EE067 – Jessica Silverman

Tony Winyard – Health, Breathing, Sleeping, Mindset & Movement Coach
Jessica Silverman is a business startup coach to aspiring entrepreneurs seeking greater clarity and simplicity to live their true life’s purpose. Through her coaching, she guides clients with mind-body empowerment tools to spark the transformation of a physical and spiritual awakening to live and feel their most ALIVE self.
We discuss:
  • How the core foundation of her teachings unleash a deep understanding of one’s energy, emotionally, physically, and spiritually
  • From the place of energy insight, she can awaken this wisdom towards healing, enlightenment, and a deeper awareness of one’s divine purpose
  • The types of problems that cause many startups to get stuck
  • Some of the biggest surprises her clients have had working with her
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Tony Winyard 0:00
Exceeding expectations Episode 67. Welcome to exceeding expectations a podcast where we aim to give you ideas on ways that you can give your customers a better experience to get more referrals and better testimonials, reviews and recommendations and so on. My guest today is Jessica Silverman. She helps to people to have greater clarity and simplicity to live their their true life’s purpose through the coaching that she does mostly working with startup companies. That’s this week’s episode with Jessica Silverman. If you like this episode, if you know someone who is a start up, maybe we get some good value from some of the things that Jessica says please do share the episode with them. Why not leave a review for us on iTunes that would be really helpful and hope you enjoyed this week’s show.

exceeding expectations My guest today Jessica Silverman. How are you, Jessica?

Jessica Silverman 1:03
I’m wonderful. How about you, Tony?

Tony Winyard 1:06
I’m very well thank you and you’re in sunny Florida.

Jessica Silverman 1:09
Yes, I cannot really sunny at the moment, a bit overcast, but we are blessed with beautiful weather here this time of year. So

Tony Winyard 1:18
Well, one thing I can guarantee you there will be a lot better than there is where I’m sitting right now.

Jessica Silverman 1:26
Yes, that is the beauty of living in South Florida. So it’s pretty much a summary around.

Tony Winyard 1:32
And you were saying you recently since you recently relocated back there.

Jessica Silverman 1:37
Yes, I’m born and raised here in South Florida, which is an anomaly they actually call me a unicorn because the it’s very diverse here. We pretty much get people from all over the world as well as you know, some of the islands and around the United States. A lot of people from the northeast tend to migrate down here especially this company, her snowbirds, Saima unicorn being that I’m born and raised here 38 years ago. No. But I spent 10 years away from South Florida, really discovering myself. I spent six years in Chicago and couldn’t bear the cold after 630 and then move to California, which was always a dream. Both were actually dreams of mine. And part of my story in that, you know, I believe, obviously in the power of love law of attraction and visualisation. And I travelled a lot in my previous career, I was in corporate finance and also an auditor, so I travelled a lot to different locations, and really fell in love with both Chicago and then California, in the Bay Area, specifically San Francisco. And whenever I travelled, I always made it a ritual or tradition to get artwork from wherever I travel from local artists. And so in my apartment, you know, at the time in Florida when I lived here over 10 years ago, I had a lot of pictures of Chicago. That’s sort of my subconscious vision board right through the artwork. And then when I live in Chicago travelled a lot San Francisco I had a lot of clients there. I just really fell in love with the whole, bohemian free spirited energy, you know, of San Francisco in the Bay Area. But also immersed with that, that tech technology and the whole venture capital industry, which is actually what I worked in before I created my own business, essentially, and started my own work and my own life’s work. And so then in Chicago, yeah, I had pictures of the Bay Bridge and cable cars and those just really beautiful how, and I forget, I think it’s a Steve Jobs quote. And I’ll just kind of rephrase. And I don’t know what word for it. I don’t have it in front of me. But whenever I described my story, you know, there’s so many elements and there’s so many layers, but it’s beautiful thing and his quote goes something along the lines of like looking backwards and connecting the dots, to realise that not necessarily that it’s predestined, I don’t know if I believe in that, but I believe that everything happened as it should, and it’s beautiful how you kind of look back and you realise why like and how everything sort of connects Right from the present moment, looking backwards and then moving forwards right into the future. I believe it’s all part of a divine design. That necessarily is predestined. You know, we do have human beings are the only life form, right, that has free will. But I do believe that it’s very interesting how it all works out. So

Tony Winyard 4:22
and So from a business perspective, how did those the various places that you’ve been to affect what you do now?

