Anna Bain

Habits & Health episode 6 - Anna Bain

Habits & Health episode 6 with Anna Bain, who created a business named Lifestyle Rebelz to help revitalise people’s energy.

Anna achieves this by making minor changes to the habits in people’s lives around nutrition and movement.


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Tony Winyard 0:00

Habits and Health episode six. Welcome to the podcast habits and health where we give you ideas of the habits you can create to improve various aspects of your health. My guest today is Anna Bain. She specialises in helping people who have really lost energy and they're feeling tired very often and they don't really understand why. And she really helps to revitalise people to get that energy back. And it's amazing how many people don't, it happens so slowly, and it creeps up that they're not even aware sometimes. All just how deficient in energy they are. So let's, we're going to get more into that very soon. If you do like this episode, please do share it with someone who you feel probably would this would really be helpful to them. why not subscribe to the show and leave a review that lets other people know what you think about this podcast. Right now. It is time for this week's episode.

habits and health My guest today Anna Bain. How are you Anna?

Anna Bain 1:08

Very well. Thank you for having me, Tony.

Tony Winyard 1:12

It's a pleasure. I'm really glad you accepted the invitation and where in the UK are you?

Anna Bain 1:16

I am in Surry, in the UK, sunny Surry as as we speak at this moment in time.

Tony Winyard 1:23

And is that where you're from?

Anna Bain 1:25

No I'm originally from Staffordshire Moreland which is for those who don't know, some people do some donuts. It's halfway between Birmingham and Manchester. So originally from the Midlands, I my heritage is Scottish. So I am a Scottish redhead.

Tony Winyard 1:47

And I've been looking at your website, and it's fabulous. It just screams out... the word that really screamed out to me was zest. that was what I really picked up from looking at your website. So can you tell people what it is that you do?

Anna Bain 2:04

Yes, so I am a tiredness and energy specialist. And I help people become the person with energy to envy. And I am an integrative health coach. I'm an EFT practitioner, and I draw on a whole combination of different philosophies, teachings, approaches to health in order to help people whose whose energy is is just not where they needed to be. So most of my not most all of the clients that I work with have have been in this state of low energy or tightness for some time, they have usually already been down the convention of going to see their doctor in their GP. Sometimes they have a have a diagnosis and then go on to our treatment. But most of the time there's no diagnosis, there's no follow conventional medicine, there's no answers to as to why they are experiencing experiencing low energy and tiredness. And so I draw on philosophies from I guess ancient wisdom, such as I Vedic practices, Chinese medicine from plant medicine. I involve a little bit of the womb as some people might look at it, which is more of the energy medicine and law of attraction as well

plays apart and and also combined some of that new science as well. So such as epogen epigenetics by bioenergetics. The new, so much research new research into gut health and the role that our gut and microbiome plays with all aspects of health, but the energy especially it's a huge factor. So for anyone out there who is in that place where they feel that energy is really stopping them from making the progress that they'd like in life, and perhaps they they're sitting and they're looking at other people around them, and they're asking how does that person have so much energy to do everything that they do? Then I can, I can help and I provide my services on a one to one basis, but the exciting thing that I'm working on at the moment is a online masterclass, which is going to be called energy mastery mastery masterclass series, and that is something that I'm going to be launching later this year as well. So I am Basically, energy obsessed.

Tony Winyard 5:04

And how did this all come about? What was it that happened in your life that made you concentrate on this?

