Implement this habit to reduce your stress

Implement this habit to reduce your stress

Is your life filled with a lot of stress?
If you’re able to implement the following habit, you could reduce that stress significantly.

The good news is stress creates opportunity, if you allow yourself to reframe it.
By substituting a short- term stress for a chronic stress, is very effective for many people.
Physical exercise, which is a short-term stressor, is the best remedy for chronic stress.

and one bonus habit to help with stress.

If you believe that life sucks and that everything is against you.
Then that is what you’ll expect to see each day when you wake up.

The reticular activating system in our brain will make sure you see all the negative things because that’s what you’re focusing on.
It’s the same as when you decide to get a sky-blue sweatshirt,
and suddenly it seems like everyone you see is wearing a sky-blue sweatshirt.
Or you buy a labradoodle because not many people have one of those types of dogs, right?
No sooner have you bought it than it seems everyone else has bought one also!

When you expect everything to be bad, that’s what your brain will show you.
You’re gonna see all the evidence of how life really does suck,
and today is just like every other day.

If you took a chance and decided “today is gonna be a great day”
and say that to yourself as you wake up and your feet hit the floor.
Say to yourself, that life is glorious, it’s amazing, there’s so much cool stuff happening,
and you start to look for that… you know what?

That is what you’re gonna see.

Cynics will say that’s being unrealistically optimistic without realising the irony,
that of course they think like that and it will feed itself and continue.

We have a choice in everything we do, and you DO have a choice to decide to make that switch.

Why not try it?
See if it works.
But if you try it, you have to follow through.
It’s pointless, saying ‘today is gonna be a great day’,
but really thinking that it isn’t!

and hey, if it doesn’t work, what have you lost?
You can go back to believing everything is terrible,
and just write me off as another clown, who tried to help.

Friday: Mindset
The way that you think about things will dictate how much stress you have in your life. Learning how to reframe how you perceive things can greatly reduce the amount of stress you take on.
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