I’ve just completed Tony’s structured health programme which covers key elements of physiological and psychological well-being from sleep, breathing and nutrition to habit forming and motivation. I found the whole thing fascinating. Tony cajoled the group to think about our own specific areas of challenge and added his own ideas and information from his research and training.

He’s extremely knowledgeable and facilitates in a warm and friendly way that meant we all learnt and gained insights from one another too.

Deborah Henley – Tony Winyard – Health, Breathing, Sleeping, Mindset & Movement Coach
Terry Lewis – Tony Winyard – Health, Breathing, Sleeping, Mindset & Movement Coach


Before learning from you, I thought I was fit and healthy because I workout 5/6 days a week and eat relatively healthily – with the odd cheat-meal and drink here and there.

Previously, I paid little attention to how I breathed, slept and my mindset, they were things I took for granted, but your coaching made me aware of how crucial these areas are by opening my eyes to their importance. As a result, I now think holistically about my entire well-being, not just training and nutrition, and for that insight, I can’t thank you enough.”


“Having watched Tony present seminars at a couple of events, I was intrigued by his online coaching programme on “Habits and Health”. Tony has a good grasp of pressures created by modern living, and also a good understanding of effective strategies to combat these. He presents in a clear way, with real enthusiasm and also tinged with reality. Just making a start, however small, will improve your overall wellbeing. If you get a chance to join one of his courses then go for it, it’s all easier than you imagine!”

Peter Holding – Tony Winyard – Health, Breathing, Sleeping, Mindset & Movement Coach
Simon Biggin – Tony Winyard – Health, Breathing, Sleeping, Mindset & Movement Coach

simon biggin

I was fortunate to get a place on the ‘habits & health course provided by Tony recently and found the course very interesting, informative and a great help in many parts of my life! In just a few short weeks we were not only identifying the ‘why’ but creating actions of ‘how’ to change things which has helped in many areas such as breathing, sleep, exercise and nutrition.

I cannot recommend this course enough for anyone interested. Tony’s knowledge is wide-ranging on many subjects of mind & body and you’ll be astounded by how many ‘light bulb’ moments appear. I found Tony’s relaxed delivery really helpful in me letting go on the course also, and the support from other people on the Zoom meetings was also of great benefit.”

Chris Binns

“I really want to thank you for sharing all your insights and experiences that I now incorporate to help me grow.”


“Tony has a real gift for asking the right questions that quickly get you to the core of an issue so you can find solutions you need that move you forward.”


“Thanks to you Tony, I knew I needed to raise the bar. Isn’t it amazing how the mind works. Affirmations coupled together makes dreams come true.”

Dilraj Eradhun

“Having heard about Tony’s impeccable reputation 2 years prior to meeting him. I was thrilled to become a client a few months after. The value that was given was immense. Tony challenged me and made me think. I would highly recommend Tony Winyard as a coach.

Sukhi Gill

“A fantastic programme where I learnt so much about the 5 essential areas of life. I have created excellent habits from the course which are serving me very well in my everyday Health & Wellbeing to live my best life. Tony is a highly knowledgeable practitioner and delivered the course with a very easy to understand approach.
I highly recommend Tony and the programme which is delivered very professionally with expert knowledge with a relaxed approach. Each session empowered me to implement all that I learnt immediately and I couldn’t wait for the next session to learn more to create a better version of myself. The 5 weeks flew by and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the programme.
Thank you Tony for your expertise and guidance!”

Sukhi Gill – Tony Winyard – Health, Breathing, Sleeping, Mindset & Movement Coach