Jessica Silverman 4:29
Well, I worked in corporate finance. So having a strong business background, you know, I have my MBA in finance and study financing. A lot of people can think, well, you don’t really use that in your day to day but running a business. You know, being an entrepreneur, you really do wear every single hat, you know, of a large corporation, right. So you have the technology aspect, you’ve got, you know, budgeting, you’ve got finance, you’ve got client relations and customer service, right. It’s all sort of embedded, you know, into, I want to say the logical piece of the business. But I always like to talk about sort of the logic, right, and the subconscious energy. That’s also included, right? Because when we think about, oh, what skills have you used from your corporate path that you use today? We do think of all of those tangible, right, concrete aspects. But I think even more powerfully, that work that I did, and spending 15 years in corporate finance really taught me and that really sparked in my last job in venture capital. When I was funding, literally that was my responsibility was the funding of other people’s dreams, right of apps and all kinds of technology and all kinds of advancements right in venture capital. And I thought I have all of these dreams and actually kept a journal because I was very depressed and anxious. I used to get many panic attacks, of course, also led to, you know, physical pain and anxiety and being 80 pounds overweight. And I used to keep a journal at my desk where I would reflect on everything that was going on around me Sort of my way of healing through and dealing with all the strong emotions that I was feeling out of out of my own skin, really feeling imprisoned, you know, in in those four walls of this corporate environment, but more emotionally in prison that would save them physically in prison. And that was really my way of processing through it. And I think if I hadn’t have gone through that emotion, right, I wouldn’t be able to do the work that I do today, which is to help others step away from a life that they feel they have to live, versus knowing that there’s always more right and that the life you live is always a reflection of perception, really, above anything, everything in life is perception and its energy. And so the way to shift that is to obviously number one, shifted at the soul level and at the at the level of consciousness, right, that awareness piece, and then of course, following up with a specific action and so I know that all of that you know, all the struggles that I had, you know, with, with weight loss with physical you know, depression with anxiety and In that corporate role, right along with all the knowledge, right, and the wisdom that I attained, you know, in the business sense, has led me to as executive said before the Steve Jobs quote to the point where I am today, we’re all of those stars have aligned to lead to the beautiful path that that I’ve been on the last you know, four to five years. And the work that I’ve birthed since then so it it truly is a blessing. Every day that I wake up, it’s it’s like I’m in a dream, you know, pinch me I’m gonna wake up. You know, of course, it’s not all roses and sunshine, right being an entrepreneur is I always say the best way to get to know yourself at a deeper level. Because when you live sort of that robotic life, or have a corporate job or things kind of structured for you, you don’t really have the time and energy to think, right at a deeper level. You don’t you don’t create from the sense of yourself and I think being an entrepreneur really gives you that opportunity to create from your own game without having a sort of template that somebody else provided for you.

Tony Winyard 8:08
I know you’re a startup coach. So do you only work with startups? Or what is it you genuinely do?