Anna Bain 5:10

I felt really tired for a very long time. That's the simple answer. But just to elaborate for me, I mean, it goes back, it goes back a very long way. I've obviously over the years that I have been studying health and energy, I've had a lot of time to reflect on my own. And it goes right back to my teenage years. And the way that I used to take care of my body or not take care of my body, as the case was for me. And that was started out from a nutrition perspective. And then as I got older, so my older teens, my early 20s, I struggled with addiction, substance, addiction to substances, and that led into a number of years of really damaging my body, from a physical perspective and the age of 25. I made the choice that that wasn't the life for me anymore, and I wanted to live a better life and that and that's what I did. And so even though at the age of 25, I made that change and got myself into recovery. Even at the age of 3536, I was still struggling in a big way with my with my energy. And my and I was feeling tired. A lot of the time. I've been to the doctors, on countless occasions, I had all kinds of tests. And the answer was always we can't find anything, obviously wrong. And so at the age of 36, I was 3637, I decided, Okay, I'm not going to because I got to a place where I was just settling, I just accepted that feeling tired and having low energy was just part of life. And there was a lot of people around me in my life as well, who, who felt the same. And I know, I know now from the work that I do, it's a very, very accepted norm that feeling tired and low energy is just the way life is like life is hard. It's tiring. And I'd got to a point where i'd i i'd accepted that. But yeah, I still had this nagging feeling this gut feeling this, what I now know is was my intuition, telling me that this isn't the way that life is supposed to be. And it doesn't have to be this way. So I went on this journey of really trying to find out what what was going on for me and how I could make it better. And although when I started on the journey, I didn't know that that's what was happening. And it started out with me taking some whole food supplements. As simple as that. And when I started taking them, I started to notice a slight change in the way that I was feeling. So then I thought okay, so nutrition is obviously got a part to play in there. So I became a real nutrition geek. And I started to study nutrition. And I loved it. And I was I was just really captivated by the power of food and how food can be used as medicine. And going back to ancient times of plant healing and plant medicine and the use of Herbes in healing for centuries and centuries. And yeah, all of that captivated me. So that was that was the starting point. And then from that, that led into studying to be a health coach and integrative health coach and lead me to where I am today. So now at the age of 43. I have fantastic energy. I have great quality energy and I feel inspired and this is the thing is you can talk about energy and when we talk about how we feel when we have low energy, those feelings and those emotions of feeling fed up and uninspired and everything's hard work and everything's challenge and the frustration that goes with it and the guilt sometimes the feeling like just can't keep up with life and letting people down. And then

when you do get to that place of unlocking that energy, because I really believe that every single human being has access to an abundance of energy, it's just learning how to unlock it.

Tony Winyard 10:33

There's so many things I want to explore in what you've just said. But one of them, I'll start with what he said, lastly, it seems that so many people just accept that as normal human condition that you just as you get older, you have to take more medication, you have it, you know, depletion and energy. And that's just normal. That's the way it is for everyone. And that's just seems to be accepted as

Anna Bain 10:57

Yeah, Yeah, it does. And that actually, and I'm glad you picked on that point, because that actually is the fundamental reason why my business is called lifestyle rebels. Because the fundamental is all about rebelling against that which doesn't serve us. And part of that is the the way that society has us beliefs and things. And having gone through the journey that I've gone through, I now know that some of those things just aren't true. We don't have to set Oh, and as I said, I truly believe no matter how you're listening to this, and you are feeling low on energy, and you felt like that for a while. And I know, I know, because I've been there and that feeling of frustration, and is this, is this ever going to change? Is that really it for my life? You know that it is possible, no matter how tired you feel, it 100% is possible.

Tony Winyard 12:12

And so would I'm presumed that aim when you made these changes, it started off with the nutrition and you started getting more into sort of studying nutrition. And so I presume you created a series of habits, and do you just put in place? So could you talk about talk about that moment?

