How to unblock your nose

How to unblock your nose

Is your nose often blocked and you’re fed up of having to keep blowing your nose with tissues. Here’s a way of unblocking it naturally.

This isn’t advised for anyone who is pregnant, people with high blood pressure or serious medical conditions.

First, we’ll do a short warm-up 
Block your left nostril and inhale through the other nostril, pause for a couple of seconds, then exhale, while keeping your left nostril blocked.
Pause slightly longer on the exhale.
Block your right nostril and inhale through the other nostril, pause for a few seconds and exhale, keeping your right nostril blocked. Pause slightly longer on the exhale.
Block the left nostril, inhale through the other nostril, and keep alternating a few more times.

Now, take a small breath in through your nose, small breath out of your nose, 
And as you exhale, pinch both nostrils and hold it. 
Then sway from side to side, or nod your head up and down, holding your nose and breath.
Keep swaying or nodding while you hold your nose and breath and keep your breath held until you feel you really need to breathe and then let go. 
Push it a little, but don’t push it until you feel uncomfortable. 
When you breathe again, you shouldn’t have to take a big gasp of breath. 
if you do, that means you held your breath too long.

Now inhale through your nose and breathe normally, wait a minute and we’ll repeat that again.
You might feel feel your respiratory muscles contract as you hold your breath, 

As you do this, there are four things happening.
1. Carbon dioxide increases in the bloodstream, which is a good thing.
2. Nitric oxide increases in the nasal cavity which opens up your airways. 
3. You might feel a slight heat buildup because you have a lot of blood flow in the nose.
4. You activate the sympathetic nervous system.

Repeat this procedure five or six times, with roughly a 1 minute gap between each time.
You usually have to do that five or six times to really open up the nasal cavity.

If you rarely breathe through your nose, this may feel strange, but the less blockage you have in your nose, the easier it is to breathe through it, and the more health benefits you gain from that.

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