Gian-Carlo Torres

Habits & Health episode 24 - Gian-Carlo Torres

Habits & Health episode 24 with Gian-Carlo Torres, is about strengthening your immune system.

Four years ago, Gianco was a broke 19-year-old who had no idea what to do for a career, when his mum became ill. She had always been extremely active in volunteer work and entrepreneurship but was suddenly having a lot of fatigue and pain, which left her bed-ridden for a whole year!

We talk about the journey he went on visiting many naturopaths and doctors until he found a solution for her.


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This video is related to an older episode featuring Dr. Dawson Church

Tony Winyard 0:00

habits and health Episode 24.

Jingle 0:03

Welcome to the habits and health podcast where we believe creating healthy habits should be easy. Brought to you by an educator and coach for anyone who wants to create a healthier life. here's your host, Tony Winyard.

Tony Winyard 0:20

Welcome to another edition of the podcast where we give you ideas on habits that can improve your health in some capacity. My guest today is Giancarlo Torres, who is going to tell us all about a product that strengthens your immune system that maintains a stronger immune system and is gluta fi on precursor. So we're going to hear a lot more about that and how it helps people and and Giancarlo story that's coming up very soon. We do enjoy this episode or you know, anyone who you feel would really get some benefit from some of the things that Gian-Carlo shares. Please do share the episode with them. And hope you enjoy this week's episode with janco.

Habits in health and my guest today is Giancarlo Torres, Did I say that right?

Gian-Carlo Torres 1:16

Yes, you did. Tony.

Tony Winyard 1:18

How you doing Gianco?

Gian-Carlo Torres 1:19

super good about yourself?

Tony Winyard 1:20

I'm very good. And we find you in in the States today.

Gian-Carlo Torres 1:24

That's right here in the great city of Atlanta, Georgia.

Tony Winyard 1:27

And how what have you found your way there?

Gian-Carlo Torres 1:30

Well, because of my dad's job before, we had always been moving, pretty much, you know, to states and then you know, basically, it's been from Florida to Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico, to Georgia, and back and forth. And after a while, we just decided to stay here in Atlanta.

Tony Winyard 1:46

What is it that attracts you about Atlanta?

Gian-Carlo Torres 1:49

Two things, actually, with the people and the food. The people here are fantastic. And I don't even realise that when I. So we lived here, basically, before I came back to Atlanta, when we were almost 10 years, and we always did love Atlanta and Georgia General. Then we back to Florida. Also like Florida, and then we came back to Atlanta. Once I came back to Atlanta, and I realised the change of people people think bigger. People are extremely nice. People very urban. I don't know just something about the people here and everybody that comes to Atlanta tells me the same thing. They say, you know what, I like this city more and, you know, whatever. But the people in Atlanta, just fantastic. That's first thing. Second thing is the food. When you think about food, you think about New York, you know, when it comes to us, right? You know, I mean, think about New York City, think about California, you know, great places for food, but Atlanta cups, Italian food. And that's my favourite. It is truly phenomenal. So the people in food is what I love about Atlanta.

Tony Winyard 2:49

Well, and you talk about food, and I know that you're big into health. And so I guess that's an important part for you.

Gian-Carlo Torres 2:55

Absolutely. Yeah. You know, I always say that a day without good food is not really a good day for me.

Tony Winyard 3:02

Um, so how did the whole kind of health thing come about for you? How did you get so much into health?

Gian-Carlo Torres 3:08

You know, it all started with my mom. Because my mom, she's a almost 20 year, I'm a breast cancer survivor. And, you know, holidays, whenever you get a condition like cancer, then you'll have to kind of obligate yourself to look for good foods and you know, nutritious foods. And so she kind of raised us, you know, eating whole foods, you know, eating organic foods, you know, eating, you know, high quality foods, high fat, you know, low sugar, and that just kind of started so, you know, both my mom and my dad and my grandparents from mom's side, they just always put on us, hey, you know, if you're gonna eat well, you have to eat healthy. And you know, you don't want to have cancer like mom did. And, you know, so yeah, I mean, it was definitely because of my mom's situation with cancer 20 years ago.