Anna Bain 12:28

Yeah. So as you quite rightly said, For me, it started with nutrition, but what I what I've realised over the years, is nutrition is just one part of the puzzle. And for anybody looking to master their energy, there are so many parts of the puzzle, and it's different for everybody. And there's the the obvious the obvious things that impact or energy that most people are really aware of, such as nutrition, such as sleep, such as exercise. And having said that, even though people can be very aware of that, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's easy to make those changes. As we know, and I'm sure all your listeners listening to this will know that changing those those habits and integrating those those healthy habits is it can be simple but it's not easy. That's to two very different things. And so there's a whole host of other things which I just did not realise were hijacking my energy energy and that is a term that you use when working with clients and that's one of the first steps is working out exactly what it what is it that is hijacking your and your energy. And so for me, to give you an example one of the one of the really key things that had been hijacking my energy and I was totally oblivious to it was what I was watching on TV was the types of programmes and the the way that those programmes left me feeling because energy very much comes from our emotional state as much as it does from our physical. And so if we are spending time with our mobile I call your emotional set point. fairly low down on the emotional scale. Chances are you're not feeling very energised. So there is such an intrinsic link between our emotions and our energy and That was something that I was totally oblivious to. As I said, I was so focused on exercise and nutrition and sleep that they were my things and when I got to a point of creating new habits and having really great habits around those things yet, I was still feeling like my energy wasn't where it potentially could be. And so over time, this realisation like I said, even something and when I talk about my shit, obviously there's a whole host of things that that impact our emotions on a daily basis, or emotion stem from from our from our thoughts. And but yeah, what I was watching on TV was one of the biggest things and I was a total Coronation Street fan. I had been most of my life I been from the Midlands and not far from Manchester. I've been brought off on watching soaps, not not just Coronation Street, all the soaps, EastEnders, Emmerdale. And I remember it was a few years ago now probably about four years ago now where I started to really notice and this is the thing with energy mastery. It's it's that process of step by step starting to notice those real subtle things that are making a difference to our energy. And I started to notice how I felt, after I'd watched, I'd sat and watched half an hour of Emmerdale, half an hour of Coronation Street, and then half an hour of EastEnders, an hour and a half of being submerged into drama, everyday drama, which let's face it, most of the time is not uplifting. How we felt an emotion that feel good.

Tony Winyard 17:08

I'm wondering what led to that awareness of realising there was a link there? I mean, can you remember what it was?

Anna Bain 17:16

The first awareness for me was from a guy that perhaps some listeners will know, some may not big guy, Tony Robbins. He was my first introduction to the connection between emotions and energy. And he talks about emotions as if you look at the word, emotion, energy in motion. And that was my first introduction. And it was something that I'd never ever thought about before.

Tony Winyard 17:57

So when you once you you have that realisation and the link between it and so you started what to make changes then and what cut out watching soaps or what happened, then

Anna Bain 18:09

yeah, it wasn't a direct, it wasn't a direct switch. It was over a period of time, that was like my introduction to it. And then from started to read various literature, various books, around similar topics. One of the books that had a huge impact on me, was breaking the habit of being yourself by Dr. Joe dispenza. And that really goes into huge amount of details, put it mildly about, well, the host of things that I'm very much about our emotions, and our thoughts, our thoughts and our thoughts, in fact, our emotions, and how our emotions in parts of our personality and our personal reality. And all of that stuff combined. So it was it was it was a progression over over a period of probably about 18 months, I would say and it's very, very much about taking one step at a time when it comes to to making those changes. And whatever change it is that you're looking to make in life and obviously habits, habits are the are the foundation to to any kind of change. And when we're looking to introduce a new habit or get ready Have a unwanted habit and I never refer to habits as good or bad. I always refer to them as warranted or once in a while I try not. Sometimes I slip up, I probably just said good habit then healthy habits is more healthy habits wanted habits as opposed to on once a habit habits. And so I always encourage people to focus on creating those unwanted habits creating those healthy habits as opposed to stopping the bad one. Because what I find is when when people focus on creating those healthy habits, the the unwanted wants to show up away as a natural byproduct. I don't know if I answered your question.

Tony Winyard 21:05

No, you did. You did and, and again, is there's a number of things that you said that I want to come back to and I'm gonna forget some of them. I guess there was quite a lot but but one of the things you said about 10 minutes ago probably was you talked about when you you had the realisation it wasn't just nutrition. And there was a lot more to it. And, and I've come across this so much myself in the last couple of years, because I had the same realisation and I you know, I studied nutrition, I studied breathing, and and sleep, and, and movement. And what I found quite interesting or amusing in some ways is, you know, I go to the nutrition studies I was doing they were talking about how it's all everything is about nutrition. And in in the breathing stuff I do everything is about breathing. And the same thing for the sleep and the movement. And, and I just realised, well, no, it's not all about any one of those. It's the combination, it's the holistic approach and try and making them work together rather than just trying to make a work from just one approach. It just doesn't work as well doesn't work as well.

