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Why choose Tony Winyard

Tony puts equal emphasis on improving your profits and your quality of life so you can improve your health. Today, he’s a trainer, mentor and speaker. When he was a DJ, he charged over 15 x as much as average. Yet he was raised in a dodgy high-rise block on a rough council estate.

Tony today

Today, Tony helps businesspeople provide greater value to their customers so they can charge more. By generating healthy profits, they no longer need to work such long hours and can then enjoy a better quality of life and improved health. He does this through regular workshops, personal mentoring, and by speaking at events. He also hosts the Exceeding Expectations podcast.

Career background

As a wedding DJ and MC, Tony was chosen for prestigious celebrations in London, the UK and around the world. Venues where he performed include The Savoy, Claridge’s and Highclere Castle. He was named Wedding DJ of the Year and won many other awards.

Before that, Tony spent 15 years as a club DJ at iconic destinations in the UK, Europe and Far East, where he entertained well-known corporate brands and celebrities ranging from the cast of Eastenders to the Sultan of Brunei.

He started his career as a radio presenter, interviewing stars such as Jon Bon Jovi, Dionne Warwick, Cindy Crawford and many more.

This experience means he knows how to position your business to attract top-level customers who have the budget to pay you more.

Professional skills

Among many other topics, Tony has studied leadership, emotional intelligence, communication skills, public speaking, MCing, stand-up comedy, improv, acting and social media.

This broad range of accomplishments enabled him to provide amazing experiences to wedding couples. By offering greater value, he was able to charge more. And, by exceeding their expectations, he was able to generate referrals and attract more enquiries.

By following his approach, you too can raise your prices and gain better quality of life.

Personal life

Tony is the proud father of a daughter. When she was quite young, he and her mother separated. He was a DJ at the time, which meant most of his work was on Saturdays. This left him unable to see his daughter when he was working, and unable to accept work when he was seeing his daughter.

The situation had to change.

That’s when Tony decided to seek ways to provide more value and raise his prices so he didn’t have to work every weekend.

Gradually, his fees raised to 15 times the UK average, and he only had to work 30 days each year. As a result, he was able to spend every possible opportunity with his adored daughter.

What makes Tony tick

As a child, Tony had an “awful” quality of life. His family was very poor and lived in a “dodgy” high-rise block on a “very rough” council estate. Two of his brothers spent time in prison, and both died young. He also lost his parents, grandparents, an uncle and close friends to conditions related to poor health.

This helps explain why he is so focused on health as well as healthy profits.

To educate himself, Tony read everything he could about health, nutrition, stress, sleep and exercise. An avid learner, Tony still absorbs about two books a week on business, philosophy and psychology. He also enjoys biographies and books on comedy and music. Occasionally, he reads fiction too.

Due to the philosophy that Tony has developed over the years, he’s amazingly laid back. Despite being in his 50s, he has no aches and pains. He used to have asthma but can now go without medication thanks to the respiratory techniques he’s learned.

In fact, he’s probably fitter than many people half his age, because he regularly takes part in CrossFit, gymnastics, running and cycling.

To raise funds for the charities he supports, Tony does a cross-country cycling trip each year. So far, he’s covered Cuba, New Zealand, Ireland and India and has donated tens of thousands of pounds to causes including: cancer charities, Guide Dogs for the Blind, and Whizzkids.

Upcoming Workshops

Alongside my popular keynote speaker and seminar sessions, I also facilitate hands-on workshops for entrepreneurs. Over the last few years attendees of my workshops now earn more money yet work less. They are now able to choose which clients they wish to work with, they enjoy their work more and have far more free time to spend with their friends, family and taking breaks and holidays.

Take a look at my upcoming workshops near you