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Habits & Health episode 20 - Tim James

Habits & Health episode 20 with Tim James, the founder and CEO of chemicalfreebody.com, a mission-based organisation, passionate about helping everybody ignite their highest excitement in life by putting themselves and their health first.

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Tony Winyard 0:00

Habits and health Episode 20.

Jingle 0:03

Welcome to the habits and health Podcast, where we believe creating healthy habits should be easy. Brought to you by an educator and coach for anyone who wants to create a healthier life. here's your host, Tony Winyard.

Tony Winyard 0:20

Welcome to another edition of the podcast where we give you ideas for habits you can create that will improve your health in some way. My guest on today's episode is Tim James, who is the founder and CEO of chemical free body.com is a mission based organisation that is passionate about helping people ignite their highest excitement in life and putting their health first and Tim's went through quite a transformation in his life, which we'll find out about more in this episode. If you do enjoy this episode, please share it with anyone who you feel would get some real value from some of the information that Tim shares right now. Time for today's episode. Welcome to habits and health and my guest today is Tim James. How you doing?

Tim James 1:09

I'm doing really good, Tony. Thanks for having me on brother.

Tony Winyard 1:11

Yeah, it's good to see you and you're over on the on the west coast.

Tim James 1:16

Yeah, just south of Portland, Oregon, we're in a little farming community called can be

Tony Winyard 1:21

okay. And if you've been alone for

Tim James 1:24

a little over a year, a little over a year, I actually grew up over in Eastern Oregon, which is kind of like redneck Ville. It's kind of like Montana. My best friend was a literally like a rodeo star. So between the two farms, we had cows and ducks and geese and dogs and cats. And they had horses and chickens and pigs. And what else do they have? that was about it, I think but between the two farms right next to each other, we had like tonnes animals waste to throw chickens out of the barn. And they fly in on glide down and land get their

Tony Winyard 2:04

kids from what you were telling me before we started recording. And so where you're living now is a little bit different to where you were then.

Tim James 2:10

Yeah, Portland, Oregon, in the surrounding metro area in Vancouver. There's there's probably 3 million people here. So it's, it's quite busy. quite quite the city. But like I said, I moved out. I'm kind of on the edge right now. So but I can actually I got farmland all around me. But there's a big commercial building going up across the street about a quarter mile away from me. So the city's coming. It just keeps growing. It just keeps growing.

Tony Winyard 2:35

But that's the whole Well, it seems to be like that. So what is it? You do, Tim?

Tim James 2:41

Well, I try to wake people up to what I woke up to back in 2011, which is that our digestive tracts are polluted. I found out that the average person's got about six to 12 pounds of impacted faecal material and mucoid plaque lining the small and large intestine and if we ever really want to get good health, we got to get it out. I went through a class at the institute Hippocrates. It's a I don't know if you're from Are you familiar with the epoxies Health Institute? Yeah, they're in West Palm Beach for their like the super old detox and nutrition clinic. My buddy Charles got cancer. And he asked me to go there with him to support him. And I was like, yeah, whatever, you know, and, you know, here I am the Redneck meat eater like eaten chicken and fish and now it's catching my own fish shooting elk and deer and chuckers and pheasant and all this stuff. And then we go there and there's no meat. So I'm freaked out like thinking I'm gonna die. And but at the time, I was like 42 pounds overweight. I had eczema. I was bleeding. My gut was bleeding when I pooped. And it wasn't fun. It was very painful to go to the bathroom. And I had another skin issue on my shoulder had to have an organ removed. I was acid reflux eat Tums Rolaids all day long. So I, you know, I've been an athlete my whole life. So I was still thought in my mind, it was an athlete, but I was literally rotting from the inside. I didn't know what it was, it was the standard American diet was killing me. And I was all plugged up. And I went there to that place with him. And the first class was called internal awareness. And the doctor came out and he was trying to educate us on all this impacted garbage that's in our gut. And then he actually showed scopes going in people like colonoscopy deals with cameras, and he'd show like a healthy, you know, 5040 year old or whatever, right? And the inside of the column is all pink and beautiful. And then each show like an unhealthy 24 year old woman with a yeast infection and hashimotos or something, right? And it was like white and all kinds of yellow stuff inside the column was nasty. And then they shipped 54 year old man with parasites and prostate cancer, and there's worms crawl around in there. I'm like, Oh my god, and then like a 52 year old woman with colitis, and headaches or something, you know, and it's all green and yellow and nasty in there. And then he's like, these three people eat the standard American diet and I'm like, Oh shit, that's me. You know? And he goes, this person. It's like we're going to teach you here over the next few weeks at the Institute. And that woke me up because they were trying to sell us on colon hydrotherapy or colonic. So you familiar with that?

Tony Winyard 5:09

Not so much not gone.

