Blog003 – Do your habits help or hinder you?

Do your habits help or hinder you

Blogs on Fridays are about mindset
I’ve pulled together a bunch of complementary skills,
that help people to be healthier,
to have a better quality of life,
and that build their immune resilience,
and so be better protected against viruses and pathogens

HH007 – Neil Fellowes

Habits & Health episode 7 - Neil Fellowes

Habits & Health episode 7 with Neil Fellowes who is the co-founder of Total Wellness Club,, has a speaker agency named Stellar Speakers and a business growth consultancy, 7-Figure Back Office,
Habits have played a big part in turning his life around from a stage

HH001 – Mark Channon

Habits & Health podcast episode 1 - Mark Channon

Mark is a Mindset and Startup Coach and also a certified “Tiny Habits” Coach and in this episode we explore those areas and how he helps his clients.
Mark has been a “Tiny Habits” coach 10 years and he tells us how he first discovered the Tiny Habits methodology from BJ Fogg and how he has since used that in his work.