Anna Bain 22:14

Yeah, yeah, it's balance. Balance is the key word in, in everything to do with energy mastery. Because sometimes when I start work with, with people, they can have this aim in their mind, perhaps being a person that has kind of great quality level tan woowoo kind of energy 24 seven. And the reality is, and this is the first thing I say to people is that's not how humans operate. We're not designed to be level 10 energy 24 seven, we're just not we're by nature, we are cyclic, we had our natural rhythms and our natural ebbs and flows. And the key to mastery is very much about becoming super aware of your own natural rhythms, and your ebbs and flows and what what helps you thrive so that you can then harness them. So you know, when the best times to do certain activities on like, I know I am very, very clear. I know my and especially for women, men as well. But for women with the with their menstrual cycles and that natural, those natural cycles that we have every month, knowing exactly when when or when or the real good quality energy times and one of those times that we just need to rest or not. And like I said I because I've studied energy for so long now. I'm very, very clear. I know very clearly which which are the weeks which are the days even when I can be doing things like this, like a podcast interview that that takes energy to be putting yourself out there and talking and talking articulately about things that make sense hopefully. And one of the times when that's really not. That's is really not the time. For me I'm better off at that time, behind the keyboard writing or or even just resting and not Working or just going out for those walks in the woods or listening to those audios, those inspiring audios or spending time with your, your pets or your children or, you know, whatever it might be. And so balance, just coming back to balance is things yeah, it's just a fundamental to everything. And as I said a little bit earlier on is as with energy with, with any type of health issue. This is lots of pieces to the puzzle. And all of them are, are important, all of them play a part. And for some people, some may play a bigger part than others. But it's really important to look at things. From a holistic perspective, this is why I like functional medicine. Because functional medicine is very much about looking at the body, the system as a whole of interconnecting parts all are intrinsically linked and all impact one another rather than looking at just perhaps what the symptom is, or what part of the body that particular health issue is showing up often. So

Tony Winyard 26:30

a few minutes ago, you mentioned energy. And as you as you go and insert out something wonderful in my mind is I wonder if you're able to what what you think of by the word energy. And and I my feelings, or my guess is that your thoughts around energy would probably be different from the average person, if that's a good phrase to use would would think of as the word energy. So would you like to hazard a guess as to what you think most people think of as energy and what you think of as energy?

Anna Bain 27:05

My guess would be that other people, when we talk about energy, think about physical energy. And for me, energy is energy is the most important resource that we have. Because I look at it in the way that Okay, so if we have loads of money, but we don't have any energy, we're going to enjoy spending that money, probably not. If we have loads of time, but we haven't got very good energy again, or we're going to make the best use of that time. Are we going to enjoy that time that we have? Again, probably not. So energy is the most important resource that we have. Because when we have energy, we can make money. And we actually not that we can create time, obviously, we can't. But what we can do is be in a position where things just flow so much easier and quicker. So it actually does seem that we have much more time.

Tony Winyard 28:36

And you talk about flow, and when you're in flow; In some ways, it's a bad thing but time goes so much quicker. But that, to me, that's always a good sign when things go quickly. That probably means you're enjoying yourself because if times going slowly. That's not a good sign.

Anna Bain 28:55

Yeah, 100%. And so, flow is like flow will perhaps we'll come back to that flow is a really important word for me. But just going back to your question, so energy is also the gauge of our health and happiness. Again, it's intrinsically linked. When we've got good energy, generally, we're healthy and happy and healthy and happy. We've got good energy. So it's a really great gauge. And by focusing on energy and focusing on it, as a, as a really happy byproduct of that is we become healthier and happier, because it's all intrinsically linked. But I see energy as two. This two types of energy to try and simplify the way that I see it. You've got physical energy which is impacted by food that we eat. The amount of exercise we get the amount of movement that that we have during the day. The the stress that we experience. And when I talk about stress, I talk about emotional stress from an emotional point of view, but also stress as in toxins in the environment, just the environment itself that we're that we're living in the people around us. And so, obviously, what we're putting into our body, how we're fueling our body, the the medications that we are taking, literally, anything we're drinking, anything that we're putting into our body is, is changing off physiology. And it's impacting our physical and our cells. And so there's a whole as I was talking about functional medicine, there's a whole series of systems our body is made up of and energy is impacted by how we look after those systems, and fundamentally all the cells that may make up our physical body, either way, sort of mentioned about gut health and the microbiome. And if we think about the mitochondria, and the mitochondria are the, again, to put it very simply, they're like the little energy dynamos that are in each and every one of our cells, and they are impacted by by, again, lots of lots of things, including all gut health, and our microbiome. So much of it does. And this is what new science is telling us now is showing us that they the vital importance of our gut health and the port that that plays in overall health. So that's so you've got the physical, so that's physical, but then you've got the, what I call the unseen energy. And in lots of philosophies and teachings and spiritual teachings, it's got a number of different got a number of different titles such as, such as prana, and she Kundalini, and it's essentially that unseen energy that comes from the stems from our thoughts, and our emotion. And the way that our energy systems, we have energy systems running throughout our body. If we think about Chinese medicine, they talk about their energy meridians that are kind of like little highways, shall we say, highways of all channels running through our body connecting all of us with electrical pulses, which is energy. And so when it comes to energy mastery, and this is why it's very much a mind boggling body and spirit approach. Because those two aspects of energy, the physical energy, and that unseen energy, or again, it's all intrinsically linked, and to really complete that or create that complete puzzle of energy mastery. It's

