Reduce your inflammation to increase your energy

Reduce your inflammation to increase your energy

How is your energy?
Do you lack energy in the morning?
Do you get tired quickly if you try to play with your kids or grandkids?
Do you feel exhausted by the evening?

There are many things that affect your energy.
Poor sleep, processed foods, getting out of breath quickly and a sedentary lifestyle.
Are all major factors in increasing inflammation in the body.

Decreasing the amount of inflammation literally makes you feel better inside.
More importantly, the body uses a LOT of energy to fight inflammation.

The amount of energy saved in fighting that inflammation,
leads to a big increase in resources for other areas of the body.
So that energy can be used for other things
Reducing inflammation gives you more energy and helps you feel better internally.
Externally that improves your productivity, performance and mood.

If you’d like help to look at ways of regaining your energy,
Get in touch.

Monday: Movement
Longterm sedentary behaviour results in many pains and problems for the body.
Regular movement throughout the day, ideally every 25 minutes is a great way to lessen the pain that many people endure

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