Tim James 5:11

Yeah. So for the listeners, it's basically set on a tube rectally. And then water goes out of your colon for about an hour, and it cleans your colon. And he talks about this in the beginning before he showed the slides and stuff and I end up in the video cameras and I'm like, I elbow Charles. I said, Look, dude, I came here to help you, but I'm not doing that deal. And then after he showed the insight of the people and what he said about them standard American diet, I was the first one signing up. And he literally pointed at me, he said, Tim, you had 10 pounds of crap and a five pound bag. And if you ever want to be healthy, truly healthy, and have good health and longevity and a quality of life, you got to get it out and keep it out. So the next day I went in and got my colon hydrotherapy session, they weighed me, I did it. An hour later, they weighed me again, I dropped 10 pounds, Tony have impacted faecal material. And one hour session, the record at the Institute was one woman who dropped 27 pounds. So think about that. So the average person is walking around with this toxic sludge line in the intestinal tract. And you know, it's out of sight out of mind, we don't realise that the intestinal lining is that if you laid it all out, it's the size of his surface area of a tennis court. So it's very large. So if you've got a little film of garbage all over it, it adds up to about six to 12 pounds. And you want to get that crap out of there, literally. So that you can start absorbing nutrients properly, and healing those little hairlike structures, those v Ly, that pull our nutrients through the intestinal lining, get them in the bloodstream and create that peristaltic action and move that gut action to move our stuff through us. So our colons are and are supposed to be a waste removal system, not a storage tank. So that's the first awareness that I like to bring to people and we get we show them how to get cleaned up. We have a product called gut detox. It does the job in 15 days, but we still highly recommend colon hydrotherapy. And then the second thing is toxic chemicals. And I tell people don't take my word for it. Now, nine years ago, I looked up umbilical cord and chemical. So the neck when you guys are done listening to this episode, go to your browser and type in umbilical cord and chemical. And you'll see the the studies that show every time they looked for like 400 chemicals in the umbilical cord of brand new babies and young mothers, supposedly the healthiest of all of us, they found 250 of what they were looking for. So and 180 of these cause cancer in humans 212 cause developmental brain disorders. And I sat back in my chair after reading these these studies, and I was like, Oh my god, we're all polluted. But we can't see it. It's these microscopic manmade toxins, right. And that's kind of how our company chemical free body.com got born, was I wanted to bring awareness to this stuff, because this stuff is harming our health, it's lowering our immune system. And it's the no CMS and you might be an OCD person and your kitchens completely spotless. But nine times out of 10, if I go put my finger on the top of your frigerator there's dust up there. Why is that because it's out of sight, it's out of mind, you can't see it. And we can't see these things because they're microscopic. But there's so much that the scientists refer to these and the doctors refer to these as a body burden, Tony so if we can clean up our digestive tract and we can clean up our of all that funk and gunk and junk and we can get the these manmade toxins out of our blood and our fat and our muscle tissue, including our brain, then our immune system boosts it goes up because it's not dealing with this toxic burden all the time. And then that's how we help people to start reclaiming their health we start on the foundational level from the inside out.

Tony Winyard 8:36

So when when you first went there, you just mentioned about how they've shown you all these different videos and then you signed up for it and you the next day you've you've had this colonoscopy and so on. How did you what was the biggest difference you noticed and how you felt over the next few days?