Jessica Silverman 8:14
So I work, I started with startups, because I always like to say that, as a mentor, Coach guide, you’re always a few steps ahead of the clients that you lead. And some right being in that point that I had just started up my business about four years ago, I thought, well, how perfect to work with clients that are just a few steps behind me. And here I am saying, Hey, take my hand, right? I just went through step two or three, come and follow me. Now here’s step one, and so didn’t still help those clients. But I have more now more into women that maybe are still working in a corporate path, but transitioning, so they already have a business, but they’re looking to really take it to that next level. I still do work with startups, very open to that. But more of women that have sort of that corporate background and a business sense, but really looking to take it to that next level in terms of obviously income, profitability, and really making an impact, I think, above all, because I don’t do this work for, obviously, we all need money to survive, but really what fuels because I think at a subconscious level, people pick up you know, even on social media, and if they’ve never seen you or felt you, even through the words that you write right through blogging, your posts on your energy, right, and so I always think of customer first, right, who I’m serving the work that I’m here to do in the world. And then I say everything else sort of falls into place. I always tell my clients, you know, focus on the passion that you have for what it is the gifts that you have, and the money will come. Right But if you focus on the money only, that’s self serving, right and others can pick up on that until you’re truly not at a place to serve others because you’re Focus on serving yourself. But if you focus on serving others, you always will be serving yourself because you’re living your true purpose and your passion and what you’re born to do. One of my famous sayings, is that the day you were born is the day that the universe decided that it needed you. Right. And so I believe that everybody’s here for a divine reason. And I think the focus on that and that higher purpose, you know, a lot of studies have actually come out about, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Blue Zones, right? Those areas where longevity is highest, right? So what keeps people alive longer? And studies have said the number one reason right for people living longer in these Blue Zones, right, which is, I know, Okinawa, Japan. A lot of them are in Japan, right and in the eastern world, is because will have purpose, and they have something that they wake up for every day that fuels their soul and makes them feel alive. And I think that Above all, is reason to do this work, and to continue every day. Right? Despite, like I said, the challenges, that’s what has always kept me going. Because in the beginning, you know, starting a business is very challenging, you know, especially when you step away from the stability, you know, I was making six figures in my corporate past, to then making zero, essentially, right until you make that first dollar. And so that’s kind of the stage that I’m at now is really helping women that have made a little bit of money in their business, but not enough to really call it a business, right? Because everyone knows that just being online and posting on social media and doing Facebook Lives. And even you know, hosting courses is not a business until you actually write generate money. That’s what a business is. And money not necessarily from the sense of, of greed, but money is energy. Right? And that’s always the way I think about it is how can I serve others haven’t been served myself. And so that money is just reciprocal. Right? And energy for me to be able to continue doing the work that I do every day.

Tony Winyard 12:04
So what is it you feel that when people first come to you, what is it they want from you?

Jessica Silverman 12:11
They want to start a business. They have tried, like I said, on social media, they’re posting their blogging, they’ve created courses, they have offerings, but crickets, you know, and I know a lot of people I mean, the online market is very saturated. Right? So how do you stick out in the marketplace? Given that really, at the end of the day, a lot of us are saying the same things. But I think really what distinguishes one from the other and right exceeding expectations, right, that’s the theme of your podcast is really to get outside of of the of the wisdom into that the connection, right the connection of of your story and to other stories, and really through that wisdom and Marianne Williamson always says this so beautifully. She says we are not the water we are the faucet. Right? So if you think about the Water as the knowledge, right, the knowledge is already there, right? nobody’s saying anything that hasn’t been heard before. It’s just painted in a different light, right? That’s the faucet. That’s the water filtering through a system, which is your life, your experiences, your perception of that experience, and how you in your own unique way, are able to then facilitate that water right back through the faucet.

Tony Winyard 13:28
And so how are you able to give them more than they thought they were going to get what is it? You do what approach do you have?

Jessica Silverman 13:35
So what all of my clients have said across the board, is that yes, they come to me to start a business. But when I found and I think it’s funny, because I have a client I work with every week. She’s been a VIP. She’s been with me for years, which I think is a true testament to the work that I do, and that my focus is always on the long term strategy, right? Yes, my packages may be for three months for a one on one or a course that may be 16 weeks. But my focus is not just that period, it’s to be with somebody, right for the long term, right? whether or not they’re still paying for that course, I am in touch with every single one of my past students, because I want them to succeed. Again, it’s not about the money. It’s about that connection, that you build that relationship that has that that longevity, right that I speak of. And so all of my clients across the board, and it’s funny, because I know you and I spoke and you said, Oh, well, you know, send me something or an example of where our clients Did you exceed expectations. And I had a few quotes in mind, but I think if there’s a common thread through all of them, how do they get more than they thought they would. It’s that not only work on the business side, but we work on all the emotional aspects of entrepreneurship. So I actually had a client who when I started with me, I remember we had our sort of preliminary discovery call, so to speak, or clarity call and she said, I already have a life coach. You I’m just thinking of you more as the business coach. And it’s funny because couple years later, she just works with me because I am both right, I have that dynamic of actually started as more of a life and a wellness lifestyle coach, which was the point of my life that I was in, then all that undoing kind of lose the 80 pounds, trying to rid myself of the depression and anxiety, and then morphing into becoming an entrepreneurial mentor. But they don’t work, right. They don’t work separately, they are very much immersed because you’re as an entrepreneur, your work is an extension of you, right? So it’s an ever evolving journey of working on the self. And so I think my unique approach is, you know, week to week, like I have a client who says, Okay, let’s just focus on the energy of the weekend, and how I can use that perception and that insight, emotionally and spiritually to my own personal journey. And then what what we find is that that morphs into content For a course, or an idea, or a new offering, right, that always sparks from not necessarily focusing on the business, but focusing on the self, because your work is an extension of your own life. And I just think that’s really beautiful. And something that I do offer is immersing, right all of that. And so, yes, I may present myself online as a business mentor. But what so many of my clients have surprised is that there’s a whole life slash wellness, spirituality, component infused in all of that, that is all part of the journey and part of the path being successful as an entrepreneur.