Tony Winyard 3:53

And so how are you involved in the health industry? Now? What is it? You do?

Gian-Carlo Torres 3:58

Yes. So I help people now with the immune system. That's what I specialise in. And I do this also because of my mom, because four years ago, she got sick, not what cancer but she got a lupus, and the lupus gave her some very bad chronic fatigue. So, even though we have always been working in volunteer work, I mean, since I'm 12, we've been dedicated over 70 hours of volunteer work. So we had always worked as a family, always, always always, but from that she was just declining little by little. That was very sad to me, as you can imagine. And so that kind of Goddess, okay, you know, we thought we were doing things right, but looks like we're not because she's ill. What can we do now? And in that process, we found a nutria from Canada, that you know, with good, compelling research, and we gave it to her and well the rest is history. You know, like, the results are so fantastic. And like I remember a week later for consuming I wake up a Sunday morning. If you Like yesterday, Tony, and I see her cleaning and reorganising the kitchen Oh, great energy. And I said, Mom, well, what happened? Then a whole year event? And she says, Well, since no train, she says, you know, you know, like, I still have some pain and all that, but I have energy at least, I said, huh. And that research, I really liked what I saw, I really liked what it did to her and the research and everything. So I felt compelled to, you know, to help people with it. So, my now, you know, I help people multimeter. So that's the best way to put it?

Tony Winyard 5:32

Is there a specific type of people you help? Is it like a particular age group or demographic?

Gian-Carlo Torres 5:39

Yeah, well, you know, what, there, there are people that work better with it, right. So for example, if someone does have some sort of illness, okay, or someone that is over 35, it does work better, right, because as you know, Tony, people that are over 35, usually, the immune system weakens a little bit more. Okay. So of course, once they get on the product, they usually get a better result. Okay. And you know, they usually feel just that they have better quality of life. And if someone has any type of illness, but any illness that involves an inflammation, per se, which is most of them, then, of course, once you regulate the immune system, then great things can happen. And like I always tell everybody, look, this isn't a cure at all, this isn't, you know, like an alternative. But it's a great compliment. It's the best compliment. So you know, it doesn't matter if you're in any medical treatment, or natural treatment, really, just compliment this and you see your music, so anybody could and should consume it, in my opinion, you know, and whatever age, but the demographic, I would say, is people that over 35 years old?

Tony Winyard 6:41

And is there any particular condition it works particularly well,

Gian-Carlo Torres 6:45

with? You know, what, I would love to give you an answer there, I can't really say I would say, I would say the people that I've helped the most with this nutrient is funny enough diabetes, and anything with the liver. Um, I would say that, you know, I'm not going to give 100% accuracy because I've been lying, but a good 90% of everybody that's come to me with those problems, I've been able to help, you know, to the point that I'm a doctors don't have to give them a drugs anymore. So I would say those two, it's literally hundreds, Tony. But those two, I'm pretty confident that I can always help them.

Tony Winyard 7:31

And you mentioned before that it's not only this, but they also have to do and so are they also having to do like sort of exercise and get the mindset right, and and so on. I mean, what other things would they also need to do?

Gian-Carlo Torres 7:45

For sure? Well, I mean, you know, I sometimes they asked me, Hey, you like what, what should I and I always tell them look, I'm not your doctor, nor am I nor am I a doctor, so I can't tell you what to or were Nazi right, I say so, you know, I can't I can't give you that advice. I said but as a friend, I can tell you, you know, use common you know, just you know, just use common advice you know, common sense advice is what I meant, you know, don't you know they'll go you know, they'll go to McDonald's every day. You know, don't eat sugar or you know, abuse alcohol sleep two hours at night and expect amazing results. Surprisingly, I have seen people with even bad habits do really good with the product. But it's not recommended up you know, of course not it's definitely not recommendable So, you know, sometimes if if they asked me of what to do, what not to eat, I just recommend books of doctors or podcasts or even some doctors that I know say, hey, look, this doctors great talk to him. You know, he's in the functional approach. You know, for example, we have this other doctor ama Dr. Hyman, he preaches a pig and diet, great, whole nutritious, you know, just, you know, be wise. So, you know, I try never to give medical advice. I'm not a doctor, not a want to be, you know, act like them and then be you know, and then get in trouble. But as a friend, I always try to tell them, Hey, you know, just be wise, be wise and find good doctors. And so, you

