious and I take a lot of care with people. But once I took the things I learned, and started to really consciously create an experience for my clients, I mean, the test remote people, the remarks, the feedback I get from people, the the, because even creating an experience for your clients can help them absorb the material they’re trying to learn or, or even get through a transformation in a different way. And so the the way we create our packages and our offers can be so much more dynamic than most of us think about it. And when I started to apply that to my own business, it just, I mean, I started getting more tested. Like I said, more testimonials, more feedback, and when you start getting that, then working People are willing to buy because you have social proof. So it just really started to snowball things. And now, I mean, things are chugging along. And when I don’t, when I think when I get all in my ego every once in a while, which we tend to do in business, it can happen. And I don’t create a really powerful experience. What happens is different.

The community doesn’t come together. People tend to fall off, you know, you don’t have a good customer experience when it’s hard to get people on the phone. When you think the purchase ends at the PayPal thing. So or if any of your clients is like, Okay, I’m ready, what do we do next? Then, that is a I would say the code that’s your business showing itself that the customer expects periences then,

Tony Winyard 24:04
before, that mastermind group, Had you ever been in a mastermind group?

Misti Patrella 24:08
I have actually

Tony Winyard 24:09
so what would you say? What would you say what was so different about this one that, you know, we start so transformational,

Misti Patrella 24:17
I would say the care and conscious creation of every moment we were experiencing. Really, you could tell everything was thought through and really consciously done to like step one step to make everything clear for us, and exciting, and part of it. And then before, and the other experience I’ve had with the mastermind, and the other experience I had with the mastermind was online. So I purchased it, somebody sent me a link and an email telling me when to show up and that was it. And so it was just a very I mean, I would ask anyone listening, if you have memory of a really amazing experience being being the receiver of an amazing experience, versus being the receiver of something that sort of fell flat. mean even just consider those two for a second. Typically set people have had both of those. Yeah. It can be, and like, how do you get there? Right? Like how do you if you aren’t sure if you have a good customer experience? How do you even get there? So what I have like three steps I typically tell people to start with, which is ask, ask people that you’re working with already. What would make them feel special? What would make that this? Where does this not feel special? Sometimes, hearing negative feedback can be extremely Powerful. If someone’s willing to share that with you, it’s because they really care about you. Yeah, if they’re not saying anything, then that’s even worse.

So ask people even ask people that maybe aren’t your clients but maybe would be your ideal client. That’s fine too. And I always say in a business, in anything you’re trying to create an offer in a in a freebie in a summit and whatever you’re trying to create, and it doesn’t really matter, a podcast. My question is, what would you want to experience if you were receiving this? How would you want this to be? How would you want to be made feels made to feel special?

Tony Winyard 26:51
Not everyone listening to this, will necessarily know what a mastermind is? So do you want to just give a description of what you Obviously a mastermind covers so you know, so many different ways a mastermind group

Misti Patrella 27:03
that’s so true. How would you describe? How would you describe the most I would say, it is a group of people coming together to assist each other in common goals. So this first example of the mastermind that we’re talking about where I received the amazing experience, there was 15 of us, I think, we all gathered for a weekend at in LA. And we were all over a very short period of time engaging in with each other and supporting each other in learning something. So you could call it a workshop, but it was way more interactive. It was like highly interactive and very, very, there was very few of us. So it’s quite intense. The other mastermind I was in was an online version. And it was sort of a general business building mastermind that was over the course of three months, and we met once a month for three months. In each case, I got to like, have a little bit of attention on me. And then you learn by other people getting attention as well. sort of learn by secondary. You can learn a lot by watching someone else deal with what they’re frustrated with in terms of their business, or, you know, typically the masterminds I’ve been in have been business ones. I’m sure there are probably are ones that are not.

Tony Winyard 28:28
And are you in one at the moment?

Misti Patrella 28:30
Um, I actually just created one, so I’m running one at the moment, basically. Okay.

Tony Winyard 28:37
And is that is that for your clients?

Misti Patrella 28:39
They are all one was a previous client and to our new client, no, actually two or previous clients and one is a new client. And we’re all focused on business building to, like, that’s exactly what this one is focused on.

Tony Winyard 28:58
And before when we were talking before recording you mentioned about when when you learn to create great experience for customers.

Misti Patrella 29:05
Yes, that was actually at that first mastermind. That’s where I learned how to do it.

