You can download the PDF of the Sleep Hygiene infographic with tips for improving your sleep

Would you like to know what sleep chronotype you are? Go to this site and answer the questions to find out

Are you proactive about your health? Find out by taking this quiz

For those who would really like to improve their sleep, download this Sleep Diary template.

The Sleep Diary template is taken from the book The Seven-Day Sleep Prescription Paperback by Dr Aric Prather (a book I recommend you read).

For instructions on how to use the diary template, read this extract from the book.

If you snore at night or breathe through your mouth while sleeping, try using this mouth tape

Take a look at this video for more details on how to use it.

I have a 6 week online programme which will improve your sleep and other areas of your health. We meet once a week via zoom. More details.


List of Healthy Fats

Good sources of Protein

Good whole-food carbs

A good resource for science backed information on nutrition, health etc is Professor Andrew Huberman of Stanford University. His weekly podcast is called The Huberman lab.There is an AI tool that will find any topic ever discussed on the podcast and take you straight to that section so you can listen to it. Try it out

Tiny Habits is a great concept for creating new healthy behaviours. Use the Tiny Habits Recipe Maker tool to help you create a new behaviour for you

If you want to learn more about the Fogg Behaviour model go to this page where you will also learn more about how to create Tiny Habits.

My podcast has been going for 4+ years.

Series 1 was called “Exceeding Expectations

Series 2 was “Happiness Vs Flourishing”

Series 3 which recently finished was “Habits & Health” 

Series 4 begins soon which is called “The Art of Living Proactively (Harnessing the Power of Your Choices)

Click here to listen

The Oxygen Advantage breathing method is a technique that focuses on functional breathing, and performance breathing for athletes, including exercises to simulate training at high altitude. It aims to improve health, wellbeing, and sports performance by boosting immunity, supporting joint movement, and regulating conditions such as high blood pressure, back pain, and chronic fatigue. The method emphasises nasal breathing and diaphragmatic breathing, which can help ensure regular, calm, and steady breathing. The philosophy of the technique is based on the Buteyko breathing philosophy and is backed by years of scientific research. The Oxygen Advantage book provides a comprehensive guide to the method and teaches readers how to develop better breathing habits to push harder and faster for longer with less effort.

Use the new (free) Oxygen Advantage app to practice some of the breathing exercises.

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One of the most effective and fastest methods to reduce stress and anxiety is The Physiological Sigh. Here is a video explaining how to practice it:

This page has information on many different breathing techniques recommended in the excellent book “Breathe” by James Nestor: