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If you would like one-to-one help increasing your prices, improving your health and moving towards a better quality of life maybe you would like to take up one of my mentoring packages.

If you would like help raising your prices my mentoring helps you with:

  • how to raise your customer service levels,
  • value yourself and help your clients see the value they will receive,
  • deliver above expectations,
  • charge the right fee and
  • ultimately lead to a better quality of life by working smarter not harder.

You can choose from 3 options:

  1. One-off 90 minute meeting (Face-to-face or online)
  2. Monthly face-to-face or online meetings
  3. 20-minute call to discuss a customised package

Upcoming Workshops

Alongside my popular keynote speaker and seminar sessions, I also facilitate hands-on workshops for entrepreneurs. Over the last few years attendees of my workshops now earn more money yet work less. They are now able to choose which clients they wish to work with, they enjoy their work more and have far more free time to spend with their friends, family and taking breaks and holidays.

Take a look at my upcoming workshops near you