Tony Winyard 29:09
Right. Yeah. Okay. So, so when you’ve now been putting that into practice and you you were talking about it, yeah, the amazing testimonials and so and you’ve got from from doing that is would you say your approach to how you treat your customers is what you mostly learned from that and what was the biggest

Misti Patrella 29:30
so yes, absolutely the biggest change and, you know, again, when you’re starting a business, there’s so much focus on money, right? Like, I gotta make money so I can keep helping people, especially if you’re in a service based business, I gotta keep making money. So I keep doing this business. So there can be such a focus on that next client and instead of focusing Getting to that next PayPal Ding, which is what where most people stop. The client process of onboarding really is like, I sent you a contract. And now you’re paying me now we’re going to get started. Here’s your link. But really, if you think about what it must be like for someone on the other end of that, who is nervous and scared and worried, and just made a sizable investment in themselves. So if you shift it from worrying about ourselves, which we do need to do, to worrying about how the person you are trying to help, especially if it’s in a sensitive area, which a lot of coaches and healers and energy workers are involved in. So if it’s in something that’s in a sensitive area, those people feel pretty vulnerable. So if you shift from worrying about that PayPal Dang, to really helping someone who feels afraid or nervous or vulnerable in any way, and really needs help to transform their lives, and every step you take with them from the contract to what happens first, second, and third can be very empowering and loving and can set them up for even greater transformation in the next couple of weeks, so instead of like just worrying about my God, I gotta get this PayPal Dang. Worrying about like, who’s on the other end and what they must be going through when they’re purchasing this thing to help them really is the thing that changed all of it. I mean, I always knew that’s what was happening. I knew there were you know, No one calls in a coach or a healer when things are like Jim dandy. That’s just not how this works. Yeah. So being really conscientious of what the other person is going through from the moment they say yes. And even how, in some cases scary that must have been just to say yes.

Tony Winyard 32:15
And sort of nurturing that and caring for it, it changed my business completely. And so Was there an element of it helps you to really help your clients to sort of open up and be kind of vulnerable, so you could really get to know what it was,

Misti Patrella 32:32
it was in a couple of things. One, I help train people back into their heart energy from the moment we start working together. So we’re so used to making decisions with our brains. There’s other wisdom in your body, you can actually make choices with your heart. Okay. And so I get I help people get connected back into their heart space very early on, because you need both to be a powerful person And in this world, and then also I have absolutely and I make this very clear from the very beginning, no judgement for whatever anyone has done experienced or been through in terms of their life and or their business. So I just love the shit out of people from the moment I meet them, literally. And people can feel it. It’s very, it’s very real, it’s honest. That makes people feel okay about opening up.

Tony Winyard 33:35
So where do you see your future with your business? Do you think it will go to the next one?

Misti Patrella 33:39
What I’m trying to do is I have my business foundations are really solid. That part is great. What I’m trying to do is I’m in the process of, you know, scaling. And so how do you do that? And still stay really conscientious and really connected to people and I have been unwilling to scale up to lose any connection with the way I deal with my clients. And so I’m, that’s where that’s the process I’m going through right now is how to scale up and still stay really connected to people. And so that’s in the next couple of years. That’s what it’s going to be happening. That’s literally the process that we’re going through right now.

Tony Winyard 34:25
So you mentioned before, that you were in acting and doing stuff like that, there’s things we take in from the previous sort of jobs in the experiences that we did in our life. Is there anything you learned in doing those sorts of things that have helped you now?

Misti Patrella 34:43
Oh, yes. Yeah, I, learned a lot in acting about myself actually. Because I went to a two year acting school and, man, it was a journey of self discovery. I learned so much about myself. That actually is what has helped me most. And, you know, I certainly have no problem being on camera that makes doing business online really a lot easier to do it, what was it you said you learned a lot about yourself, oh my god. I learned that I wasn’t in my body most of the time as a person, which might sound a little weird, but my energy was usually bouncing around somewhere else. I learned how afraid I was of so many things in the world. I learned that I actually had a lot more courage than I thought I did. I also learned that I was pretty creative, and I did not think that I was so. Yeah, we don’t get a lot of time in our life, especially as kids to explore creativity. Especially now. You know, technology. And all that kind of stuff. So I was in a programme for two years where that’s just what we did all the time. And man I had, it was so powerful. It changed my life. That’s for sure. And so were you able to help people that you’re working with now we’ve sort of Oh my God, because there is a thing with creativity that it can get, for lack of a better term, and this is what happened to me that I haven’t. I’m not saying that this is what may be happening to other people, but it can somehow sometimes it can get hard to keep track of it. Like, you get so many downloads, you have so many ideas. There’s so many things you want to do. There’s so many ways you want to help people. How do you decide what comes first, second, and third? And how do you get it out of your brain and into the world and I help people with that a lot because I’ve gone through that and a lot of entrepreneurs go through that too. They for sure new, it’s can be very, all the ideas and what I definitely went through that. So yes, I get it

Tony Winyard 37:11
What does the phrase exceeding expectations? What does that mean to you?