Tim James 8:52

Well, I will say this that I had acid reflux remember every day is eaten times Rolex day one on their lifestyle all plant based raw living foods sprouts, green juices, lemon water limewater acid reflux was gone. Now by Wednesday, I was going through a little bit of a detox Okay, cuz I went off of like all cooked you know sugars and maple bars and doughnuts and coffee and candy and all that kind of crap to basically eating nature has eaten like a wild creature, right? Fresh, the freshest foods that you possibly could get in these fresh juices. So when you do a radical shift like that, you create this detox. It's called like a healing crisis. So you'll get nights I got night sweats. I was irritable. I just didn't really want to talk to people. I had a metallic taste on my tongue as the heavy metals were leaving exiting the body. Some people had it worse though. Some people were like literally bedridden. People had rashes breaking out all over their body of stuff was coming up. People had parasites Tony coming out of their pores. One lady at lunch had a parasite literally crawling out of her eye. And I was just like, holy crap. I mean, I didn't realise but what I learned there was like 50% Some of us have these parasites. And it's not just the ones we can see with the naked eye like that lady had coming on, but it's the little microscopic ones, again, the nose seems that you can't see. So we have these viruses and bacteria and mould and yeast and fungus and these little parasites, and they're all consuming our food and then urinating and defecating and as basically, and creating more acid and more waste. So this lowers our immune system. So we want to be highly alkaline and highly oxygenated. Well, these creatures live in a very highly acid, low oxygen environment. So what ends up happening is they put you on this high oxygen, high alkaline diet, you change the environment, and the bad guys pack up their bags and they're leaving. That's why we would see that, you know, the parasites crawling out of people from time to time. So I experienced that. And then I woke up on they said, either Thursday or Friday you wake up and you feel like a new person. I went to bed Wednesday night like praying, please be tomorrow. I don't want to go through another day of this because it wasn't fun, man. I was like hallucinating like I'm going to go to I'm going to hotwire a car and go to McDonald's. And you know, and I hadn't even had McDonald's in like 10 years. I knew that stuff was crap. But I you know, I was still eating good foods. And I woke up Thursday morning. And I felt like I was reborn. Like literally Charles and I we went got our water. We got our wheatgrass shots. We drink our green drinks with our workout. We did our hot cold plunge and the saunas and all that fun stuff they had at the Institute and we were walking back to our little Hacienda. I literally had energy like tingling in my arms, my brain, my mental clarity was freaking amazing. I looked at him. I said, Dude, you feel as good as I do. And he's like, yeah, it's like God, dang. And I'm like, man, I can't believe I'm gonna say this. But it's like, I'm going to give up all meat except for bacon. And I'm going to do this deal with you and you're going to heal yourself. And that's exactly what happened. We came back we implemented the lifestyle I actually gave a bacon to because I read The China Study, which is a very comprehensive book on nutrition for Dr. T. Colin Campbell on the way back home. I gave that up. I went completely plant based for eight and a half years. And then two, little over two years, Charles was completely healed of his cancer and he did no chemo, no surgery, no radiation. So this was a friend of mine where he healed himself right in front of my face. Like there's no Hocus Pocus here. You know, it's like he changed his environment. He got his attitude, right. He changed the environment internally and externally around when he breathed and purified his water and all this stuff. And guess what? started exercising, he dropped 60 pounds, he healed himself the cancer I dropped the 42 pounds, I healed myself of my leaky gut, my rectal bleeding, my acid reflux and all these skin issues, I got a big patch to eczema all over my body. So it was I look like salamander man and it was embarrassing and not fun. So now I'm happy to take my shirt off again at the beach and not embarrassed and, and I don't have to worry about you know, going over to your house and hanging out and bleeding on your couch because my elbows are cracking and bleeding and it's just a man I was a mess. And then I really owe a lot to Charles for finding that place. And asking me to go with him to support him and by him doing so actually completely transformed my life and and now I get to help other people do the same thing. It's it's really a blessing.

Tony Winyard 13:14

I'm wondering how so after you came back from that place? And how did your friends react? Because you I guess you?

Tim James 13:24

Yeah, well, first off, my friends back home from Eastern Oregon got to the meatheads. They thought I would last okay. James is crazy. Like, you know, you know, they're making fun of me and teasing me. But what was funny was as my actually that year in 2011, was my 20 year high school reunion. And I'm telling you like in January, dude, I was a mess. When I landed at the Institute, I was a mess. By June when we had our deal. I looked exactly like I did in high school again, except, you know, a few extra grey hairs, right? And I looked around at people and I'd walk up to people like, hey, Tim, Hey, what's going on? You know, like, Hey, I'm looking at him. And I'm like, I can't even tell who it is. Right? Because they changed so much they are they were so overweight, that they were hidden. And then all of a sudden I would have been It was like they would materialise and I'd put it together and like, Oh, you know, Susie or bill you know, or whatever. It's like what's going on, you know, and, and reconnecting. That was a lot of fun. And all the friends that were making fun of me, a lot of them came up and they were teasing me and stuff. But then they come up by themselves and say, hey, look, I know I was make funny, but man, you look almost exactly like you did in high school. What the hell are you doing? And there was only maybe two or three other people that looked like that. And one was, I think a couple were like triathletes and stuff like that, but knowing when I knew they still had internal issues because I could tell by their skin tone, right. So there it's you if you have a healthy if you're really healthy. You have beautiful skin. It'll be real nice and clear and soft and wonderful. And it'll glow it'll have a glow to it. So how do you get that If you make your gut glow, then your skin's gonna glow. So you have to really take care of the inside, you know the top of the refrigerator. If you learn this, this one thing that the key to all health is from the inside out and thick taking care of the things you can't see and having that awareness, everything will change for you. And we see people in six months, man, they'll just like completely transform women, six months, you look five years younger, and people like that I look about I'm 40 I'll be 48 in June. I literally run around the mountains doing trail running. I do weight resistance training with bands, I do yoga, do exercise rebounders I love getting outside of hiking, I can I can run circles around people now, like not even close. I mean, literally I am, I feel like I'm 19. And I have a whole new lease on life. I don't ever want to go back to the pain and suffering I was dealing with. And it just got worse and worse every year. And I can't even believe knowing what I know now, how I even got to where I was where I was so such a mess. But so that's why I'm so passionate about sharing this with people.

