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The Sleep Better Lab

The Sleep Better Lab

Tony Winyard – Habits, Sleeping, Breathing, Nutrition, Movement & Mindset Coach
Tony Winyard – Habits, Sleeping, Breathing, Nutrition, Movement & Mindset Coach

Want to feel better, starting now?

With so much information circulating about health and wellness, it can be tempting to jump into the latest diet or craze. The problem is that most fads have a narrow focus on only one area.

To really feel better, you need to improve all areas of your health and happiness.

The Sleep Better Lab

Focus of this Workshop

Wind-Down Routines, Sleep Hygiene, Stress Reduction, Sleep Technology/Wearables & Apps, Behaviour & Habits


The workshop is delivered by experienced Functional Medicine Health Coaches.

Tony Winyard & Alison Huband


The 1st Monday of every month

Upcoming dates:

October 3
November 7
December 5
January 2

Health Coach Tony Winyard
Health Coach Tony Winyard
Health Coach Alison Huband
Health Coach Alison Huband

The workshops in Nailsworth take place at:

The Mortimer Room,
Nailsworth Village Hall,
Old Market,

Workshop Information

Attendance is £20 in advance or £25 on the door

Tickets can be purchased using the “sign up now” link:

Start time 7pm (30 minutes to present the topic and then 60 minutes facilitated discussion)

Benefits of attending the Sleep Better Lab workshop

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Does sleep affect weight?

Prolonged poor sleep can have a negative effect on hormones, physical performance, and brain function. It can also lead to weight gain and increase your risk of disease.

Why do you say sleep is the most important pillar of health?

Sleep delays/interruptions have been shown to cause sluggishness, low attention span, decreased sociability, depressed mood, decreased deep sleep, decreased caloric burn during the day, increased hunger and decreased feeling of fullness, insulin resistance and decreased performance. Strive for seven (7) or more hours per night for optimal health.

What issues can be caused by lack of sleep?

Deep sleep is health promoting. In fact, not getting enough sleep is linked to diabetes, heart disease, obesity, depression, and other chronic health conditions. Yet one-third of British adults say they get less than the recommended amount of sleep each night, at least seven hours.

What will I come away with?

You'll gain a better understanding of the things which can disrupt your sleep and changes you can make to improve the quality and duration of your sleep.

Do I need to attend every month to benefit?

Not really. Each time you attend you'll learn more about how you can improve your sleep and hear from others in the group about what changes were beneficial for them.

How does stress affect sleep?

Poor sleep can increase cortisol (the stress hormone) and can spike your insulin levels. This can then lead to poor food choices and habits like over or under eating, poor energy and focus, craving carbs and lack of weight loss.

Terry Lewis – Tony Winyard – Health, Breathing, Sleeping, Mindset & Movement Coach


“…your coaching made me aware of how crucial these areas are by opening my eyes to their importance. As a result, I now think holistically about my entire well-being, not just training and nutrition, and for that insight, I can’t thank you enough.

The Sleep Better Lab

The Sleep Better Lab



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