Tony Winyard 16:39
You’ve talked about how some coaches bill themselves just as a business coach or as a life coach and it is all so intertwined. So what is it you feel that you do differently to maybe other coaches?

Jessica Silverman 16:52
focusing on how everything is energy right, focusing on the mind, focusing on the inner conversation Because that is where everything really starts, right? So if you think about it, I always say there’s three most powerful relationships, right that you will have as an entrepreneur. Right? That’s YouTube itself, that’s you to others, right in the work that you do and the clients that you serve. And then there’s new to that higher power. Right? So what do I do differently is to help others connect the dots to help others realise that something is random as the colour that they love, or a song from their childhood, or an experience that they had earlier that day. It’s all connected to the work that you do. Right? And so even when I’m not necessarily sitting at my desk, and working ideas are constantly flowing to me, because I am open to receive that energy, right that comes at me from all forms. And proven science, right? I mean, Albert Einstein has clearly said it right? That the energy is everything, and it’s a immersed into everything that we do. Right? So once you have that understanding, I think that’s the real light bulb moment. Right? That the way you wake up in the morning, right is is energy, the rituals that you do? The way you keep your wallet, right and money, that that’s very much energy. Free everything in this life, you know that obviously nature, right is energy, all of your devices, everything is connected, right at its source to be energy, whether it’s physical energy that we can actually feel here see touch experience, or subconscious. Right, which is the energy that runs in the background that we’re not necessarily aware of. And I think that’s what distinguishes me from a lot of other coaches is that a lot of people are focused so much on the physical aspect of everything because that’s what you know, that’s what you can physically experience, right? It’s concrete, tangible, but it’s really the magic and the mysticism. of this. unconscious, just because we don’t know something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. And I think building those connections that that run in the background, like immerse them with the physical, right? Neither I think reigns supreme. I think they’re both very important. But being able to connect those dots, I think is is truly a blessing. And it’s really a lightbulb moment for anyone and I know personally once I really understood that, that was the the light bulb moment for me is that everything is energy. The thoughts I think are energy, the way I move is energy, the way I interact with others, right is energy. And if you want to continue to live a life at a high vibration, be mindful right of everything and everyone around you, right. For instance, a huge aha moment for me when I left my corporate path is that I was working the same hours. I had the same thought patterns that I did on the corporate path, but I have deadlines and I have to accomplish, you know, X amount of things per day to feel accomplished and inspired, but who said Right again, I was story, right, you can absolutely be successful just working three hours a day, you don’t have to work, right, an eight hour work day. And so I think that knowing, right really understanding the stories that we’ve all inherited, you know, from childhood or from past experiences, and really being able to understand the energy behind them, right and learning, okay, does this serve me going forward? Or does this actually block, right? blocked energy is is stress, right? And anxiety and you know, and that’s why you feel it right at the heart centre, your heart starts pounding, you might start sweating, right, everybody reacts differently. But that is essentially an energy block. And so in order to release that, right energy is number one, to have an understanding of it. And number two, to be able to shift that right energetically to the direction that you want to go just like a GPS is just knowing that sort of internal GPS that lives inside you every single day.

Tony Winyard 20:58
Have you ever had any situations where you’ve had new clients who haven’t really understood this.

