How to Begin an Exercise Routine

How to Begin an Exercise Routine

How would you rate your levels of movement ?
Average for your age, above, below average?

But that raises the question of what you think of as normal?
I’ll be digging deeper into that in a separate video,
but a big sign of ageing is when somebody has a decrease in their mobility.

Mobility is incredibly important for our health.
We wanna stay active, and mobile,
and have good lean muscle mass, and good flexibility.

When you start to lose those things,
that is a sign of aging going on in your body.

The most effective way to slow down and even reverse aspects of ageing is by a regular exercise routine,
or a movement routine for those that hate the word exercise!

It’s vital to improve your strength.
Depending on your starting point,
this could range from simply getting up and down out of your chair,
that can really help improve all the strength of the muscles around all your joints.
Do this 10 times.
If you watch a lot of TV and so have very little movement for large amounts of time.
Maybe try to implement this as a habit during the commercials.

It incorporates so many muscles in your body,
in your core, legs, and glutes.

One of the best things you can do for your body
is to spend more time walking throughout the day,
When people walk for two miles or more within one hour,
their chance of living for the next 10 years is much higher than somebody who can’t walk two miles in an hour.
It is recommended to do 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise every week,
and two days a week of strength training.

The strength training could include things like Pilates on a reformer,
more strenuous yoga, where you’re using your own body weight.
Things like “The seven minute workout”
where you’re using your own body weight for resistance.

Of course, it can include things like weight training,
different bands, and pulleys for strength training as well.
for best results try and have movement at least twice a week,
ideally four times.

Another routine that works wonderfully for many people, and works many of the most important muscle groups,
and is good for people of all ages and abilities,
is The 5 Tibetan Rites, also known as T5T 

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Monday: Movement
Longterm sedentary behaviour results in many pains and problems for the body.
Regular movement throughout the day, ideally every 25 minutes is a great way to lessen the pain that many people endure

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