EE092 – Deborah McPhilemy

Tony Winyard – Health, Breathing, Sleeping, Mindset & Movement Coach

Deborah McPhilemy helps people to handle their emotions which is our main source of communication. Every decision we make and action we take is based on how we feel and in this episode we explore this vitally important subject.

Having a good understanding of emotional intelligence gives far greater empathy which is one of the best ways of creating greater connection with others and also eliminating the isms such as sexism, racism, narcism, egoism.

Understanding and tuning into your emotions gives you the ability to understand, regulate and validate your emotions and gives you the freedom to express yourself authentically. 

Some of the topics discussed in this episode:
As a lot of her clients are children and parents.
  • A story about Bianca who had special needs and the transformation that occurred within her
  • How a lady named Helena Holrick (who was a guest on episode 21) far exceeded her expectations and moved her business forward
  • Uncovering hidden beliefs
  • The people most in need of learning EQ are often those least likely to seek it out
  • Selfie School
  • CBT
  • Falbromylgia
(Emotional Intelligence is often abbreviated to EQ which is Emotional Quotient)
Deborah’s favourite quote is from Dr Wayne Dyer –
“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

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(Transcriptions are done using through a system of artificial intelligence; so every episode contains a few mistakes as AI is not yet perfect for transcribing the human voice. However, it is a very time-consuming process to go through each transcript and correct all the errors. So please accept my apologies for the number of errors, but I hope that these transcripts are useful to you.)


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