Tony Winyard 9:07

mentioned about this nutrient, I mean, what nutrient Is it?

Gian-Carlo Torres 9:11

Yes. So, the nutrient so the product itself is called immuno Cal. Okay? The nutrient is called cysteine.

Tony Winyard 9:21

Okay, so

Gian-Carlo Torres 9:22

there's lots of forms assisting, I'm gonna explain that a second. cysteine usually is found in some foods, okay, like raw broccoli. Basically anything raw, raw fish, raw meat or raw eggs? Okay, what happens that there's a problem with this type of system. For example, starting with rikes raw eggs, even though they have some sort of system could be a little dangerous with the salmonella. So most people are kind of cautious of that. Okay, raw broccoli does have cysteine but you would have to literally boxes and boxes and boxes. Every Every single day to have enough and you know, Tony, if you ate box with boxes of broccoli, that wouldn't be a good day, you know for you and your family, right? If you a raw raw red meat has cysteine but has high bacteria, high bacteria, so that's also not recommendable. And then you also have raw fish, raw fish. Of those four, I would say, is probably the best one. But recently, fish hasn't been as healthy as before because of high levels of mercury. So 42 years ago, Dr. Bruno's and Dr. Khan Shaban doctors from Montreal, Canada, they knew all this. But they they understood that this system, which is a neutron, which is an amino acid, once our cells receive it, our cells make glutathione. And that's kind of the big deal here. But they saw that these one good forms of feeding ourselves was missing, or at least effective forms to consume every single day. So that's when and this discovery, they found out that mother's milk has the highest level of cysteine. But what happens, Tony, and for every mother's listening, mother's milk is only for babies, not for adults. So what do you do? So in this process of just, you know, feeding mice, you know, they weren't allowed to just feeding mice and seeing like, what was good. A company from Switzerland sends up a box says, hey, look, there's this protein. It's undenatured dama, whey protein, it has no lactose, no casein, the only thing it has is on the nature whey protein, try it out in mice. And if it has us use it, they're like, okay, so you start feeding the mice with the protein. And they saw at the mice immune system skyrocket. This is just phenomenal. But they had no idea what it was. These are, so they kept feeding mice with this protein. And the immune system was always better. And they and they were always, they also saw that the detoxification was so much better. And they were intrigued when he said, but what is happening. And that process, they discovered that it was raising good assign, which is a molecule we all have. And in that process, again, what they discovered is that once you get rock house milk, and you extract it, okay, basically, and you take out the lactose, you take out the case, you take out the fat, okay, so that anybody that is allergic to milk, allergies doesn't have any problem. And the only thing you leave is assisting, it has a special system, which is called bond assisting. And this bond system, basically is a protective system. And once your cells receive it, your whole body makes cool design. That was the discovery. And they kept testing in mice, then they started testing to human beings. And they saw the same results. Time and time again, they say you know what, this is something that most people have to understand through education and understanding. And that's exactly what we've done. So that's, that's the nutrient.

Tony Winyard 12:46

Wow. And so it has been so how long has that been available for?

Gian-Carlo Torres 12:50

in the markets been available? 23 years, the research behind that has been over 42? Right.

Tony Winyard 12:56

And so is this, like mostly on sale just in the States or around the world or?

