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Habits & Health episode 36 -Justin Frandson

Habits & Health episode 36 with Justin Frandson, who is an Athleticism Performance Coach. He has worked with amateur and professional athletes for the past two decades and seen athletes breaking down from excessive levels of EMF from their SMART watches, wireless earbuds, and electric cars.

We discuss these issues and talking about the results of the testing he has done on hundreds of homes and clients. He sells Grounding and Faraday Bags at doctor clinics. The Grounding Bags are hand-mined crystals with moisture and magnetic properties to ground and repel EMF for a deeper night’s sleep.

Recommended Books:
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Eileen Day McKusick
by Dr. Steven Schwartz
Favourite Quote:
Get grounded by nature


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Tony Winyard 0:00

Habits and health Episode 36.

Jingle 0:03

Welcome to the habits and health Podcast, where we believe creating healthy habits should be easy. Brought to you by an educator and coach for anyone who wants to create a healthier life. Here's your host Tony Winyard.

Tony Winyard 0:19

Welcome to another edition of the podcast where we give you ideas for ways you can improve your health. Today's episode is with Justin Frandson. He is an athleticism performance coach and has worked with amateur and professional athletes for much of the past two decades. He saw his athletes breaking down from excessive levels of emf from their smartwatches wireless earbuds and electric cars. And he's tested hundreds of homes and clients and he sells grounding and Faraday bags at doctors clinics throughout the US and in many other countries as well. And these contain hand mine crystals with moisture and magnetic properties. And we're gonna hear a lot more about these bags about EMF, how it affects people and about sort of smartwatches and many other things as well. So that's all coming up in this week's episode with Justin Frandson. If you know anyone who would get some real value from this episode, please do share it with them. And hope you enjoy this week's show. habits and health My guest today Justin Frandson. How you doing Justin?

Justin Frandson 1:25

Great Tony, thanks for having me on your show.

Tony Winyard 1:27

No problem. And we find you in Southern California today.

Justin Frandson 1:31

That's correct.

Tony Winyard 1:32

Cool. Southern California. For us in England, it conjures up images of exotic and hot. , what is your experience in Southern California?

Justin Frandson 1:43

Well, I grew up here so I don't know much different other than sunny days and lots of beach time. Unfortunately, we just had an oil spill. So we're not I'm not allowed to surf right now, which I normally do get on the water every day. So a little bit of a change when our backyard playground gets polluted. But other than that, it's it's a beautiful place in the planet.

Tony Winyard 2:10

Surfing is not a thing many people do here because it's not quite as warm. I think the only time I've ever been surfing was when I lived in Indonesia for a while. But then saying that there's a number of people in England that do surf. They're very brave. I know physical exercise and athleticism is a subject that we're going to touch upon a lot today. I know that you work with athletes, and I'm guessing you've got an athletic background yourself.

Justin Frandson 2:44

Yeah, I start off being a two sport athlete growing up playing soccer and tennis. I call it more one dimensional sports because you don't get the vertical jump developed in those two sports as you do with basketball or volleyball, per se. So I actually ended up getting hurt. I wanted to keep playing tennis in college, I went to the University of Southern California and I got hurt so both my wrists kind of gave out I think it was I lifted probably too heavy early and some of the carpals metacarpals moved and then I just kept playing on that injured area never had them adjusted, where one chiropractic adjustment potentially could have kept me playing. So but yeah, lots of sports growing up, I always wanted to be in involved in it. And I just boundless energy and hustle energy and I developed the coordination later on to the level that I probably, you know, would have gotten me to where I wanted to go. And through our athleticism programme and and then recently published a book athleticism, whole body plus whole brain equals performance. And you can find that on our website. athleticism calm. So yeah, it's the sports has been a big part of my world for for many, many decades.

Tony Winyard 4:13

And so since you've gone from being really active in it to now actually helping athletes in different areas, what how does that change?