Tony Winyard 16:05

So before you went there, what were you doing workwise

Tim James 16:09

I was a financial advisor. Yeah, and I was at an early meetings, I was driving clear across town, we had three locations, I was driving around seeing patient clients. And day to day back to back back to back appointments tonnes paperwork, stress, we had 18 person team. We, we were doing seminars two nights a week, long days, you know, get up sick, you know, five in the morning, I wasn't even working out anymore. I used to get fired. But I'd get up Get everything ready walk, I didn't walk the dogs, that was the only thing I was still doing simply because the dogs can't walk themselves and my dad would have killed me if I didn't walk the dogs. Just in the back of my mind that way raise me and I had to do I mean, they can't walk themselves. But you know, 8am meetings meetings all day. And then you hustle over to a restaurant and do a seminar in front of 30 4050 people and collect information. And then you know, do it again, you know, third and get home at like 11 o'clock at night. That was twice a week. So it was a high stress job. We were making lots of money. But that's I walked away from it when my little brother got killed in a mountain biking accident. That's when I said you know what, I don't even care anymore. Like, that could have been me. I'm gonna do what I love. And I remember looking up, I was like Troy, my brother, I was like, What do you want me to do? And he said, do what you love and do it now. And I picked up my phone. I called the owner of the company said, Hey, Jeff, I'm out. He's like, What are you talking about? I said, I'm out, I'm getting out of the financial services business. I'm going to go help people with their health. He's like, well, how you gonna make a living, I said, I have no idea. But I'm out. And I said, I'll spend the next couple months transitioning my clients to you. And you don't need to pay me any residuals on him or nothing, I'm just I want to just cut ties, and I'm going full force into the health industry. And I bought a big dry erase board. And eventually I started coaching people for free. And then a couple years later, I started charging and then we developed a coaching company. And then then eventually we brought the chemical free body product line in because I got very ticked off and upset about the supplement industry when when I found out so I just wanted pure nature into my body. And I got tired of doing all this research on these companies and telling my clients about it and then finding out six months later, they put xantham gum in it, which is like mutated corn syrup fermented in bacteria, so that it can emulsify your your shake, so you don't have to shake it more than once. Because people are lazy. Or they you know, they'd be bought out by Nestle. And they put synthetics in it. And you know, they won't change the label or tell you so it was very, one of the reasons why we created our supplements.

Tony Winyard 18:40

So you just thought you mentioned about how Yeah, so you're working in the finance industry. After that experience of doing colonoscopies and all the rest of it. And you're you're a changed person, you're completely feel completely different. You look completely different. But you continue. It sounds like you continue doing nerd finances for what, a few weeks, months afterwards few

Tim James 18:59

months. Yeah, you know, because when you're dealing with people's whole their whole savings and livelihoods, and they trust you and then you know, then you can't just say bye. I mean, I could have. So I call them all up and I started booking appointments with with Jeff. And we just started one by one having these handoff meetings, doing reviews with them. Or if even if they weren't scheduled for a review, I said we need to meet because I'm exiting the industry. And I'm going to turn you over to my mentor. I just thought he's actually better at and I am. I got those meetings down and then I bounced.

Tony Winyard 19:32

And so when you started transitioning into you mentioned you first of all, you're coaching people for free, and so on, and what were you initially How were you like attracting people to come to you and what kind of things were you doing with them in those early days?