Gian-Carlo Torres 13:02

So right now we actually have, we have businesses over a 13 countries. So this includes Canada as a as the home. Canada, us, Mexico, Guatemala, and Europe, we have UK, actually an England, Ireland, Scotland. Now we have Spain, our open Italy, France, countries, South America, like Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico and the Republic. And the goal honestly is, you know, is that every single country in the world, you know, you know, everybody understands this through education and understanding. And so

Tony Winyard 13:39

does it have the same effect in say, countries that have a different standard type of diet than say from America?

Gian-Carlo Torres 13:50

Well, you know, it's a good question. You know, and Europe, for example, in the UK, I'm a, we've seen very good results. Okay. I'm a by itself. And in Spain also, I would say, you know, I can't say that this product will have the same effect, for example, Japan, because I haven't helped anybody with this product in Japan, like, you know, so you'd like, I'm, I can't answer that directly. But what I can say is that it really does depend a lot on how people in that place, see nutrition. Okay, some other people in countries are more sceptical about it, because you're more about conventional approach, which is necessary, okay. But now, you have to combine both conventional with natural, that's where you get max results, countries that see nutrition this way, usually a lot more open and make sense to them. And since it makes sense to them, I've seen that they have better results. As you mentioned earlier, mindset is a big deal. Okay, this isn't a placebo in the sense that if you buy a method, you know, it won't work. You know, I've had negative people consume this and feel amazing and then change your mind. But if you don't have that open mind approach on Hey, let's combine both conventional and nutrition, I think it's gonna be harder for you to not only consume it, but to get a result for sure.

Tony Winyard 15:07

And so what form does it come in?

Gian-Carlo Torres 15:10

It comes in, in. So a box of immunocap, for example, brings about 30 pouches, and each pouch brings up a 10 comma 10 grammes of protein. So it's about it's a protein, and you just mix it with liquid on every single day. And yeah, that's and you consume it tastes great.

Tony Winyard 15:28

And some way I mean, you know, there's so many different types of diets around we have keto and vegan, and as you said, pegan, Mark Hyman talks about, and oll the various other diets, does it make any difference? What type of way a person eats as to whether this will be effective or not?

Gian-Carlo Torres 15:46

Well, you know what? It does, it does, because there are people for example, that say, hey, look, I'm vegan, and that comes from animals, so I'm not going to consume it. And of course, you know, everybody has their own their own beliefs and their own philosophy behind their diets. You know, I'm a, some people started diet for, you know, to not to not eat animals, you know, like the, you know, like, like vegan, you know, which I respect. And so people, you know, go, I'm a vegetarian and all that. So, I've seen that this product, or this protein, per se, which, whatever diet, it does a pretty similar result, okay, I usually prefer to help people this product that are consuming among grass fed products, okay, you know, I'm a grass fed meats, grass fed milk, because I've seen better results. But I've also seen fantastic results with people in vegan diets. There's only basically two people that can't consume this product. One is people that are actually allergic, or they were born allergic to mother's milk. That is uncommon, Tony, I haven't encountered someone like that yet. But that's part of the claim, if you are allergic to mother's milk, probably avoid this product is is the closest thing to mother's milk as possible. The second person that can consume it is someone that they there has to replace their organ for someone else, and then they're consuming immunosuppressive therapy. If you're usually consuming immuno suppressive therapy, so that the buyer doesn't reject the organ, there's probably not a good way to consume this product in the beginning, because this product will maintain your immune system is going to regulate it. So it's probably going to pump it up and attack your organ. Those two people, I would never suggest for them to consume this, at least in the beginning. But apart from that, you know, any diet or any person, it's welcome, of course, everybody has different results, some faster, some slower. As I said, people that are already involved with grass fed meats and grass fed stuff and know the value of that, it's usually a lot easier than then, for example, someone that is vegan. But once again, I've helped countless people vegan. So you know, it would you know, I would say that it's pretty universal.

Unknown Speaker 18:09

We hope you're enjoying this episode of the habits and health podcast where we believe creating healthy habits should be easy. If you're looking for the fastest and most effective way to transform your energy and wellbeing, we invite you to join Tony for an upcoming habits and health workshop. This five week group workshop will empower you tools to disrupt unwanted habits and make positive changes easy. You'll enjoy sound asleep, better energy, less stress, and happier mood workshops begin on the first week of every month. And you can sign up now at Now back to the show.

