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One-to-one support

Sometimes, the best way to achieve what you want is through one or more private sessions. Tony Winyard will work with you to help you overcome the individual issues that are holding you back and achieve your personal goals.

You’re not alone

When you know you need to raise your prices but for some reason you’re stuck, Tony’s one-to-one mentoring service will help. You’ll be able to explore your specific situation in private, and be inspired to take the actions that will lead you towards healthier profits and a better quality of life.

Choose from three options:

  • Customised package (depending on your needs)
  • Monthly meetings (up to 90 minutes each)
  • One-off meeting (up to 90 minutes)

If you’re in London or the southeast, you can book an appointment to meet Tony in person. If travel is a challenge or you’re based anywhere else in the world, the meeting can be held online.

It starts with a 20-minute conversation.

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Upcoming Workshops

Alongside my popular keynote speaker and seminar sessions, I also facilitate hands-on workshops for entrepreneurs. Over the last few years attendees of my workshops now earn more money yet work less. They are now able to choose which clients they wish to work with, they enjoy their work more and have far more free time to spend with their friends, family and taking breaks and holidays.

Take a look at my upcoming workshops near you