taking all of that into account and looking at what are the changes that we can make in our life? What are the new habits that we can create, in order to encourage both all of those aspects of our of our energy to really thrive and to unlock that abundance that we all do have access to and it vary, and this is a really important thing, and I kind of touched on it earlier is starting from where you're at, with small steps. On the path, whatever the path of your least resistance is, so as in what's easy. What is easy, what is easy, and what is fun, and finding when it comes to habit creation. Finding ways to make it easy and fun is crucial.

Tony Winyard 34:53

So the clients you're you tend to work with is from looking at the photographs In your website, and you can see photos if you're doing like sort of handstands and cartwheels and everything. I'm wondering when your clients potential clients first look at that, and I, it will, in some ways it could be of putting work, there's no way I could ever do that. And so the people come to you thinking, there's no chance I can get there. But I do want to get further than I am now. And how surprised they may be worth how much energy they can actually find themselves with. Do any approaches that your suggestion?

Anna Bain 35:28

Yeah, yeah, huge day all the time. And, and on my website, as a writer as well, the the energies, a were very carefully chosen to represent that, that feel and feel of energy, and as you said, at the beginning, that was blessed and enlivened, and enlightenment and, and all of those feelings that equate to to energy. And the writing is, is very much talking to my ideal client, where were they where they are, because I know that when you are in that place of feeling tired and really low energy, it almost feels unimaginable and impossible to ever reach that, that state. So yes, when people come to me, they are very much in in that thing. And as I said, most people that come to me they are very, they're very aware of the the obvious things that they perhaps need to change in their life. But it's starting to explore and look at those things that perhaps they haven't thought of. I'll give you an example of an example from my life, actually. So I'm a natural introvert, and introversion is a personality type as is extraversion. And obviously there's that a scale. Some people are highly introvert, some people are high, highly extrovert, and anything in between, and some people can be a blend of the two naturally, I'm naturally a strong introvert. Yeah, our society is really set up to encourage extraversion. And so throughout my life, I learned to be more extrovert. And the career that I was in before becoming a health coach, and before becoming an EFT practitioner, and lifestyle rebels and doing everything that I do now, there were many demands on me to be outwardly focused to talk to lots of people lots of the time to be based in a plan office. And