Tony Winyard 18:53

You mentioned before that how how much it helped your mum, Do you know any other stories, or any other examples you can give of people its really helped who maybe didn't believe it would help them?

Gian-Carlo Torres 19:07

Yeah, for sure. Yeah, you know, I'll give you one of my favourite stories are last year in March, when, when the pandemic pretty much started my referral, someone called me here and he said, hey, look, my name is you know, this and this and that. And they told me about this product. And they said that this product would work. And I said yes, it would, you know, how can I help you like and what's your problem? You know, first I have to know you know what they have been for me to see how it can help. And that's what he told me that for the past a year or so he he has been on the battling stage four cancer but actually the cancer has been spread it in five Oregon, so you can almost say stage five. And honestly Tony, when he told me that I was confident. I was also a little scared because it you know, basically, the doctor had given them two three months of life. I mean, he told me that he couldn't take showers by himself. You know, I mean, he needed his wife to help him because he had no energy. He barely could walk. And he basically had no life. He was basically in bed the whole day. And he even had friends that told them, Hey, you know what you heard the good life give up. You reference him. That's only because he was such in a bad situation. But you know, He's, uh, you know, he's a tough guy. He's a tough guy. And he said, you know what I want to, you know, I'm going to be fighting with you fighting, I'm not going to give up. And that's exactly what happened. And so he called, and he found out about this product. So I told him, I said, you know, what, I said, I can help you. And I explained, I explained how this worked in his condition, I and I also explained, hey, look, again, it is a compliment. This is not the cure at all, you know, compliment this to your treatments. Now, if you want to use this by yourself, you know, by itself, you can't, but that's your decision. He said, Okay, I, and eventually, I found out that he just consumed this, he consumed in a very high dosage tree, you know, I gave him a cancer dose, which put it that way. And he followed it. So I call him you know, I'm following up with him. And the first month, he feels great energy, somebody he and I had, which was awesome. And in October, after a couple, I would say five to 10 calls. On my column, he says, Hello, john. Carla, how are you? And I said, Hello. You sound good. And I said, you know, and in the conversation, I asked him, I said, you know, how you know of, you know, how you feel, you know, what's been the result since, and what he told me was that from cancer in five places, he has cancer, it only in two places, right? Now I'm talking. He couldn't take a shower, or you know, or do things by himself. And now he can fix it, you know, now it every single day with his wife, he goes and fixes homes, he builds tables, he has energy, he can do volunteer work. Now, before he there was volunteer work. Now he does over 40 hours of volunteer work, because he really does love to help people. And just the other days, I asked him how much, you know, Kyle help. And he said that, from one to 10 has been a 15. And I, and I couldn't believe it, because he also had one of the strongest cancers in his brain. And recently, he went and test showed that he didn't have it anymore. So, you know, I just actually interviewed him on it yesterday. And I couldn't believe it. And again, this is one extreme case, right, Tony, you know, but, um, you know, there are, you know, there are healthy people like myself that could swim every day, just for prevention, just for prevention. And but yeah, you know, I would say that recently that that is the story that touches my heart.

Tony Winyard 22:41

And we're his doctors able to give any explanation as to what happened.