Tim James 19:45

Well, it I already kind of set the stage because right after I got back, a friend of mine came over and I had all these sprouts growing in the house and he's like, what the hell is all this stuff? This looks cool. And I was like, well, this is my new sprout garden, you know, and it's like living foods, and this is a whole nother level of health, they have hormones, oxygen, phytochemicals and enzymes. He's like, Please explain. So I went into this whole thing and then told him and then in these like, wow. And he's like, Damn, dude, you look good. He's like, I've already at that point, I lost like, you know, 38 pounds or something. And he's like, we grow these for me. And I'm like, No way, man. I'm like, you know, I just told you as a financial adviser, I'm friggin busy. I'm like, I gotta get like, for me take care of these things, you know, 5am. And he talked me into it. So I started growing him sprouts. The next day he brings over. Tony, Tony Martinez comes over his buddy, and he's like, tell Tony your story. So I told Tony the story and Tony's like, hey, well, you grow these crops for me too. And I'm like, Ah, you guys are killing me. I'm like, Alright, I'll do it. But before too long, Tony sent me people, john sending me people. And all of a sudden my sprout rag doubled in size, and I'm growing for, you know, a dozen people. And they're coming over and I'm giving it to them. And then finally, I'm like, Alright, you guys, you guys need to pay me Sunday, just pay me 20 bucks a tray or something just to cover my costs and my time a little bit. And, and then people just randomly started showing up because of my buddy's cancer story. And I was telling them about Charles, like, the story was really about him, not me. And, and the word spread. So all these people with cancer started literally knocking on my door and wanting to hear more about living foods and detoxing and, and it could be like Friday night, my wife and I are getting ready to go out on a date and, and somebody will show up with cancer. And I would just say, Hey, honey, sorry, I gotta help these people. And I would teach a class like right on the spot. So finally, people were really seriously like knocking our door down all the time. Like, I'd have like three, five of these a week happening. Finally, I was like, Okay, I got to have some structure in my life. So we started doing classes on Wednesday nights, because we were doing the the financial advising stuff on Tuesdays and Thursday nights. So Wednesday nights, I could teach the health classes, I said people want to come they can just come on Wednesdays. So for probably two and a half years, I would teach the classes make people fresh juice our sprouts and make them a living food dinner, I paid for it all, you know, I money coming in. So I want to help people didn't want to charge them anything. But then then I when I moved in, I stopped doing it. And I stopped doing financial advising, then I started charging like 25 bucks ahead. And then we opened up Tuesday nights too, because we were getting too booked out. So I was teaching classes twice a week. And then on the weekends, I'd go to grocery stores and hospitals and churches and apartment complexes and people's homes would get groups together and I teach are at yoga studios. And I just keep teaching these classes. And so over a five and a half year period, I had over like 5000 people to my home. And I was really well connected in the community. So I had tonnes of real estate agents and mortgage brokers and insurance agents and property casualty agents and financial advisors and attorneys and, and these people all knew me and they had a lot of them had come to my classes and start getting on the on the on the juice, literally the green juice. And that's kind of how the whole thing started. So I kind of had a pretty good bass going into it.

Jingle 23:04

We hope you're enjoying this episode of the habits and health podcast where we believe creating healthy habits should be easy. If you're looking for the fastest and most effective way to transform your energy and well being, we invite you to join Tony for an upcoming habits and health workshop. This five week group workshop will empower you with tools to disrupt unwanted habits and make positive changes easy. You'll enjoy sound asleep, better energy, less stress, and happier mood workshops begin on the first week of every month. And you can sign up now at Tonywinyard.com. Now back to the show.

Tony Winyard 23:48

And so how how is your business now? So how is it evolved from from where it was then?

Tim James 23:53

Well, from that point, I had to convert my garage into a sprout growing operation. So my whole garage was full of sprouts and

Tony Winyard 24:01

actually on a sprout with him because I imagine there may be some people listening who aren't really sure what you're talking about when you're talking about sprout. So can you give it

Tim James 24:08

some thought we were growing sunflower sprouts and pea sprouts. And the reason why we're growing those tools because they're 30 times more nutritious and fresh pick vegetables. So like one handful or one handful of sunflower sprouts, would be equivalent nutritionally to 30 handfuls of kale, or mustard greens, or potato greens, the most nutritious and I'm talking about you out in your garden, you harvest kale on the spot and eat it like a wild creature. These because they were fresh, they were alive. You know, once you pick something, it's dead by prey dies quickly, like the University of Berkeley in California. They took a head of lettuce and they tested its enzyme activity in the ground. Then they cut that lettuce waited 30 minutes and tested again. How much do you think the enzyme activity dropped? Well, it was about 52%. So what do you think happens by the time they put it on a truck, take it to a holding barn and then put it on an air truck. And then they spray it with nitrate or whatever and then they ship it on average 15 220 500 miles. Are there any enzymes there, no hormones, no oxygen, no phytochemicals, not too many. There's still trace amounts of vitamins, minerals, and maybe some trace minerals. But for the most part, you lose that acronym hope, h o p e hormones, oxygen, phytochemicals and enzymes. This is what you can only get from living foods. This is why sprouts are so much so important. This is a whole nother level of nutrition that people are missing out on because they just can't get fresh food. We are the only creatures and Well excuse me, let me rephrase that. Every single creature on this planet Tony eats a 100% raw living food diet except for us. We're the ones that commercialise it we hybrid it, we GMO it we sprayed with pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, larvicides, we process it, we bag it, we can it we we put it in boxes, and and we put flavour enhancers and things to make it not spoil, and we eat this stuff. When we wonder why we're sick. It's really simple. All we have to do is go stick our nose back in nature and we start to heal. So, so that's why sprouts are important. We started growing sprouts for 40 to 50 cancer patients a week out of my garage, I had to go around to my neighbor's and tell him that I wasn't growing marijuana. Still some of them called me the grass man because we were also growing lots of wheatgrass wheatgrass juice is very critical and important especially for those cancer patients. We were consuming it orally making poultices to put on the breast or over the stomach, if they had or wherever the wherever they had cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer, they make poultices and I'm also rectal implants where after an enema we would insert four to six ounces of wheatgrass rectally because it's full of oxygen full of these phytochemicals. And that's literally how the the gal and Wigmore who started the Hippocrates Health Institute healed herself with stage four colon cancer, she put actually she has long grass grass, so grasses grass, it's it's got chlorophyll in it and oxygen because that's a byproduct of the plant. And, again, you know, cancer is anaerobic, it can't live in an oxygenated environment. So this gal was pumping oxygen, basically through wheatgrass rectally on her body and drinking it. So she was flooding your body with oxygen and phytonutrients. And that's how and Wigmore healed herself a stage four colon cancer, and started the Hippocrates Health Institute back in like the late 50s. So sprouts are important. So I did that, that eventually phased out. And then we started the supplement line. Now I have a green powder called Green 85 to replace the nutrition, the 85% nutrients missing in the soil. And I have a private group coaching community. And I have other coaches now that do the private one on one coaching, I just stopped doing the one on one myself, and I'm putting all my time and energy into the group, community and then and then growing our supplement business around the world.

