Sleep Myths part 1

Sleep myths part 1

There are many myths around sleep and here are 3 that many people believe.

1. Everyone should sleep between 10pm and 6am
2. You can make up for lost sleep on the weekend
3. Everyone needs the same hours of sleep – depends on age & genetics

5 ways to improve your sleep

1. Mindset – Must make sleep as a priority
2. Wind down routine – ideally at least an hour before going to bed
3. Consistency – same time going to bed and waking up daily

Meditation before bedtime helps you relax and have a more restful sleep

Truth about caffeine
Do you feel you have to have a cup of tea or coffee in the morning it may be because heat increases your core body temperature, which is energising.

Caffeine blocks the sleep inducing molecule called adenosine, which makes us feel sleepy.
Adenosine builds up by being active throughout the day.
The more adenosine you build up, the higher your sleep drive,
and the higher your sleep drive, the faster you’ll fall asleep,
and the more sound your sleep will be, as your body flushes out the adenosine your body built up.

Saturday: Sleep
Sleep is THE number 1 priority  in my life, because it has THE most impact on your energy and EVERYTHING you do requires energy. The less energy you have the faster you will fall into the vicious circle and the worse will be your health outcomes.
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