Gian-Carlo Torres 22:47

Well, you know, he's a, I actually haven't asked what his doctors have, have told them, honestly, I usually do ask, but not in this case. What I've seen time and time again, is doctors, he they're their little close minded a sense like you like, Don't tell me about it, you know, just keep doing what you're doing. But don't tell me about it. Only a small percentage is like what are you doing? I want to know, I'll give you one story, Tony. I remember this. This lady called me from Texas. And she also had us this stage two breast cancer, which is it still cancer but you know, it wasn't like, like my friends. I said, Okay, so again, I explained everything. She says, okay, so she also went on, you know, on a very high dosage on a cancer, a dosage. And she also decided to take chemotherapy, and I explained that this would calculate chemotherapy perfectly. Okay, great. And that's what she did. So, she starts consuming a week before her first chemotherapy session. And she goes and she takes the chemo and they say, hey, look, you know, after the session, you're gonna feel fatigued, you might lose hair. And you might want to vomit, you know, because it's just, it's chemo. She's okay. Sounds good. To me. It's cancer, okay, takes the first session goes home. Because no side effects, preceding, working, running, so they don't feel anything. Okay. She goes into the second session, they tell the same thing. Just okay. But the keyboard and no side effects. And mind you she's also given product by table, she's not saying anything. And she's, she feels fine and no side effects and she ends up losing hair. And she feels good. Like you don't know. And after the plan was to give her six sessions of chemo. And I think after the third session, someone asked her Is this your your number six already? She says no, it's gonna be my third. And they said, well, it. Looking at your tumour. It seems like you've taken six sessions already. What are you doing? And that's when she realised puppies Wait a second. It's it's what I'm consuming is raising glorify the body and she's about about it. And the doctor said, Well, whatever you're doing, keep doing it. And the doctor is really thrilled. And she, she stopped with her chemo. And she's been five cents. So some doctors, as I mentioned, some doctors are like, you know what, give me more info on that. Because, you know, this is a product that's in the doctors book, and both US and Canada. So it's well researched by the medical community. But most doctors will just kind of leave their patient, you know, kind of make their own decision that sense. Just some doctors can investigate it and probably even take it. Who knows?

Tony Winyard 25:33

What was your approach, when I imagine there must be some people who are very disbelieving, they just think this is too good to be true. What? What kind of situations have you had with people like that?

Gian-Carlo Torres 25:47

Well, you know, what, my, my approach, what I'm determined to do is always to under promise and over deliver, okay, I can't change these stories, because these are real stories. But even in these stories, I try not to give all the details. Okay, because if I give all the details, even if it's all true, they like you said, My say it's too good to be true. Forget it. With that in mind, for someone that is extremely sceptical, which is which is normal, you know, I was sceptical my family was sceptical and 90% of people that are approach are sceptical and for good reason. There's a lot of bad products out there's a lot of false claims out there. And my intention is always again, education understanding. Now how do you how do you educate people, so that they understand? Well, research, research, research, research, just like a real estate agent says location, location, location, its research, research features and nutrition and supplement community, whoever has the most research wins the game. And the reason why I so constantly talk about what you know, like what I'm talking about, and I show my team, you know, to the same thing is research, you know, you know, like, I'll give you, you know, a couple of facts with this product. So it was the first natural product to be in the pharmaceutical book of both US and Canada. That's, that's not common for, for a nutritional product to be in a pharmaceutical book. Okay, so if anybody who's in medical community is listening, and of course knows about that, but the only thing you have to do is just go to that book, and then just read what the pharmaceutical say. So that's the first thing I would say, Second thing, if people like to look and read through the patents, then they have, you know, we have over 70 patents. And now we have over six pharmaceutical Patents, Patents that work with cancer and even AIDS. And these are, these are pharmaceutical patents, you know, so it's not something that you could just make up a story, Tony and say, hey, look, I help with this person. No, just, you know, if you don't want to believe me just read on the medical patent. And And honestly, most people don't, because it's because it's medical language. But if they want to go, they can absolutely go, you know, it's it's in the internet, and they can just go and read the pharmaceutical patent. You know, it has over 60 clinical studies, most of those have been on human beings, most of them you know, the studies are done in mice. But this whole man is done a human beings and mice but mostly human beings. So, you know, there's so much compelling research, that if a sceptical person, even after research doesn't want to get it, hey, it's all good. No problem. Truly no problem. But they can't doubt anymore, because it's just not a product based on stories. Or based on Hey, it worked. You know, it helped Antoni helped on Junko a consumer stories are important, don't get me wrong. But people don't only trust and stories anymore, because of so many false claims. So, you know, wherever sceptical, you know, I always say look, just here's a research, read it if you want, or here's a podcast, or here's a video, and and do your own research, that would be my, my best tip for everybody that says it's too good to be true.

