How to 10x your fee

Do you know people who do the same thing as you or a very similar job, who are earning far more than you?

What is it about what they do and the way they treat their clients, the customer service they offer their clients, that’s different to what you do?

Is it feasible that you could be earning a lot more than other people doing similar things to you?

Maybe you could be earning double, 3, 4 or 5 times what other people in your industry earn?

What would it take for you to get to that level?

What would you need to change maybe? Is it something that you need to offer that’s different from other people?
A different experience to your clients.
If this is of appeal to you I have a talk called:
“How to ten-fold your income”

I explore this area and many other areas as well about how you can increase your fee dramatically from where it is now.

Whether that be 2 x it 5 x it even 10 x it. Which is what I’ve managed to do over the last few years or so.

The talk is called “How to increase your fee ten-fold”.


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