Tony Winyard 27:56

And so the supplements help people in what way?

Tim James 28:00

Well, I look at them like a toolkit, right? They each have a tool and they have a purpose. And if you need a hammer a nail, then you need a hammer, right? You need to cut a board you need a saw. Well, if your guts got six to 12 pounds of impact faecal material in it, then you got to get that stuff out. And a lot of people will not go get colon hydrotherapy. I know I've tried and I'm very convincing about it. I can explain it. I can show the photos. But people are just weird about that. Some will, but a lot won't. So we found a product in India called gut detox. It's what we call it and it's 1000 year old ancient formula. And you just take three in the morning and three at night for 15 days. And you know, all that stuff comes out very gently. There's no diarrhoea so you can work you can travel, you can do sports, and you get that garbage out of there. And then you just take three a day after that for maintenance and you keep your digestive tract clean and long term it cleans your organ system. So gut detox is tool is to keep the gut and organ systems clean and balanced the body. That's the job of that. The Greens replaces the nutrition nutrition missing in the soil. So we need those building blocks to heal ourselves and have energy and mental clarity. We have a toxin detox product to purify the blood fat and muscle tissue of the heavy metals, radiation and pollution. And then we've got probiotics to recolonize, the gut bacteria, which is a big part of digestion, immunity and mental health, mental clarity. We have digestive enzymes and minerals to help people rehabilitate the digestive tract as they're adding more raw, unprocessed uncooked foods to their diet. This is the weights or the resistance. And you need to chew your food really, really, really well and take enzymes for a period of two to three years. And we put the minerals in there because again, minerals are farmed out of the soil. So they're taking these why they eat and it's replacing what's missing. And then we've got an alpha energy product that's more of a helps men and women boost out and and harmonise testosterone and oestrogen levels. So it helps to Build the natural precursors to build your own testosterone rather than have to go get shots or some crazy stuff like that, that increases athletic performance and just libido and spermiogenesis increases sperm count. And then our we have a standalone weight loss product. And then we have our turmeric 100 is our new line of liquid micronized products that this turmeric products literally like 185 times more anti inflammatory and absorbable than other products because it goes right through the mucous membrane into the blood. And within five minutes, your entire cardiovascular system, your blood system is being doused in these nano sized particles of curcuminoids. So, it's a pretty awesome product to reduce cellular inflammation. So nutrients can get into the cells waste matter can get out, and the hormones can now attach to the cell and communicate properly. If your body and your cells are communicating properly, you're going to be much happier and healthier. And but a lot of people are taking it for pain and pain and you know, like joint pain and you know, arthritis and bad, bad backs headaches, we have a lot of people their blood pressure drops about 2030 points when they take it as well. It's just a wonderful product. So that kind of I mean, that's what they are in a nutshell. hopefully that answered the question.

Tony Winyard 31:22

And said, what kind of reactions are you getting from the people that are using this stuff?

Tim James 31:28

Well, we get amazing reactions. You know, I just talked to a guy yesterday. And he said that he was like six months ago, he was like 227 pounds, and struggling. And now he's 175 pounds. And he's he's doing really, really well. Look at my phone here right now. I just had a message from this guy, Liam this morning, was out here. He says, I appreciate you calling your stuff, you have great stuff. Because you saved my dad's life. And I want to get more people the knowledge you have I name drop your company as much as I can to people. So I didn't save his dad's life, his dad made this decision to take the products and take action. So we just educate people. And then you have to do the work though, right? So but the products make it make it simple. And they're only part of our toolkit, right. And if for some reason a product didn't work for somebody, because there's a small amount of people that have allergic reactions to like, you know, one ingredient and it doesn't work for them right now, then we'll find you something else. Just call us and communicate with us. I know other good supplement companies that have maybe an alternate product, our goal is to help people get well. And then we share like lots of health hacks, how to hack your sleep, how to hack losing weight, how to hack, exercise, and just everything, we try to simplify everything. So you can get the most results in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort. And then we also work on the spiritual component, which is an emerging level of importance over here because at the end of the day, you know, like I have all the hacks now that help people like turn their their health, their their physical body around, but that spiritual component is so important. And the emotional component is just as important. So we really also focus on on those those two components as well besides the body.