I found at that point in my life, despite having made all these changes to my nutrition, and my sleep patterns, my exercise and had been noticing a change in our energy, I then started to really notice it dropping drop again. And it was very much connected with a change in my job. I'd gone from being a manager of services where I had my own office. So I had my own space where I could shut the door, and just focus on my work and have quiet space to still being a manager of services, but being based in an open plan office, and so for anybody who perhaps, is in a role where they are responsible for managing people or services, and so they have lots of people wanting to ask questions and moving things from them on a constant basis, when you're also combined that we've been based in OpenOffice. It meant that I did have no time at any point during the day, Monday to Friday, nine to five, where I had quiet space. And for me as an introvert that was really damaging to my energy. And just really briefly, for those who perhaps aren't familiar with extraversion and introversion and the connection to energy because again, there's a huge connections energy, the way that the way that I can best describe it is that it's not about being shy. Some people get introversion, confused with being shy. It's about being overly stimulated by external external things. So whether that be noise or people or whatever that might mean be. So, for an introvert, spending lots of time around lots of people consistently that overstimulated too much and that drains their energy and then they need to go away and take quiet space to be able to recharge for an extrovert, it's the exact opposite. So they thrive on that stimulation and actually replenishes their energy. And that is the difference and the interesting thing is that through research, they're suggesting that there is a huge percentage of the population that are more naturally introverted, who have learned to become extroverts and and how that has impacted. So for me, that was a huge awakening for me. And again, another thing for me to look at when it came to energy and it and it became so clear to me that that was that was something that was becoming very damaging to me and I actually got to a place where I, I was burnt out. So for me that that point in time. Yes, looking at looking at my website and the ability to be doing handstands you know, being in that that inspired energised enlivens stay, I couldn't, I couldn't see it. But I knew as I, as I said earlier, I'm very much driven by intuition. And again, my intuition told me that that was something I needed to explore in this. And I read an amazing book. And this was more recently, I actually read this book, which was called quiet by Susan Cain. And it's specifically on this topic of inversion. And so for me, it was looking what the next best step was, for me, I wasn't aiming. Back in my tired phase, I wasn't aiming to have fantastic energy and to be, you know, feeling energised and then live, and they're not lifted all of the time. Like that wasn't that wasn't my aim. And that isn't the aim of most people that come to me, the aim is just to have a bit more energy. So that in fact, I'll give you an example of one of my, my real life clients, her aim was that she simply wanted enough energy, so that she could do her work, and still be in a position where she could enjoy an evening with her

husband. Enjoy the the activity of cooking a meal, eating a meal, and spending some time with her husband. because she'd been in a place where that just wasn't, that wasn't possible for her. By the time she'd finished work. At the end of every day, she was just feeling so tired and worn out. She just felt so down and fed up and was falling asleep on the sofa. And it's this whole cycle of because then we did the feeling so tired, having the energy to just get up and make yourself something wholesome and nutritional to eat. So then you're eating food that that's not not great for you, it's not helping you thrive. And then it's it's the whole whole vicious cycle. So when I start working with clients, it's very much about taking that next best step. So whatever that next best step is for them. And it's then No, it's not me. I'm simply there as the guide to help people reconnect.

Tony Winyard 44:37

And I wonder if you talked about, you know, that example of that particular client. And I would guess that it's probably a number of people as well another point where they start to realise the lack of energy that is slowly crept up on them over over the years, and they did there hasn't been any awareness around it. But one point that would really make you aware is when you have children and not so much when they're first born, but once they start running around, and you're trying to keep up with them, and if you can't keep up with them, and you're getting out of breath, that's gonna really hit home. Wow. And a lot of people don't want to be in a situation where they feel they, they can't play with their children, because they're just out of breath, or whatever the case might be.

Anna Bain 45:19

Yeah, you're exactly right. And it is that is that case of when people come to me, it has been that way for a while. And when they've reflected back and one of the questions that I always asked to start with, when did you feel best in your life? At what point in your life to do feel the best? Because that's a really powerful question for people to then reflect back and, and start to think about this, they should have said quite rightly, this slow progression is creeping up of energy becoming depleted, genuinely is over a period of years. So that and that is the important thing for me, for me to highlight is that transforming energy and mastering energy doesn't happen overnight either. Just in the same way that getting to that point of being depleted of energy takes happens over a period of years. However, having said that, there are some very quick, simple things that you can do and become aware of that will help boost your energy quickly.

Tony Winyard 46:39

What do you think in the people that you've been working with wise? Can you think of an example where someone has been really surprised by things that at the beginning, they just thought they'd never be able to do and then they were able to?