Tony Winyard 28:46

So the company that created this, are they working on any additional products? As at the moment?

Gian-Carlo Torres 28:53

Yeah. So they, their goal is to at least make a new product once a year, you know, because you want to, you know, you don't want stay behind, especially, you know, in the supplement space. I would say that the the other breakthrough product, okay, that the company created that helped us get more testimonials really, is a product called immuno cow booster. So, what they discovered two years ago, I mean, they were, they were two years trying to you know, investigate to make this product, they work with the University of Colorado. They were looking for a product that would actually compliment me locales, so that you know, cover work even better. And what they discovered is that broccoli seed extract, which is called sulforaphane, as you know, once your body consumes sulforaphane, so forth and activates a gene called NRF. Two. And this gene helps glue the scientists molecule we all have, it helps. Magoo decide detoxify three times more. And it even becomes better to kill tumours in general but again, it's good Prevention or correction. So they, they were a long time and we discovered this and then they made a product that had sulforaphane and also lots of fruits and veggies over, you know, over 50. So what they said was, hey, look, consumers thought it was immunocap and you will get better results. And I seen you know, if we had stories before that product are stories four or five times, okay? Because what happens especially if you live in a big city, most bodies are toxic. Okay, so after water, the best detoxifies Gouda sign, no doubt. So you don't need the booster for your body to detoxify already. But once you add it that the detoxification process skyrockets, so I would say immunocal and immunocal booster, once you combine those two, those are really almost with that, you know, the company also has the basic right Tony has omega has the highest quality vitamins and you know, just stuff that people usually need, or want, you know, to, you know, just to have like, come a better day to day and die.

Tony Winyard 31:02

So what are your How do you see things going for your company, your business over the next few years? What, what fit? Is there any advancements or any new sort of territories? And where do you see things going?

Gian-Carlo Torres 31:19

Yeah, well, when the pandemic started, the question was, what's going to happen, right, you know, for everybody, of course, but in our space was like, are, you know, are people gonna be more interested in what we're helping people with, or less interested. And, of course, you know, we, everybody realise that, the most important thing for, for your health is your immune system. There's no doubt. And though we can't make any claims, as you know, one claim we can actually make is that this maintains your immune system, healthier and unhealthy. And so the demand has been bigger than we've ever seen for the past 20 years, honestly, because people are looking for a strong immune system, but they're looking for a product with compelling research that can prove it. So after the pandemic, people are, at least for you know, at least for a little bit, are going to be more aware than ever of their uses, because they're going to remember COVID-19, what happened with COVID-19. And so that's going to stand their brain for a while, like, you know, what, I don't want to make the same error of not taking care of my immune system, just because that was fine. Because another pandemic, Canada will happen in the future. So I want to keep the new system and let's be honest, COVID-19, even though we know that, you know, things are getting better, and some areas, and mesh is gonna go away, we know it's, you know, it's still gonna stay around. So people are our little fearful for good reason. Because they want a good immune system. So when it comes to people researching, and because we might product, you know, the demand is going to be bigger, bigger than ever. With that in mind. The other thing that I definitely see is that this this company was, arm, I was a little bit conservative for a long time, and just, you know, keeping it in some countries. But eventually, we have a fantastic new CEO, a good friend of mine, I'm American, I'm insane. And he was a non white, he said, Wait a second, this is this is gold, this must be taken to the whole world, of course, in a legal way, in a way that you know that anybody can consume it, we have to take it. And since he came, you know, he's, you know, we've been opening two to three countries per year. So the global expansion, I and you know, of people knowing this product, you know, I would say in the next five to 10 years, if things go well, you know, the company will be in 30 to 40 countries. And that gets me happy. That gets me happy, because copy has been around 20 years. And it's time for the whole world to know about what we're talking about.