Tony Winyard 33:28

Because it's one of the products that you have you you also do coaching for people don't Yeah.

Tim James 33:34

Yeah. Yeah, I don't do like I said, I don't do the one on one stuff anymore. But we have a community. And I like today I'll go live at 6pm Pacific Standard Time. 9pm. Eastern. I go live. I have a topic. And then we do live q&a. So people in the group get to ask me questions, just one after another and I answer them rapid fire. And then once a month, second Wednesday of the month, our formulator Dr. Scott Treadway comes on. He's the one who's the master herbalist from Indian herbology master both in Chinese herbology master herbalist and Western herbology. He had his own clinic for 10 years seeing patients on a daily basis and now he's one of the top formulators in the world. And we're lucky to get him on staff, and which is really cool. He's one of my mentors. And what's cool about him, he's like he's in his 70s, but his skin looks like he's 35. So I like working with people that are healthy themselves and have results. Because then I'll listen to you, right, I don't want to go to the blind ophthalmologist or the overweight dietitian and try to get help. This doesn't make sense. I want to have people in my life that are actually doing the work themselves and their own life. And then I'm more than I'll listen to him if it makes sense to me. So and then once a month we usually have a special guest on like, last week we had Phil Wilson on and he is he is the master distributor for this. These the saunas that are ridiculous, like I sold my 54 I've been selling saunas for 10 years because these things are awesome, right? The major great for detoxing, losing weight, getting into parasympathetic nervous system Oh rest and digest mode, sleeping, skin acne, there's just so many benefits, anxiety, depression, these things are awesome. I sold my 50 $400 unit, I bought this 19 $100 unit, they actually have one that's like 1400. That's just as good. But I wanted a little bit nicer materials and stuff. And he went in depth, people loved it. And you know, a lot of people are getting his saunas, and it's because they're affordable, but they're like six times better than the best wooden saunas, they've actually have a breakthrough technology. And it's, they're pretty awesome.

Tony Winyard 35:46

And I know you have you have a podcast as well, don't you? Who is it that you who was the sort of typical audience for your show? How are you reaching out to

Tim James 35:55

our audiences, you know, people that want to hack their health that are, you know, sick and tired of, you know, mainstream stuff that's not working for them. If they're sick and tired of being sick and tired, and they're on a bunch of medications, or just overweight, not feeling good, or they're dealing with cancer, you know, want to look younger, feel better. One guy was, uh, told me, he's like, Hey, I listen to your podcast. And he told me, you're running around all over the woods and stuff, he's like, I can't even walk down the road to my mailbox without sweating. He's like, I'm 40 I'm 47, like, you and I got a little six year old. And if I keep on this path, I won't be able to, maybe I won't even be here, but I won't be able to play with him. And as he gets older, so he goes, I gotta get my, you know, sh it together and get healthy. Because like, I can play with my kids, you know, my kids are 21 and 18. And if they want to go surfing, I can do that. They want to go hiking, I can do that they want to play, you know, tackle football with their friends, I can do that. You know, it's, it's, it's awesome. It's awesome. Having that freedom and having this physical body that can pretty much do anything you want it to when you want it to do it, it can pick and perform, you know, and for me, what if there's an emergency situation, and I have to help somebody, I have to swim over and help somebody here, or I got to grab somebody out of a burning building or something like that, like, I can do that. Right. And, you know, when I was 37, I might have tried to do it, but I might have failed you and myself. I might not, I couldn't have ran a quarter mile to help you. And then jumped in the river. If I did, I probably would have died. Now I can do that. Right? So it's having it also is just you just you have a confidence and a strength and you become an example to your friends and your family and your kids of what's what's possible when you just get rid of all the societal Bs, cleaned the body up, plug yourself back into nature, you'll come back like gangbusters. And you know, that's what we just try to get across people. It's not that hard. Okay, yeah, it's gonna take some effort, but it's not that hard, just baby step your way into it.