Jessica Silverman 21:06
cater to a specific audience. I always say that you can never say and I have clients that have anxiety about this all the time. What if I present content and nobody understands or they think it’s ridiculous, or somebody has a difficult time, right? Like you asked, understanding this? And I say, Well, those are those are not my people. You know, I mean, I’m not here to serve everyone. And I don’t think anyone is here to serve everybody. Because when you serve everybody, you essentially serve nobody because your message is diluted. Right? And so, my thought and understanding and and I want to be clear that I didn’t always think this way, right. I was that person. And I remember clearly going to my first yoga class, probably 20 years ago, I was actually called yoga for stress and anxiety, because at that time, I worked in a you know, high powered corporate position, was always very anxious, very stressed. You know, I had crazy deadlines, you know, by the minute, you know, sending information of Bloomberg In the stock market and very high stress job. And I just remember that moment where we were sitting in the class and I think we were chanting and I thought, wow, this is really like cultish. Like, who believes in this? Right? Because that, that just wasn’t anything that was ever part of my reality. I didn’t understand it. But there was always a piece of me that was like that curious child that that kept going. That wanted more, because I felt good doing it. Right. And so anyone who doesn’t believe I always say this, well, you don’t have to believe right in spirit or God or universe or anything. But if it feels good, then why not? Right? Why? And essentially, you can believe in anything you want. But I want to believe in something that right makes me feel joy makes me feel alive, right at the end of every day. And so I always think this higher power in this connection, because really, we are all pieces of the universe. You know, talk show probably says it beautifully is one of my greatest mentors. You know, the point oh 1% of this universe, right? And if you want it clear in Divine example, go outside and look at the sky. Right? It’s infinite who created that? Right? I mean, you can take a scientific approach you can take a spiritual approach, you know, I believe in both but there are so many things that we don’t see feel here understand as human beings, you know, energy things that exists right in the subconscious. Just like dreams, right? We we try to interpret dreams and we try to rationalise them. But I believe it’s our way of kind of trying to understand the waking world. Right? And who knows really what that is, right? Who knows what this is dream life is? Because we really don’t know right? Or just like advancements in science, technology, and health, right? All these advancements we’ve made over time, you know, 20 3100 500 years ago, no one thought it was possible, right? So things are not possible until they’re proven, but it didn’t mean that down that it wasn’t reality, right. And suddenly just kind of that perspective, you know, is a real light bulb moment for all of us to know that just because we can’t see feel here understand it, right doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. It just hasn’t yet been proven. But again, to answer your question, I know it’s a little long winded. You know, have I had clients that don’t understand the work? I mean, they may not be I had a client once always say, I love what you’re saying. But I don’t feel that, you know, I don’t feel what you feel I want to feel that way. process, you know, and I’m still working with her years later. And now she does feel that and we always sort of reflect back. But again, it’s just that you haven’t experienced it yet, or it hasn’t been proven, but it doesn’t mean that again, it doesn’t exist.

Tony Winyard 24:46
And so are you able to give any examples of how you’ve helped transform people you’ve been working with and, given them a very different direction from the one they thought they were going in?

Jessica Silverman 24:56
Yeah, absolutely. So when somebody is in A place in their life where they feel disconnected, right from obviously themselves from life in a job they hate. So I’ve helped all types of clients in terms of toxic situations. So toxic work environments, toxic relationships with either spouse or children, toxicity within themselves, really right through anxiety, depression, and then physical toxicity. So I have clients that have had, you know, chronic illnesses, chronic pain, and I’ve helped them feel through that, again, by doing this work right, both at the soul level, but also right by working your mission and your purpose because when you’re connected to something that fuels your soul, right, all the illness is whether it’s mental or whether it’s physical, right is a buildup of toxic again, toxic energy, right, it’s the body is out of alignment, right the mind and the body is out of alignment, which then leads to write a physical and a mental breakdown. And so I help clients through that. My learning number one themselves and who they are, right? And what are the stories that they’ve been telling themselves, right? And if you want to know that just listen to the voice in your head that nobody else can hear, but you know, always runs in that background. And really being aware of that and trying to understand where does this come from? Right? Is this my story? Or is this something that I learned from my mother, my father, my ex spouse, that I then inherited within me, you know, I’ve had women that have been in an abusive relationships, right that years later then realise that none of the reality that they live was inherited by them, right, these feelings of, of self worth and neglect and, you know, feeling outside of themselves is only because somebody implanted that thought within them, right because at our core, we are all love, right? We are all connected to ourselves right at our core and who we are and what we’re here like I said, day you’re born is the day the universe decided it needed you Right, so number one, it’s it’s a self discovery, right? And finding, okay, how are all those elements of my past, connected to where I am today? And where do I want to go? And what are the steps I need to take? Right emotionally and physically, to actually get there to actually make those moves? Right. So first, and that’s why the first course that I created was more of a self discovery called Live your vibrant life. And actually, I morphed into the I should explain a copy up. How I got to be an entrepreneurial coach is because all of my clients and my wellness work, we’re coming to me asking how did you start your business? You know, how did you gain so much followers on social media and how do you write content that’s so powerful that I feel as if I’ve met you, but I’ve never even seen your face right? Or maybe just a picture right on social media, and how do you do all that and then how do you put it together to actually make an income and impact lives and and you know, guest on podcast or create your own, you know, courses You know, how do you do that. And that’s how I really morphed into that, really never having a plan to do so. But I was again, and that’s why I always believe, right in the divine and that sort of stuff conscious energy is that I was guided there, you know, I was attuned to all of right, the people that I was interacting with every single day and what they wanted. And I hated that call to read them more fun entrepreneurship, but of course, never losing sight of the journey of the self, because that is right all a huge piece of that is that inner knowing, and as much I always say, self development work as one does. You’re never there. Right? That’s why you’re still alive. And you go through different chapters in different seasons of your life. And you morphed right you morph as a being into that, whatever it is that you’re experiencing in your life. You’re never fully right, completely enlightened. You learn as you go through the journey and through the path and so being I think open to that is a really huge Peace. Okay, it’s like synchronicity, right being attuned to everything you’re hearing you’re seeing, right that’s around you, and then really connecting those dots to understand why. Right? Why did somebody say that to me? Why am I hearing this song on the radio? Why am I seeing this message all over social media, right? And then processing it to your own journey to learn how you want to present it to the world?