Justin Frandson 4:22

So it's been over two decades since I started. And when I was coming out, we were there were many guys that knew what professional athletes were doing. And so I was blessed with an incredible mentor was a strength coach in the NBA and NFL. And then a son went on to be a strength coach in the NBA for a couple of decades as well. So we had just, we had some inside knowledge and cutting edge programmes that no one was doing and no one knew what the pros were doing back then. I mean, we had one The first Bosu balls in our gym, we brought one of the first kettlebells to Orange County. I mean, we just had some incredible programmes I was my mentors were guys like john eims, who's a physical therapist who does primal reflex release techniques. So I was working with the nervous system. And the reflex is at a really early age, Dr. Darren Weissman. We started doing he does the power of infinite love and gratitude to all just emotional clearings. I mean, who is doing emotional clearings in 2001 to Iowa was, you know, with these athletes and so, we're, I was just was blessed to have some incredible mentors on stretching therapy and strength training and went on into Olympic lifting. And so we've combined all these facets, but just alone, my mentor, Dean Burnham was one of the foremost thinkers, pioneers and what true sports performance was and how it's really about developing coordination and getting in the infinite flow of the universe.

Tony Winyard 6:12

So do you only work with athletes? Or do you work with "normal" people as well?

Justin Frandson 6:19

I start off mostly with athletes because that's, you know, we were a speed programme and jump programme. And so we only get athletes as it evolved, I started doing more treatments and therapies. So now I do nerve work. And I do sensory motor nerve work to get anyone stronger, longer and out of pain. So when you're working with the nerves, they supersede the muscles. And so we can get about 20%, stronger right away just by reestablishing a faster nerve connection. And I use light therapy and sound and frequency vibration. Those are the tools that I use in my toolbox to help facilitate with sports performance.

Tony Winyard 7:07

You mentioned their frequency vibration, and light therapy, and so on. How did you start to, I guess, get interested in all of that sort of area. What happened there?

Justin Frandson 7:19

Tony, I always thought out of the box, I mean, I was never I go to the doctor and take a drug, his health kind of guy. And so I really wanted to expand my education outside of the tangibles. So it just, it was more about the intangibles, the energy systems, the energy of people, the energy of, excuse me, bringing into, you know, how, how much you really want to win and the desire to, you know, succeed like just that those energies, that positive energy that you could kick off, and then seeing those, I can see those energies that pan and that play, and other people would just see bodies, I would see energy. So it just it's kind of always been where I want it to work. And and it's the level that deep, deep level of the intangibles of waveform technology, in addition to developing the body and the foundations of it, that those two parts together, that's how we can really make a significant impact on an individual.

Tony Winyard 8:41

Or for anyone who's listening who's really doesn't know much about what you've just been talking about. How does that help an athlete or any person?

Justin Frandson 8:53

I'm sorry? How does it help them?

Tony Winyard 8:56

From an injury perspective, or just for everyday life?

Justin Frandson 9:00

for both, I mean, when you're increasing your chi or your life force, you're gonna perform better, you're going to optimise at a different level than anyone else. And so, and then when you build all those energy systems up, everything just kind of falls into place a lot, a lot easier. So it's definitely for prevention, performance, overall health and wellness, longevity in your career, it just checks all the boxes that you want checked.

Tony Winyard 9:37

And the athletes you're working with, are they quite receptive to that kind of thing? Or are they sceptical at all?

Justin Frandson 9:45

Definitely, I mean, when you walk in and say we're gonna learn how to juggle today, and the guy's like, What are you talking about? You know, I'm a soccer player and I juggle with my feet and on my hands, like why would I be you know, needing to do This and when we start to teach them about this more connected way connections and pathways from the brain to the body. Yeah, I mean you get a few books the first couple of workouts on on some of the different techniques we're using. But at the end of the day, you know when when you can really find someone they can go man, I just played the best I've ever played, you know, and I had the highest percentage I just was in the flow, I didn't miss I less unforced errors, less turnovers, whatever language communicates for that sport. That's what we just keep hearing. So now the second you do this, you just your body just feels better comes alive, more fast twitch, more coordination. It's definitely an exceptional programme. And, you know, and so it's quite tangible, as far as the success that you can see from our athletes, and then what the body can feel.