Tony Winyard 33:50

Before we finish here; I often ask people about books that particularly move them. So is there a book you can think that you've read in the last few months, few years that has particularly moved you for any reason?

Gian-Carlo Torres 34:06

one book I'm reading right now, it's by an author called a john Maxwell. The title of the book is called Leader shift. And he just released that book, I think, two or three years ago, or two years ago. And the reason why I got that book is, of course, you know, the title intrigued me I know the author already, so I trust him. But it's because in 2020, there was such a shift in everything, and how you work how you feed yourself. So I noticed I had to shift how I think I have to not only shift the way I think I have to influence people on how to shift their way of thinking for good. And this includes business because health is of course money. This includes everything. And the book has been truly phenomenal. I you know, you know, it's it's one of those books, Tony that you read it you listen to it. It's like candy. It's like candy because it's so sweet. It's music to your ears. Because so many things make sense. So I would say, you know, and you know, my, you know, my tip for anybody, you know, that is listening, you know, leadership shift, you know, shift your brain or whatever work through three years ago, probably is not working now. And that and that specially in nutrition, you know, definitely shift, and good things will happen for sure.

Tony Winyard 35:20

If people want to find out about the product and more about you, where should they go?

Gian-Carlo Torres 35:24

Yes. So, I'm a big social media guy. And I think most people now have social media accounts. So I have my three social media accounts, and anybody can find me. So if if, if the person that you know, whoever's listening has Instagram, you can literally just type the public account, you know, just follow me, send me a message and have a great conversation through LinkedIn, it's my full name, Gian-carlo Torres, and you'll find me. And also on Facebook, same name. Now, I'll give a little sneak peek here. I've been rebuilding my website, and the name is also going to be this as of now it's still not finished. So I can't really give it away yet. But meanwhile, you can follow me on social media. And I would love to have a conversation with you.

Tony Winyard 36:17

And finally, is there a quotation that you like?

Gian-Carlo Torres 36:22

Yes, you know what? It's actually just heard this recently. And it's that everything in life is 80% mindset 20% mechanics. And I, I live by that, Tony,

Tony Winyard 36:39

why, why does that resonate with you?

Gian-Carlo Torres 36:42

Well, because there are people that have all the right resources. But don't take action and have the wrong mindset, then they mess up. And then there are people that don't have any resource, but have the right mindset are hungry, and then they find it. So my thing is, okay, what kind of mindset do I have? What kind of mindset do I have? How can I keep growing my mindset, so that once there's an opportunity, I can get it, and find it or help people with it. And it's just reality, you know, there are people less qualified than me doing things that you know, that I'm supposed to be doing. And then there are people a lot more qualified than me that are not doing the things that I'm doing. Tom, so for me, it all starts and ends with mindset. So that's my obsession to work with my mindset every single day of my life.

Tony Winyard 37:33

yanko Thank you very much for your time. It's been a pleasure. Thank you.

Gian-Carlo Torres 37:36

Oh, it's, it's been my pleasure, Tony. Thank you.

Tony Winyard 37:40

Next week is Episode 25 of habits in health, but it's actually the 150th episode of the various incarnations, the first of incarnation was Exceeding Expectations, which was 100 episodes. Then there was 25 episodes of Happiness versus Flourishing. And as I said, next week will be Episode 25. And that will be with Elizabeth Kristof. And she runs a brain based wellness company, which is a method of putting the brain and nervous system at the centre of your movement training, behaviour, change practice and mindset coaching. So we're going to hear a lot more about how it is that Elizabeth does that next week, Episode 25 of habits and health. Hope you enjoyed this week's show. Please do share it with anyone who you feel would get some value from it. And I'll see you next week.

Jingle 38:35

Thanks for tuning in to the habits and health podcast where we believe creating healthy habits should be easy. If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe and leave us a review on your favourite podcast app. Sign up for email updates and learn about coaching and workshop opportunities at See you next time on the habits and health podcast.

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