Tony Winyard 29:27
Do the people that come to you tend to work in similar sectors? Or is it quite varied?

Jessica Silverman 29:33
No, quite varied. I have clients that work in the wellness space government, some entrepreneurs and maybe start like in a network marketing fashion, kind of learn the foundations of being an entrepreneur, but under a structural umbrella. And then I have stay at home moms that never felt like they had a purpose, but really want to feel like they’re making an impact. Right beyond being a mother. Not that that’s not an important role. I think that’s the hardest. I am not a mother myself, but that is the hardest role that anyone can have right is to be a parent, but to have a purpose outside of somebody else, right, something that’s just your own. So I’ve had really clients from from all over the map and all different walks of life and industries. But like I said, at the core, they’re all the same right at the core, they all have the same desires of wanting more for life, of really feeling like they’re living a life that’s not aligned with who they feel they should be whether or not they know what that is, right? A lot of times they don’t, which is why the first creation that I have or sort of my freebie, again, is is about finding one’s purpose, but asking yourself four profound questions based on the Blue Zones in Japan, which is a key guy, which is your reason for being which translates to the reason you get out of bed every day and I think that’s really the first step is to know why you’re here? You know, why have you experienced what you’ve experienced? But then why are you here? And what is your mission and continuing to afford that every day in a way that fuels your soul that feels connected to who you are right? never losing sight of that, and not feeling like you have to keep up with whatever trends right on social media, but always being true to myself.

Tony Winyard 31:23
In working with clients, what is the biggest surprise you’ve had working with anyone?

Jessica Silverman 31:31
Well, I think that I think the fact that as I mentioned before, I have a client that suffers from chronic pain. And like I said, That’s not anything that we ever discussed. You know, when we first started working together, it was more just an emotional journey. We also suffered through, you know, an abusive relationship and so a lot of it was about that, but in the process, she’s completely healed her physical body, you know, yes, she still has components, you know of the illness and still needs Medication at times, but it might be one to six months instead of once every other day. And I think that’s really huge because I never, you know, promote myself or share myself as any type of a medical professional. And I don’t want to be that because that’s not what I’ve studied. But I think it’s important to know that when you heal yourself, right at the soul level, it affects the body, right? Because it’s all connected again to mind energy. And when you focus on that, which is fueling the inside of you, you’re sort of releasing, in essence, the toxicity that has built up from all of those years of the past, and truly to study. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Dr. Bruce Lipton move in this study of epigenetics, right that just because you inherited something from the past doesn’t mean that it has to be your future that you can actually reprogram right the makeup of yourself. And every all the processes within you through healing through changing your habits and the things that you do every single day. And that is the work that I do, right? It’s about having awareness of your daily habits, you know, what you’re thinking, how you’re moving? What actions are you taking right towards whatever it is you want to do, whether it’s write a book, read a course, be a best selling author, a speaker, and taking those moves, you know, in in micro moments, right? Every single day to Ford, that energetic motion, and to never disconnect from that because again, that disconnect was what created in the first place, right? You can’t create something new with the same mind. Right that originally led to the results that you live today.