Tony Winyard 11:13

So before we recorded was before we started recording, we touched upon, the different frequencies that you mentioned. So can you explain more about that and for anyone is really maybe not very knowledgeable on that whole area?

Justin Frandson 11:28

Yeah, so right now thanks, Tony, I'm, I've really gravitated towards getting grounded by nature and wave form technologies, and mostly understanding that our bio field our health lies and our energy field. So when you can get grounded and pull them the electrons from the negative on a charge of the earth, and then we get the positive ones coming in from above. From unpolarized light, like the sun, our body is what acts like a battery. And so we get this bio charge. From this electromagnetic blanket of an atmosphere that we live in, we live in this entire electro magnetic universe, everything is electric, everything has a resonance, everything has a frequency. And, to me, like that's the most profound, out of that of everything. So we need to understand that we are one with the universe and we we resonate really well with the Schumann resonance, the healing pulse that Earth is 7.83 hertz, or waves per second. So the cell phone 2.4 or 5 billion waves per second. These are one directional wave form. So these are really disruptive for a body. So unfortunately, what I've seen is athletes would come in and they're wearing wearable technology, smartwatches ear buds, driving electric cars, mostly Tesla's around here, and they're breaking down for virtually no reason. So but there was a reason the reason was is because they had manmade radiation effects affecting their biofield levels were just too much for their body to take. So for me, just one of the big things for performance is just to clear the stressors out so when you can get individual waveforms of these one directional manmade radiation out of your world, you're going to be able to sleep better and heal and perform not have a cognitive challenges. So I really understand that that this is 10 zeros faster than how we sleep rather than optimise. It's a one directional and it's positive charge. And we do really well with the negative ionic charge, not a one directional positive charge. So if we add 10 zeros to anyone's bank account, Tony that's a big difference, right? Same with when you add 10 zeros to the speed of a wave. That's a one directional positive charge on our bio field. So I started looking into that whole aspect and how to help the athletes and and then we came across came up with the grounding bags and where we had mine crystals that have that natural Schumann resonance in the bag, help him sleep and recover and heal. And so when we go talk about waveform technology, this is it.

Tony Winyard 14:40

If an athlete comes to you, and their performance is declined, and they can't put their finger on why and what the reason is, it's not they haven't had an injury, but they're for some reason they're not performing as well as they used to be and then you start talking to about about these frequencies and when About how I'm just wondering the reaction of the athletes when you when that kind of conversation has happened, and then how you actually work with them and the changes that have resulted from that?

Justin Frandson 15:13

Well, again, it's, it's quite tangible. Yeah, to see the results once we get going. And I mean, you feel it instantly, it's like literally one session and you'll feel just different, you'll feel different. And you can see the body move a lot differently. But yeah, talking about frequencies and I think we've been so tricked our whole world's been tricked on on bad science. And for me, being a science junkie and biology and physics and, and really understanding kinesiology, the, how the body moves, how it connects and flows. And for us to be told that hey, a virus is a bad guy, you know, it's out there to kill you. Like, it's just bad science. It's, we those are, that's our adaptive system. So we're getting told a lot of things as athletes coming up, that you know, are just inaccurate. So when we start to educate them on physics, biology, kinesiology, and how the body's designed to move and then integrate all those together, through the infinite flow of the universe. You know, and what these brainwave states are that that how we optimise and when they're low and slow, so when we're sleeping, you're familiar with brainwave states, right? Turning your one or, or below one to eight hertz, or waves per second, when we're in a restful state, or delta theta, theta is a really dreamlike state. Well, that's the same frequency as the earth. So when we start to understand how we connect with this earth, and how these low and slow waveforms resonate with, with athletes for performance, then we can start to go Okay, these are the stressors, and these are what you want to, you know, get out of your world, and then they really start to resonate with that a lot better.

