Prolonging vitality and the wheel of life

Prolonging vitality and the wheel of life
What I help people with is not simply EXTENDING life.
It’s about prolonging VITALITY!
Not just more years of life, but active, healthy, happy ones.
Who wants to live decades after their lives have become defined by pain, disease, frailty and immobility?
A surprisingly high number of people accept that is how life is meant to be!
And therefore make little attempt to alter it, and leave their health in the hands of others,
rather than taking control, being proactive and taking responsibility for improving both their health and their enjoyment of life.
Prolonging vitality and the wheel of life
Vitality is a combination of the quality and quantity of your sleep,
the quality of what you eat,
how well your respiratory system functions,
how often you get regular movement and exercise,
and the mindset and attitude you adopt towards your life.
This ties in with the wheel of life –
as shown in the image here.
There are many variations on this.
This particular image has 11 areas:
1. Creativity
2. Self-esteem
3. Friendship
4. Family
5. Health & Wellbeing
6. Personal Growth
7. Home/environment
8. Career/Daily work life
9. Financial
10. Achievement
11. Personal time
If you score yourself in each of the wheels spokes,
with a 10 signifying you’re doing exceptionally in that area,
and a 1 to show you’re really struggling and need help.
If you have any very low scores, that are below 3 or 4,
it likely signals areas of life that require a lot of work.
The ideal scenario is where you have say a 7 or 8 in most/all areas.
It shows you can still improve in many areas of life,
but you have a good balance.
If you have a low score in one area there’s a high chance it will negatively affect other areas.
You won’t have a round wheel, so life won’t be a comfortable journey.
The more equilibrium between your scores there is, the rounder the wheel is,
and the more comfortable your life journey.

Friday: Mindset
The way that you think about things will dictate how much stress you have in your life. Learning how to reframe how you perceive things can greatly reduce the amount of stress you take on.
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