Anna Bain 46:54

Yes, yes. So I've got a client that I worked with a short while ago, actually. And she was in a place where she was hot when she was just really frustrated, really, really, really frustrated. And she self employed works by itself. And had a lot of dreams, as in I say, a lot of dreams had big dreams, he had ambitions of what she wanted to do with a business and where she wanted to take it. And her energy was really preventing her from making that programme. And when she first came to me, again, as with most people I start work with it was very much just about trying to feel a bit more energy, I say, I just want to feel a bit more energy than I do. Now. That was that was the aim. But then having worked with me for for eight weeks, and I offer an eight week programme, it's called Shake, shake off the tide vibes. And it's that first step into becoming really aware of what's hijacking your energy by really tracking your energy and then your ebbs and flows and, and creating your own energy remedy. And she, having worked with me for that period of time, and then spent some time just integrating some of the stuff she learned and the habits that she decided she was going to integrate into her life. She actually went then went ahead and created a whole new aspect of her business. So a whole new addition to her business model and the way that she was doing it. So she created an online course and an online membership, for the work for her business and the work that she did. When she first came to work with me, that wasn't her. That wasn't her aim working with me. But the feedback that that was that she gave to me was because of this work that she'd done because of this focus that she put on her on her energy because of the transformation of, of what I call unapologetic self care. Some people refer to as selfishness. I refer to it as unapologetic self care and it is crucial to the improvement of our energy and on our health and happiness. But that's a whole topic in itself. But with that transformation, she was then able to go on and start living into these big dreams that she had. And the starting point was just I just want to have a bit more energy. I just Want to feel a bit better? That's the usual thing. I just want to feel a bit better.

Tony Winyard 50:07

What would you for anyone listening now, who is maybe in that situation where that woman was at the beginning of her journey, and they just, they're maybe they have realised that loss, they have a lack of energy and discipline for many people, that awareness may ever come. But for people who have to realise now, yeah, I am lacking energy, what would you say would be a good first step, some.

Anna Bain 50:32

So really good first step would be to hop over to my website, I've got three guys, which is this called shake off the tide, vide, learn the five types of tires, and five ways to boost your energy quickly. So that's a, that's a PDF download, it's really great and very simple is very simple. Five things that you can do, and five things that you can think about changing within your lifestyle that can make a difference. And I'll just run through those five things. Because, as I said, there are some really simple things that sometimes we're just not aware that we're not doing enough of, or we're not doing at all. So water is one as and perhaps some people, you know, they're very, very, very aware of how important water is. But for others, they're sort of this thing of Oh, yeah, I know, it's important, but I don't really like it, so they don't drink it. But when we're talking about energy, water is crucial. It's fundamental in how our body operates, how our physiology operate, and when we're, we're dehydrated, we will feel it in our energy. So that's one thing is ensuring we're drinking or not water. The second thing is movement, I, my most favourite form of movement is dance breaks, where my friend, obviously, I work from home, I do all my work online, when I work with clients, it's it's over zoom, and it's all online, I spend a lot of time in my space in my home. And so it's really important for me to move, it's really important for people to move, whatever it is they're doing for job, we as human beings are designed to move. And most people in this day and age, certainly in Western society don't move anywhere near as much. And so, and this is why don't refer to it as exercise, because for some people, when you talk about exercise, straightaway, their mind goes to some intent, hit workout, some real intense type of exercise, I'm just talking about movement, just physically moving in whatever way and that's why dance breaks, put on a tune. Whatever is that tune that really makes you want to dance and sing and move and just have a bit of fun. And it is that old saying of dance like nobody's watching. And when you do that, you will see how your energy very quickly will start to change, just just through

that movement. And the third thing is breath. You mentioned breath earlier, the power of breath. Again, most people in their day to day life, don't breathe in the way that we designed to breathe, to truly nourish our system and to energise our system. And so becoming more conscious of how we're breathing, taking five minutes out to do some breathing exercises, and in in my guide, there's a bit more sort of detail on on all of these things and suggestions. But there, there are three things in themselves and, and for a lot of people, yes, very simple. Yes, there are things that people will know about and they've heard about before. My question is, although you know about it, and you've heard that now important, are you conscious of them in your everyday life? And are you taking that time to allow yourself to integrate those things in into your everyday life?

Tony Winyard 54:37

Well, I'll put a link to that, that where that on your website, the PDF, I'll put a link to that in the show notes so people can find that. And I mean, so what is your your website URL?