Tony Winyard 17:26

In that hypothetical, hypothetical example where the athlete comes to you, their performance is declining, They don't know why. So when you work with them, what kind of things would you be doing with them to improve their performance?

Justin Frandson 17:39

Well, I think the first part is I make them take off the wearable technology. So if there weren't a smartwatch, nothing's gone. They are here, but those are gone because there's just a canal, it's an airway directly to your brain. So if you have an ear bud that's 2.4 or 5 billion waves per second of manmade radiation localised in your inner ear. Yeah, not so enhancing for an athlete who develops a lot of their balance through their inner ear so and then along with the probe receptors throughout their whole skin so it's it's a really detailed comprehensive programme as far as getting stressors out feeding the body optimally. And then we do lots of balance and flexibility and coordination and ambidexterity. Some foundational strength stuff, posture, work, breath work. Yeah, and all those components and then we do sound therapies to get you help facilitate get you in that lower brainwave state for optimal performance. They call it alpha brainwaves stay when you're like eight to 12 hertz or waves per second. So we want to optimise and get you there, trick your body into getting there more often than not, and then you're going to have that consistent flow. We can do it through sound, we can do it through coordination movements, most of the stuff we do Tony are nonlinear. Like it literally it's a semi circles and figure Eight's we're not doing straight line train. So with your clients, just having a move in a semi circle will be like the most profound thing that you could ever do with them when they're doing like a skipping, bounding, shuffling or type of a movement. So we're looking at a lot of different components per se, that I think everyone would benefit from and then when you start to break down when we get even more specific on on some of the speed droz and then how we do the high intensity, high frequency through a full range of motion. When we get into that in the book, then people are like, This is crazy. He ends up getting like a whole nother level. So we have all these layers and layers, the rings of a tree per se that just help you have that really solid foundation.

Tony Winyard 20:12

More and more people now are becoming aware of grounding, and they know that, for example, you go to your local park, and you take your shoes and socks off and it's therapeutic to walk on the grass and you get grounded but many people have no idea why that works or how it works. So could you maybe explain grounding?

Justin Frandson 20:37

there's a book by a guy named Clint Ober, called Earthing, lots of scientific studies and in the book and talks about how you can really heal. When you're grounded, you don't have pain, when you're grounded, we essentially what it is, is we have a negative ionic charge coming from the bottom of our of our body, we get a positive charge coming from above, the positive charges is from unpolarized light, so like the sun, which distributes equally in every direction. So we have that battery effect that I mentioned earlier that our bodies really pull, they pull the electrons from the negative ionic charge of the earth. And that feeds our, our cells, our body. And so that's where we get that energy from. But if our body really wants to have that charge and have that frequency near us, that was a lot of the big part about the astronauts going in space, they didn't have that. That polarisation that charge and the grounding from above and below and so they started getting sick. So our bodies need these types of charges coming from above and below to have, you know optimal health and performance. So that's essentially what grounding is. There's a another book called shoot, What's the name? It's Eileen McKusick is the author. It's her latest book now, but she talks a lot about tuning forks, but she'll explain a lot about the biofield of an individual and between clean overs, earthing and her book, couple of fantastic resources for your viewers to dive into to learn more about the energy fields and how being grounded is such an important part of our health and performance. And, yeah, you can literally stay recharged. So our eyes or teeth are thymus, our intestines, we get discharged from EMF from manmade one directional radiation. So we use our grounding bags to tap on it, and then cover your eyes, cover your teeth, cover your thymus one at a time and just just doing this helps to jump your energy because you're pulling the electrons from the ground.

Jingle 23:06

We hope you're enjoying this episode of the habits and health podcast where we believe that creating healthy habits should be easy. If you know a friend or a loved one who might be interested in learning simple habits to improve their health, then please share this podcast with them. We also invite you to subscribe to leave us a review on your favourite podcast app. Now back to the show.

Tony Winyard 23:30

On your website you talk about having that grounding bag under your bed or under your pillow and so on so how how does that help you when you're asleep?

