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Programme Overview

The Healthspan Community Lab is a 12-week group coaching program focused on optimising wellbeing through lifestyle medicine. Together with a small group of like-minded individuals, you’ll take steps to proactively improve your healthspan under the guidance of an expert coach.

Tony Winyard – Habits, Sleeping, Breathing, Nutrition, Movement & Mindset Coach

Over 12 weeks, our community will work through topics like:

  • Optimising nutrition for health
  • Strength and mobility training
  • Stress management and rest
  • Emotional and spiritual wellbeing
  • Healthy social connection
  • Environmental factors
  • Preparing for your Centenarian Decathlon

Through weekly group video calls, you’ll gain knowledge, set goals, and take action. We’ll support each other in making lifestyle changes using proven techniques.

Is This For You?

The Lab is ideal for proactive individuals looking to improve their healthspan through lifestyle steps like better nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management.

You understand health declines gradually over decades, and want to alter that trajectory.


The 12-week Lab meets for 60-90 minutes weekly via zoom call.

Each participant has a free 1-2-1 coaching call with Tony Winyard during the 12 weeks.

Participants also have access to a private online community. The investment is £900 to join.

Dates of next course:

The next course begins Wednesday, February 7, 2024 for 12 weeks

This is a 12-week online group programme which includes:

Programme Content:
Week 1: Introduction & Health Assessment
Week 2: Sleep Hygiene and Importance
Week 3: Stress Management Techniques
Week 4: Nutrition Fundamentals
Week 5: Movement and Exercise
Week 6: Breathing, Meditation, and Mindfulness
Week 7: Behaviours and Habit Formation
Week 8: Technology, Wearables, HRV, and CGM
Week 9: Mental Wellbeing, TEAM-CBT, HeartMath
Week 10: Deeper Dive into Any of the Previous Topics (based on group feedback)
Week 11: Group Check-in and Adjustments
Week 12: Recap & Graduation

you've tried before but it hasn't worked – here's why

Many people focus on just one element when, in fact, a healthy lifestyle covers all 5 areas and getting them all in balance is the key.

All the 5 areas feed into each other and are integral to each other. Each area that you improve also brings improvements in the other areas.

  • As you improve your sleep, it becomes easier to exercise. And then with better nutrition, you get better sleep quality.
  • As you move more, your respiratory system improves and you get breathless less quickly.
  • As your sleep quality and quantity get better, your cognitive ability excels and reduces stress and you have greater clarity in your thinking.

    When you breathe easier, it helps you to get better sleep and exercise is far easier.

  • As you sleep better, the more nutrient-dense foods you are eating work more effectively and bring better performance in many areas of your health.
  • As you get greater clarity in your thinking, it is much easier to subconsciously automate these habits.

The end result is that not only does your all-round health improve, so does your general life and work performance. You feel better; you’re less stressed, you move easier. Most people lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way and can reduce medication.

However, as great as all of this sounds, it requires a great deal of work from you and will not be easy! We help you to make it easier and hold you accountable throughout and you learn the tricks of how to make the new behaviours into habits that you do daily, and not fall by the wayside, such as most new year’s resolutions do.

The hive-mind of the workshops also helps you share your journey with others as you all succeed together.

We help you create habits around the behaviours you want to implement in your life and make them automated.

Coaching from Tony Winyard of Habits & Health

This workshop is for you if you want to...


A: Lifestyle medicine takes a holistic approach to health, looking at all areas of your life and how they impact your overall well-being. This approach is different from traditional medicine, which often focuses on treating specific symptoms or illnesses.

A: The Healthspan Community Lab is a 12-week group coaching program focused on optimising wellbeing through lifestyle medicine. Together with a small group, you’ll take proactive steps to improve your healthspan under the guidance of me as your coach.

A: Over 12 weeks, we will meet for 60-90 minutes each week via video call to dive into topics like nutrition, exercise, stress management, and more. You’ll gain knowledge, set goals, and take action supported by myself and the community.

A: The Lab takes a holistic approach based on lifestyle medicine and functional health principles. The focus is on sustainable habit change to slow aging and extend healthspan. You’ll gain more than just information – you’ll take action and be accountable.


It’s ideal for proactive individuals looking to improve their healthspan through better lifestyle habits. You know health declines gradually, and want to alter that. You’re ready for community support.

A: You can expect to gain greater clarity around optimal lifestyle steps for your unique situation. You’ll likely feel empowered through taking action and being accountable to a group. And you may experience benefits like more energy, better sleep, and reduced stress.

A: You should plan for 60-90 minutes for each weekly video call. There may be a little prep work like readings or tracking habits, based on your goals that week. The online community also allows for engaging between sessions.

A: The investment is £900 to join the 12-week Lab. This allows me to offer a small group personalised experience and resources.

Deborah Henley – Tony Winyard – Health, Breathing, Sleeping, Mindset & Movement Coach

Deborah Henley

“He’s extremely knowledgeable and facilitates in a warm and friendly way that meant we all learnt and gained insights from one another too.“



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