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I share the secrets of my success and transformation, which grew my wedding DJ business to the point where I only needed bookings on 30 days each year

Exceed your expectations…

Business owners are always looking for ways to make more money, but who can they trust to tell them how?

My talk РValuing Your Life Рis the answer!

In this talk, I’ll share¬†the secrets of my success and transformation, including:

  • how to raise your customer service levels,
  • value yourself and help your clients see the value they will receive,
  • deliver above expectations,
  • charge the right fee and
  • ultimately lead to a better quality of life by working smarter not harder.

My story and message is relatable to small and large businesses, in many different sectors. My relaxed and informal style infused with humour and personal experience will enliven your conference or event.

Speaking Engagements

Whether you are looking for a speaker for a product launch, conference, fundraiser, event or party, contact Tony. With his vast experience Tony is a thought-provoking entertainer who can target his speech to your audience.

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Upcoming Workshops

Alongside my popular keynote speaker and seminar sessions, I also facilitate hands-on workshops for entrepreneurs. Over the last few years attendees of my workshops now earn more money yet work less. They are now able to choose which clients they wish to work with, they enjoy their work more and have far more free time to spend with their friends, family and taking breaks and holidays.

Take a look at my upcoming workshops near you