Justin Frandson 23:42

Tony so most homes I mean we're just cooking ourselves low level radiation. So if your beds touching the wall, it's charged to level the outlet. I mean, so if you have a wire, mattress or metal frame, you're super conducting electricity, low level radiation on your bed at all time. That's a source that means that your bed turns into a hotbed, like literally have one directional, manmade radiation. And our bodies are so resilient. We've been able to adapt to it as best as we can. But cancer, suicide, diabetes, Alzheimer's, cardiovascular stuff all just skyrocketed up when we introduced electricity into our home. The number one that that took the cake because they they were eating the fake cake is diabetes. All the fake food, the modified food that's been out there balance kind of been the standout winner, you know with obesity and all the challenges. But there's no question in my mind. Electricity is one of the greatest stressors on our body and electricity from manmade sources that are wonderful. So your bed would be considered a source and if you're supposed to rest and rejuvenate there, and you're getting zapped the whole time, probably not the best scenario for optimal health and performance.

Tony Winyard 25:14

If someone for example, has got a wooden bed frame, it's going to be much more beneficial than a metal frame?

Justin Frandson 25:21

Ii would still conductor but yeah, it definitely is not gonna attract that electricity sources greatly.

Tony Winyard 25:31

And so what other precautions Can people take around their house and in their bedroom and so on?

Justin Frandson 25:40

Shut your Wi Fi off at night. So you know, quiet your home. Have you heard much about, you know those types of protocols? Yeah, I mean, he got a router that's 2.4 5 billion waves per second. So you want to quiet that noise down. That would be fantastic. You can put your phone on aeroplane mode, all wireless devices on aeroplane mode, and then charge them outside of your room get blue light blockers so your circadian rhythm doesn't get tricked from the blue light. And in California, we're allowed to opt out of a smart metre, which is automated Gas and Electric metre, so we can ask for analogue. So I don't know where you guys if you can do that in your area, but CFLs do analogue and then there's not a two way route or measuring your usage every seven to 15 seconds and then sending it back to the substation. Those are act like a small cell site on your home. So highly recommend really understanding the stressors and then proximity to it. So you never want to have the head of a bat on the other side of a smart metre. You never want to have the head of the bat on the other side or foot of the bed on the other side of a refrigerator that's magnetic resonance. So understanding that get metres test your dirty electricity in your home stetzer stts ZR comm stuffs are actually stetzer Electric comm they have sets or causes so dirty electricity metre you plug in the wall tells you where your level should be 25 5050 to below or health. Most homes with solar and it will be in a 1200 range like really unhealthy. So measure electricity with Milla gas metre measure wireless signals from outside sources, there's a cell tower nearby get paying or 10 and block that one, get the grounding bags load up in your home with the grounding bags and that'll convert that wave form from something that's polarising non polarised so there's just it's endless you guys just endless awareness to make your home a healthy home

Tony Winyard 28:10

I'm remembering some sketchy bits of a story I remember hearing probably a year or so ago where there was a child was quite sick and they weren't able to pinpoint where the sickness was coming from. And then eventually it was discovered that the head of his bed where his head was very near an electric socket socket or something along those lines. And once they moved the head of his bed to a completely different place in the bedroom, the sickness went so I'm guessing you've heard those kinds of stories and maybe know other examples?

Justin Frandson 28:47

for sure too many of them and I mean that's why I'm so grateful to be on your podcast Tony and educate people health and performance so there's so many components into it and that awareness of your surroundings and how we're designed how the universe is designed, it's it's an integral part of helping people stay healthy because when you're when you're sick and you're not feeling great, like you just can't be productive. So we want to keep everyone at that optimal level and and have the parents have the awareness to have their kids you know, at that optimal level because they a lot of them think they're doing the right stuff but they didn't know that the head of the bed was a thing that they had to watch out for. So you know, just raising that level of consciousness having people really connect above and you know, get grounded by nature, having this awareness of how from proximity to stressors like all these components tie in with performance.

Tony Winyard 30:00

I would imagine that for many people they know very little about this. So therefore there could be anxiety, certainly confusion. And again, scepticism as we were saying before, and they don't know what to believe. And there's probably a lot of misinformation around about this as well.