Tony Winyard 38:06

So Tim, if people want to find out more about you and your products that you have, where's the best place to look,

Tim James 38:12

we just go to our website at chemical free body calm, that's chemical free body calm. And again, I mentioned quite a few of our products. So if you're thinking about getting some products, I would just on the products tab, there's a link called savings bundles. You could start off with like a jumpstart bundle or go all in and do what I do and do the total energy and detox bundle. That's what I do on a monthly basis. Plus, I take the turmeric 100 liquid drops. That's my routine. I do take a couple other supplements from a couple other companies. And then when you get that you'll save money that way by doing the savings bundles and then at checkout if you guys put in habits health, you get another you get a 5% discount. So just type in habits health checkout with the 5% discount that way you get a double discount. We have a double your money back guarantee and all of our products because I know they work. This is naturally occurring. This is real nature. Everything's been handpicked sun dried air dried under 110 degrees over a one to two day process. It's all wildcrafted there's no binders fillers or flow agents like magnesium stare rate or silicon dioxide which is a level three toxin on the EPA toxin list or die calcium phosphate and unfortunately those are just a few of many that are used but those are the ones check your supplements guys read your labels if you see magnesium stare ate silicon dioxide or die calcium phosphate. You are putting toxins into your body every day when you're taking these healthy supplements and that's one of the things Tony it's really frustrates me about that is because people just like me, I didn't have any clue. I just thought that they you know the FDA or somebody was looking out for me these companies had to follow these guidelines. It's not the case 92% of the supplements on the market are pure synthetic and 8% that are whole food or food based and herbal based still have these types. toxic binders and fillers and fluids. And so you have to, it's really hard, like I'm good at doing it. And I have a hard time finding products that meet my standards. So it's just, it's just a high level, I know we're at the top of the pyramid. And I know it's about getting back to nature. So we just don't we don't compromise when it comes to the ingredients.

Tony Winyard 40:21

And just before we finish, Tim, is there. Do you have any books that have particularly moved you for for any reason that you'd recommend to people?

Tim James 40:30

Well, I read a lot of books. And the one I'm reading now I've actually I must, I love it, because I've been buying it and sharing it with people. I just gave one away this weekend for a birthday gift. My mom, I actually was reading this to my mom two weeks ago. And she's like, I want that book. So I sent her one. It's called being in love being in love. And it's by Osho Oh, s h o. And he's a inspiring spiritual teacher, he it's actually just excerpts of him talking to people. So in bold, it'll be somebody question during a live format, and then he just then they just type in his answer, basically. So it's not like a book he wrote, it's just people ask him a question. He answers it. And it's, it's been really eye opening for me and helping me to understand more about relationship with myself big time and relationship with other people and how to relate. It's really powerful stuff.

Tony Winyard 41:28

Okay, and And finally, Tim, do you have a quotation you like?

Tim James 41:33

Well, um, I can snip one out of this section I was reading this morning. And it says, There are two ways to get out of boredom. Either you can have no consciousness, pretty much like an animal, then you cannot feel the repetition, or you have so much consciousness that in every repetition, you can see something new. So we can find that for me, what I got from that was like, we can either dumb ourselves down and kind of live at a low vibrational quality, just kind of go through the motions, and everything's fine. That's one way of doing it. Or you can step up, step your consciousness way up. And just like, wow, that tree is different today, like how many leaves have dropped, it's got new leaves, and looking at your wife or your husband the same way your kids understand that every single day, they are completely new, completely new. And be fascinated by that. And that's about raising consciousness. Now, when you're living in between those two states, that's where the pain and suffering comes from, because you get bored, and then you get restlessness and you get anxious, and you want to go do stuff. And, and that's, and then, you know, unfortunately, like our mind takes over and we try to file a follow all society and we sit there and shake her head. Yes. Oh, you're bored. You I mean, you might be bored out of your mind, you can't even stand you're trying not to yawn, this person told you the story 55 times, and you're like smiling, but your body, your physical body is like telling you get the hell out of there and move. Right. And we don't listen to our body. Our body is nature, our mind is our ego. So that was a really powerful quote for me this morning to really work on that. And so today I'm my focus is going to be really raising my consciousness and looking and seeing everything new. Because it is everything's always changing.

Tony Winyard 43:16

Tim, really appreciate your time. And thank you for for coming onto the show. And yeah, I'm sure some of my listeners will be getting in touch with you. Totally. That'd

Tim James 43:24

be wonderful. Dude, thank you so much for having me on. And to the listeners out there. Thank you so much for listening. I hope that you got at least one thing today like on golden nuggets that you can go home with and you know, add to your life and in finds results in that find more health and more happiness.

Tony Winyard 43:42

Cheers, Tim. Next week, Episode 21 we've got Karese Laguerre, she is a myofunctional therapist. And if you don't know what one of those is, they are experts around the mouth, breathing and many other areas. And she's going to help us know a lot more about our airways and about quality of life with breath, and a difference it can make by just doing very slightly different things. So we're gonna find out a lot more about that. Next week with Karese Laguerre. Hope you enjoyed this week's show with Tim, if you do you know anyone who you feel would probably benefit from some of the stuff that Tim shared, please do. Share the episode with them. And hope you have a great week.

Jingle 44:39

Thanks for tuning in to the habits and health podcast where we believe creating healthy habits should be easy. If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe and leave us a review on your favourite podcast app. Sign up for email updates and learn about coaching and workshop opportunities at TonyWinyard.com. See you next time on that habits and health podcast.

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