Tony Winyard 33:49
What does the phrase exceeding expectations mean to you?,

Jessica Silverman 33:53
Personal connection. I think that’s how I exceed expectations. All my clients know that provide very, very personal communication from the sense that you can message me anytime with anything that is going on. Whether it’s a question about the business, whether it’s a question about the self, and I’m there, you know, and I think that’s really what exceeding expectations is, is being reliable, providing exactly what it is that you say you’re going to provide, and more, right so if somebody’s looking to me to create a course, for instance, and we create two goals, one for impact, so I’m going to gain X amount of followers, you know, on Facebook, and then I’m going to sell you know, X amount of dollars through my course, not only giving them those results, and the knowledge that it takes to get there, but also working on the self along the way, right and healing through chronic pain and healing through mental illness, which I think is even a bigger issue today than it ever was, you know, due to I think social media, which is a beautiful medium, obviously when I started my business without it But again, when energy runs rampant, right without a structure, right, it lends itself to chaos, right? And that’s what goes on when you allow yourself to be immersed in trying to follow everyone and everything else and what they’re doing, then just staying your path, right and and knowing your purpose and knowing your mission, and taking the steps that you need to take that are aligned with you, not with what I always tell my clients, you know, I can they asked me Oh, what did you do and what? And I tell them, right, but to me, that’s not exceeding expectations. Because when you exceed expectations, you help someone else find their own way of doing and getting the same result, but in their own way, right. And I think that’s really the power of a true coach. And a true mentor is not someone who gives you the steps, but who helps you find it on your own because that’s empowering, right to say that, yes, through working with with me, right, or whoever it is that you work with, that you found it in your own way, right, you didn’t just follow this five step formula to make excellence dollars, right? There’s a lot of that noise out there. And that never resonated with me because you really can’t prove that to people, right? Because somebody may not choose to do the work or do it in the same energetic way that you did. And therefore they won’t get the same results. Right. And so I think it’s a matter of teaching somebody, the foundations, but allowing them to work it in their own way, and then their own energy. That’s not something that you continue to, that’s something that you can blossom within someone. Right and cultivate through your wisdom and through the teaching.

Tony Winyard 36:36
So if people want to find out more about you and what you do, Jessica, where would they go to?

Jessica Silverman 36:42
Yeah, so I mentioned I alluded to earlier, my freebie, that’s the best way to connect with me. My whole community lives through that space. And that’s my download at guy for passion and purpose. And you can find that by going to be backslash my reason for being Once you do sign up for that, you will see everything else that I offer the other two courses I mentioned, as well as a whole, you know about me. And everything that I do. You can also actually find me on my website as well at mosun So it’s mo Zhi n And that is my main website.

Tony Winyard 37:20
Okay. And just before we finish, do you have a quotation you particularly like?

Jessica Silverman 37:26
Yes. And I actually mentioned earlier not expecting this as well, but it just came up in the conversation. It’s an Albert Einstein quote, and I love this because for all the people are like, well, how can you prove right that things that are esoteric, or not necessarily known, but this is from the group, Albert Einstein. And he says everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it match the frequency of the reality that you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It’s not philosophy. It’s physics.

Tony Winyard 37:54
Jessica, it’s been a pleasure speaking to you.

Jessica Silverman 37:57
Yes. Thank you so much.

Tony Winyard 38:00
And best of luck for the future.

Jessica Silverman 38:02
Yes, yes. Well, thank you listeners.

Tony Winyard 38:07
Next week, Episode 68 with Mike Tilbury, who runs a company called ISI elite training. Mike is a life coach and strategist. And they have a different approach at this gym. They try to go out of their way to give their customers a lot more than they thought they were going to get, and also come up with ways to help the people that join the gym in the first place to get out of it, the reason why they joined in the first place to help them get more out of it and have a better experience in the time that they’re there. So that’s next week, with Mike Tilberry. Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s episode. Please do share it with someone who you feel may benefit from it. Why not subscribe to the podcast and leave a review and see you next week.

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