Justin Frandson 30:22

Yeah, I think they're gonna have a lot more anxiety with the invisible stressors. Because the cabana cohort I don't know if you heard much about that as a first attack of US Embassy workers on foreign soil and Havana, Cuba. And then I think in China as well. They had localise you know, microwave radiation. And they were all non trauma concussion symptoms. So we know that there's not there's not a lot of scratching your head on this stuff. Like it's the first signs are all cognitive, focus, energy, sleep behaviour, stress, anxiety, headaches, muscle, you know, muscle twitching, buddy noses, like, like, all call here, all cognitive challenges. So we, this isn't, you know, anything that we're making up, these are real attacks that have happened, and these are real symptoms that have happened and, and, and even if it's a healthier person, or not healthier person? Yeah, it it. There is a level of the attack, you know, it can be different for sure. But there's there, there's no scratching your head for us that, you know, manmade radiation is completely different than how the universe is made. And for that reason, it's an individual stressor on the body. So we need to have that awareness on it.

Tony Winyard 32:05

You touched upon earlier about the different brain waves, you know, theta and beta and so on. And I'm by no means an expert on this. But I know in meditation, you can go into different frequencies. So how does meditation help? And what frequencies would someone typically go into and I guess someone who's very experienced is going to enter a different range of frequencies than a beginner for example?

Justin Frandson 32:37

Einstein really love to find that theta brainwave state because that's where you're in the most creative state. So he would hold something and then drop it and wake up and be in that theta state, and then start to perform just to try to get him there. So theta is like the ultimate for performance. So 48 hertz or waves per second. Then you get the alphas we're we're in the flow eight to 12. So you know, there there's sound Bad's and resonances and sounds you can listen to that can help trick you and put you in that that brainwave state instantly, which is phenomenal. So I love understanding how to get into those realms, and how to stay there through your breath. I had my top professional athlete in the world, he was number two in the world. And he was from South Africa. And he, he gives me Even I like we have to breathe and do some breath work. This is like 12 years ago, you know, 15 years ago, and he's like, I don't need to breathe, you know, it's like, I'm like, What do you mean, you don't need to breathe. So like probably one of the most autonomic systems in our body. People take for granted but there's so many studies of Wim Hof stuff, your breath work, I mean the studies done on those things, just read the studies, those are insane. Like they can get rid of anything, you can heal anything just through your breathing and your breath work. So I talk a lot about breath work. How to, you know, get the nitric oxide thresholds up and, and then and then probably the best benefit in addition to it is yeah, you increase your vo to max Yeah, you get into these brainwave states that are optimal. But at the end of the day, you're you're just your body ages because we get less oxygen or system so to maximise that makes a lot of sense for me.

Tony Winyard 34:52

So when you talk about for example, an increase in nitric oxide, So would that be humming or breathholds? What kind of thing would you be talking about for that?

Justin Frandson 35:03

Yeah, there's so many there's like blood flow restriction stuff you can just do quick little workout sack bushes. These quick little burns you could do like a three minute workout where you're just getting burn in there you can just breathe in and out through your nose and then hold your breath for 1020 seconds increase that level and then do it again. I mean there's there's endless ways to do it. So just understanding that these are huge mechanisms of the body to help with performance are a big part of that.

Tony Winyard 35:41

Do you have any thoughts on binaural beats?

Justin Frandson 35:44

Yeah, the same same concept of getting your body and your brain to to get in rhythm with it, I use Mind Spa Patrick Porter has his new What is it? I forget the name of the new one. But he's got a new company out Larry minikits they did Binaural beats. They were one of the early ones on training the brain. And we've seen our athletes have just tremendous success getting with the binaural beats and getting their brainwave state in that lower slower state. grades will go from B's to A's from C's to B's, less of unforced errors. the productivity is just phenomenal for student athletes with that.

