The reason processed foods deplete our energy and leave you feeling tired

The reason processed foods deplete our energy and leave you feeling tired

Do you sometimes feel tired after a meal but don’t understand why?

Our bodies don’t recognise all the chemical additives in processed food.

So what happens when you eat processed food,
when you ingest those chemicals, the body mounts an immune response against them.

If you have flu, one of the reasons you feel so tired is because of all the inflammation happening within your body,
fighting against the virus and immense immune activity – that’s the reason you’re so tired.

When you regularly eat processed food containing a lot of chemical additives,
your immune system fights those chemicals, as it doesn’t recognise them.
That is one reason why eating a lot of processed food leaves people drained and having less energy.

You won’t get such reactions from wholefood plant based food, or from animals that have eaten a natural diet,
although if you eat animals from factory farms, that have been pumped full of antibiotics,
it is a different case!

If you eat only natural foods that grow in the ground, or animals that eat a natural diet,
you won’t feel so lethargic and tired, and there’ll be far less inflammation going on inside your body.

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The way we eat and what we eat has a profound effect on our health. The more processed food taken in, such as chemical additives creates a lot of inflammation in the body and depletes energy as the immune system fights what it sees as foreign invaders
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