“NO”, this will improve your health!

"NO", this will improve your health!

You might think of nitric oxide as a toxic gas?
or you might have it confused with nitrous oxide and think of it as laughing gas

But it’s actually a molecule that is produced in the nasal cavity.

When we breathe through the nose, this molecule is taken down into our lungs,
but when we breathe through our mouths it isn’t.

No problem, you might be thinking, but here’s one more piece of info that might change your mind.

With each inhale, air travels into the lungs.
ideally enough oxygen should reach the bloodstream to fully saturate the blood.
However, two factors can cause an imbalance where the upper parts of the lungs receive more air, while the lower parts receive more blood.
They are gravity and mouth-breathing.
When we mouth breath it results in the body being less able to use the oxygen in the lungs, resulting in poor blood oxygenation.

But when we nasal breathe, the NO (Nitric Oxide) that is taken into the lungs,
relaxes the blood vessels and opens them up,
promoting a stronger blood flow and redistributes the blood more evenly, and the body is better oxygenated.

In addition, NO inhibits the growth of various pathogens including bacteria and viruses.

Many trials and studies involving nitric oxide, especially over the last year since the covid pandemic,
are showing the importance of this molecule in assisting the fight against the virus.

Many of these trials are still ongoing, but anecdotal evidence shows positive links with NO being helpful.

Nasal breathing also aids in better sleep, and it’s the main chemical in the wonder drug that was released in the 90s, known as… viagra!
Because of it’s ability to open up blood vessels.

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