Tony Winyard 36:40

There's a lot of different companies offering binaural beats; are they all good or which ones are better? What advice would you give to people who are really confused about that whole area

Justin Frandson 36:55

I think there's going to be more enhancing the non enhancing in the space so find a product that resonates with you do your research on it. Again, Patrick Porter, Larry Minicus, those guys developed Mind spine. Braintap. That's a new product right now. That's really hot. That's Porter's product. So there's a lot of stuff out there I use Dr. vibe, bio harmonic technologies, sound Bed's if you will, and then his sound and then I combine in my own light as well with it. So you just gotta go with what you know is proven there's so many great, amazing facilitators, doctors, chiropractors, kinesiologist all using these systems and modalities and they've kind of cess through all the bad so you know go with what they're using and you're gonna find yourself setting yourself up for success

Tony Winyard 38:04

you touched upon about 15 minutes ago or so you touched upon viruses, it'd be interesting to expand a little bit more on that and where before we started recording you were saying I can't remember the phrase you used but you were comparing viruses with something else. Could you me more about that?

Justin Frandson 38:24

yeah so this is a big part of where we are right now telling me and and I mean my main messaging is understand biology and physics and wave form and viruses are our adaptive system 10 to the 31 of them in US and around us at all times. By definition they don't eat they don't reproduce they're dead protein by definition so there's nothing flying around to kill anyone. So they are our adaptive system we wouldn't be here without them. So once the world really understands bow terrain over germ theory I think we'll be able to start open up and and to have less fear in regards to you know, getting sick, per se cuz everyone will just adapt when they need to at the level they're capable. So I'm just getting over a cold if you can hear it in my voice. So hey, are just bar bodies. I went on a huge trade show worked a lot was in the inside and a crappy air for so long. My body just said that was enough was enough. We adapt when we need to at the level we're capable of paid from. So I think at the end of the day, the contagion components. Dr. Tom Callen talks about our resonances their resonance or frequencies so the book called The Invisible rainbow by Arthur Furstenberg categorised All the major pandemics in the history of our globe and directly correlates them to shifts in our atmosphere, either cosmic shifts, or manmade shifts in our electromagnetic blanket. So 1918, Spanish flu, we introduced radio waves, Hong Kong flu satellites in the Van Allen belt, which is a protective layer in our atmosphere. And then World War Two, they introduced radar, globally. And then there's even more beyond that. And then anything before the introduction of radio, manmade radiation was a cosmic shift. And through these Lifeline charts, like any cosmic shift, Tony, like throws off your REM patterns in your sleep. So that's why people can adapt with cosmic shifts in the atmosphere have crappy night's sleeping, it's our bodies are just adapting to environmental shifts. And it's not a bad thing, by any means. It's just what our body needs to do to adapt. So I think that's why the grounding bags would become such a chore. A popular topic now is because you want to make your home a healthy home. And you understand were starting to understand the frequencies and resonances. And we found a really beautiful part of their planet that kicks off this Schumann resonance, that you can have a healing pulse of the bag, like just like the healing pulse of nature in a bag. So it's just like walking barefoot in a bag and not have to worry about it. But at the end of the day, again, there's there's a huge camp out there between germ theory versus bio terrain. I'm obviously in the bio train camp, it's boost your immune system up, health has never been a drug, or vaccine, it's never been distancing. It's always been smiling and loving and touching and being together, and sweating and breathing and grounding and exercising. And having that togetherness, like that's how our our bodies are meant to rev and run at optimal levels. And so it there's some great doctors like Zack Bush, MD, Tom Cowan, co w n MD, that really direct us and how similar we are to soil with the human body. And it's just it's incredible when you dive into these adaptive systems and look at them as something that is such a benefit to us versus something to fear. And we've been tricked into that for profit from pharma and some other industries.

Tony Winyard 42:52

You mentioned your book, Athleticism, what of the topics that we've discussed so far? How many of those are covered in that book,

Justin Frandson 43:00

The first section is on awareness which covers all the intangibles. And then I go into whole body exercise or whole brain exercise and so we we kind of cover the beginning part covers a little bit of all the intangibles that we talked about today.

