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Need an accomplished keynote speaker for your next business event (offline or online)? Tony Winyard is a thought-provoking entertainer with a relaxed and humorous style. Whatever you need, Tony will target his speech to suit your audience. To give you an idea, please scroll down to see some of his most popular topics.

“Valuing your life”

Small and large businesses in every sector relate to Tony’s story where he shares how he transformed his business from being a standard wedding DJ to one who charged 15 times the average and only needed 30 bookings each year.

Attendees will be able to apply the lessons they learn to their own businesses and start their own success story straight away.

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“Tenfold your income”

Businesses are always looking for ways to make to more money. In this talk, they’ll discover practical steps to:

  • Raise customer service levels and provide better value
  • Over-deliver so they exceed customer expectations
  • Boost their self-worth and charge the right fee
  • Work smarter not harder
  • Enjoy a better quality of life

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“V.A.L.U.E. methodology”

Undercharging is linked to overwork, stress and ill-health. The only answer is increasing prices so you can work less and improve your health. This speech reveals Tony’s five-step methodology for success in both areas:

  • V = Value your product/service at the right level
  • A = Appreciate your customers’ wants and needs
  • L = Look for customers who buy on value not price
  • U = Understand what makes your business unique
  • E = Exceed expectations so your customers refer you more often
  • V = Value your own health
  • A = Appreciate the benefits of quality sleep
  • L = Look for ways to achieve better nutrition
  • U = Understand how you can reduce your stress levels
  • E = Exceed your own expectations so you feel grateful, content and appreciative of life

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Upcoming Workshops

Alongside my popular keynote speaker and seminar sessions, I also facilitate hands-on workshops for entrepreneurs. Over the last few years attendees of my workshops now earn more money yet work less. They are now able to choose which clients they wish to work with, they enjoy their work more and have far more free time to spend with their friends, family and taking breaks and holidays.

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