Anna Bain 54:49

So it's lifestyle is rebels with a said

Tony Winyard 54:57

and what about if people want to find you on mass Social media or whatever,

Anna Bain 55:02

I, I'm not huge on social media. The best way to actually contact me through email, but if people do want to, which they can find off the through my website, my email, they can, they can contact me. But I am on social media. So I have an Instagram account. And that is where where I spend most time if I am on social media, and again, my Instagram is lifestyle rebels with us. Thank

Tony Winyard 55:36

you. You've touched upon a couple of times, you mentioned some some books that helped you along your way. Is there a book that you would recommend to people for whatever reason doesn't necessarily be need to be about health? It could be just a book that really entertained or inspired or whatever, is there? Is there a book or maybe two books?

Anna Bain 55:55

Yeah, well, there's, there's a tonne, there's a tonne of books that I could talk about on a real that is one of the things I do read, but I'm more of a an audio person. So I have the audible app, and I'm forever downloading new credit so that I can get something else to listen to. So that's a huge amount. But the one that really sticks out for me at the moment is one called code read by an author called Lisa Lister. And this is one I say it's for women. Yes, it is. But I also think for men who have women in their life, it's a really good read to understand the cyclic nature of the women that are in their life. So for women, is all about learning to embrace your natural cycles within the month, and really learning to understand how to harness what she calls your superpowers, we have superpowers at different times of the month and learning to know when they are learning when when best to use them. And knowing when best to to just rest and not be around other people. But it was a really, it's entertaining, it's humorous. Her background is really intriguing, as well. And so that that's one definitely for this for this moment in time and the other one which I've already actually mentioned, for anyone who is an introvert or who is wondering whether they are an introvert, or again, even for people who aren't introvert or have introvert people who are introverted in their life for them to understand that a little bit better quiet by Susan cain

Tony Winyard 57:55

is Susan Cain, oh, there's a quote by her and it's really bugging me now. Ice. Genesee is an ugly emotion, but it tells the truth, you mostly envy those who have what you desire. Something I wrote down that quote from a really good quote. I don't think it's from that book. I think it's from one of our earlier books.

Anna Bain 58:21

Yeah, she's she's got a great one. And I'm not I'm probably not going to get this exactly right. But if something like everyone shines, when I'm not even going to try, I don't know, is basically making reference to when you embrace who you are, and you know who you are, and you know, how you thrive and what your strengths are. Shine. So rather than being feeling like forced into a certain way of being

Tony Winyard 58:56

just before we finish, is there any question maybe that I haven't asked you that you think might be useful for the listeners?

Anna Bain 59:06

I really love "Where focus goes, energy flows". That's one of my favourite quotes. And it has been three years now. And it is just absolutely so true. So as I'm, as I sort of touched on in this interview, the power of our thoughts and how our thoughts influence everything and so where we are placing the focus of our minds, on our thought patterns is, is where all your energies going. So, so for me, when I am noticing a thought pattern that is perhaps one thing I'm asking us, I'm always asking myself is, is this helping me get to my end goal, where I'm focused right now and it's helping me get to where I want to get to the movies. This is helping to inspire me and lift me the answer's no then switch my focus because I don't want my energy going towards things that are not serving me and that are not helping me to move forward and now actually essentially, draining my energy.

Tony Winyard 1:00:27

It's been a real pleasure. Your journey and the advice that you've given and I'm sure people will love it. So thank you very much.

Anna Bain 1:00:37

Thank you, Tony.

Tony Winyard 1:00:42

Next week, Episode Seven with Neil Fellowes, he's the co founder of The Total Wellness Club, which is a resource for proactive wellness seekers, who wants to avoid preventable illness and diseases as they age. And they want to do it in in more natural ways as well, is not actually a health expert, but he is a wellness Explorer. So he likes to refer to himself and he's overcome several personal health challenges. He also runs a speaker agency and has a business growth consultancy. So we're going to hear that's next week's episode Episode Seven with Neil Fellowes. If you know anyone who you think would get some real value from some of the information and knowledge that Anna shared with us about revitalising your energy, please do share the episode with them. please do leave a review for us on iTunes or one of the other podcast platforms. And while you're there, and why not subscribe so you get the episodes every week as soon as they're released on a Tuesday lunchtime. hope you have a fantastic week. See you next week.

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