Tony Winyard 43:19

And who would you say is the book aimed at?

Justin Frandson 43:23

taking your energy speed and coordination to a whole new dimension? So any, any any individual looking to optimise their performance?

Tony Winyard 43:33

And talking of books and the question I asked most guests Is there a book there's really resonated with you for for any reason?

Justin Frandson 43:42

Yeah, we I love The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Furstenberg. I love that because doctors are using that as a resource for the work in involve to electromagnetic atmosphere, and that we're electric. Everything has a resonance in it. To me it's it's one of the best books to showcase that. I love. Tom Cownes, The Contagion Myth. I love Eileen Day McKusick's work. I love Dr. Stephen Schwartz, his bio harmonics, his Primal Resonance book. There's understanding resonances and that your bio field is first primary. Secondary is is chemical in your body. So the chemistry second, so all these brilliant minds are saying it in different ways of everything of saying, Hey, we have this electromagnetic blanket of a world, we're electric. Let's start to really explore this not fear, you know these things that we're comprised of embrace. And then let's get back to getting to the basics of getting grounded by nature for performance and health and longevity and sleep.

Tony Winyard 45:17

If people want to find out more about you, Justin where is the best place to look?

Justin Frandson 45:22

athleticism.com, EMFrocks.com. So EMF rocks are grounding bags. For pocket purse, backpack. There's minis for those, this is for your bed, full size for bad. We have Faraday bags, protect you from your phone, your location from showing up on a map, all that good stuff. So EMFrock.com I think athleticism.com will be your curated health and performance line, we have a new MCT oil coming out that's better than palm kernel and coconut oil. We have jumped bands in there and soil force and just soil and natural soil enhancers to improve your grow. So it's a really curated list of products on on the side and really couples a lot about what we talked about today.

Tony Winyard 46:19

Is it also available on other sites?

Justin Frandson 46:21

Yes, you can get on Amazon as well. Yeah, but athleticism.com is a main site for the book.

Tony Winyard 46:30

And just before we finish Justin, is there a quote that you particularly like?

Justin Frandson 46:35

Get grounded by nature. Yeah, you teed me up that was an easy one. So everything we do is to get grounded by nature. That's that is our nature. And so that's what I recommend for everybody looking to optimise in a big way.

Tony Winyard 46:53

Justin, thank you. For all the information you shared, I think there's quite a few people listening to this will probably not have come across some of the things that you talked about. So it will be pretty educational and informative, I would imagine for many people.

Justin Frandson 47:08

Well, thank you, Tony. Hey guys, the first step is to just open your heart to something a little different. And then all of a sudden, when you start researching, really listen back to what I'm saying. And check out some of these books that we've talked about which I've shared about a half a dozen incredible resources, you will absolutely be Mind blown. So thank you so much, Tony, for allowing me to introduce it to your audience.

Tony Winyard 47:36

Thank you, Justin. Appreciate it. Next week is Episode 37 with Francis Cahill, who is a public speaking coach and helps people with confidence and face event. It may not seem that has much to do with habits or health, but the lack of confidence causes a lot of problems for stress for people. And Francis maintains that is all about the habits that they have. And by overcoming those habits, they can help their confidence issues in many different ways. And she talks about how that is possible. And we go into quite a few other areas that we don't often touch upon in. She's got a great sense of humour. She's down in Australia. She's got a book that she released called Your Kitchen Olympics, which is humorous look at sports for baby boomers or older people. So that's next week with Francis Cahill Episode 37. Hope you enjoy this week's episode. If you know anyone who would get some benefit anyone who's maybe wants to know a bit more about EMF then please do share this episode, it could be really valuable for anyone you know. Hope you have a great week. See you next week.

Jingle 48:49

Thanks for tuning in to the habits and health podcast where we believe creating healthy habits should be easy. If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe and leave us a review on your favourite podcast app. Sign up for email updates and learn about coaching and workshop opportunities at TonyWinyard.com See you next time on the habits and health podcast.

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