Misti Patrella 37:17
Oh, delight, surprise and joy. That’s what it means. I mean, if I look at exceeding expectations as the places where I get to have fun and be creative in my business, you don’t I mean, like when I have to put financial projection together, that’s not all that fun, but exceeding expectations. I mean, that’s where you get to be creative. That for me feels like quite a joyous place that is for sure. Because what can possibly be the outcome of exceeding expectations other than that

Tony Winyard 37:58
a lot of people don’t seem to have realise the benefits that can get from doing no approach like that.

Misti Patrella 38:06
I think that most people have been trained in this business realm to think about how to make the next dollar as quickly as possible. And that’s just the way and not because anybody wants to do it that way necessarily mean some people do. But that’s just the way they’re trained. So that becomes the focus, because that’s the way you think it should be done. But once you start looking at it in terms of what you’re talking about in terms of exceeding expectations. Fun. What’s fun about that? Well, I guess,

Tony Winyard 38:40
I guess for some people, it’s simply a case of because they haven’t experienced the this this through or that you can get when you when you are able to, you know, vastly exceed what someone expected. If they haven’t experienced that they know don’t know

That is probably true. I wonder how you could go get an accent. Seated expectations experience like how do you go get that if you don’t know where to go? So wouldn’t cross their minds or even to try to do that because maybe whatever I just asked on my Facebook page, I didn’t go look yet. I wouldn’t ask on my Facebook page if because I said, I’m going to go and get interviewed on a podcast about exceeding expectations. So when Has that happened to you? And I don’t think I’ve had anyone respond back yet because I think you’re right. I don’t think people get a chance to receive that very often.

That’s interesting, I wonder if it is happening less? I’ve interviewed 60, 70 people for this podcast. obviously, all of those people did have that mindset of wanting to give their customers an amazing experience, and they understood, not only did it bring in better referrals and testimonials But as you as you said, it makes the whole work thing much more enjoyable rather than just a job.

Misti Patrella 40:06
I mean, most people any day, at this point in time where we are on the planet right now, most people have fairly low expectations, because they’ve kind of been trained to, because it’s disappointing. So really, to even exceed someone’s expectations doesn’t take much of your time, money and energy, it just takes a little creativity and thinking like the person year survey, which should be you know, for the people I serve anyway. They’re usually that person like five steps ahead, you know, or three years later, so it should be a kind of an alignment.

Tony Winyard 40:49
If people want to find out more about what you do, I see when I go to,

Misti Patrella 40:53
oh, yeah, you can go to my website, and MISTI coach You can go to the Facebook and go. It’s kind of a long name. So the link is in this podcast also. Sure. But it’s called Heart centred entrepreneurs making impact and income.

Tony Winyard 41:12
And if you go to any sort of like courses or books or anything,

Misti Patrella 41:16
I don’t have a book right now, although what I am doing for next year is and I’m in the middle of planning it is creating a, it’s a business planner, but it’s actually not for appointments like a normal business planner. It’s basically a way to run your business every month. And so it walks you through the questions that you should be asking yourself in terms of offers and marketing and sales that need to happen every month to help you run your business. So I’m working on that right now.

Tony Winyard 41:46
And just before we finish here, you mentioned to me about a quotation that you said you want to send us about,

Misti Patrella 41:51
Oh, yes. This good is it. And it’s actually from Steve Jobs. And when I found it, I was like, of course this is right. It says you’ve Got to start with the customer experience and work backward toward the technology, not the other way around. And I think especially right now, for coaches and healers, and people who are really afraid to have sales conversations, they really, really want the technology to sell for them. And so people who really have very little experience actually talking to customers are just buying a bunch of tech and email systems and lead pages and all this stuff, when they’re not really sure how they actually want to serve their customer before they even start buying all this. So I really love this Steve Jobs said this because he’s like the tech guru and he was even very clear about this, that you have to start with the customer experience first and then add tech on. And if you’re not clear about what people need from you how they need it, what results they need. And how your work changes their lives by in the tech and adding that on is just wasting so much money. I’ve seen people waste so much money, really. So just I mean, this is Steve Jobs guys. He’s like the technical genius of the world and customer experience first, tech second couldn’t agree more.

Tony Winyard 43:23
Well, Misti, It’s been a pleasure speaking with you.

Misti Patrella 43:26
Thank you so much for this interview. This is great.

Tony Winyard 43:28
no problem whatsoever. And I’m greatly well, best of luck with your business.

Misti Patrella 43:32
Thank you so much back. See you soon.

Tony Winyard 43:35
Next week is Episode 64 with Jeff Pulvino. He’s a successful serial entrepreneur, business consultant, digital marketing strategist, and a startup mentor and for over 20 years, he’s been helping entrepreneurs grow their business by increasing their profitability and scalability while also lowering the customer acquisition costs next week. Jeff Culvino here on the Exceeding Expectations podcast. have enjoyed this week’s episode of one or share the episode with someone who you feel may really get some value from some of the content in some of the things that were discussed in this week’s show. please do leave a review for us on iTunes and hope you have a fantastic week.

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